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Let me teach you a powerful, but simple resume technique, that can almost GUARANTEE you a job interview!

Beat 99% of your competition!

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Have you ever missed out on the job you KNEW was perfect for you..?

Rejection hurts. It doesn’t seem to make sense. You have the qualifications, the experience, the skills, the passion… But it makes you wonder… Why didn’t I get the job? Is there something wrong with me?

You’re probably asking yourself those same questions.

Did you know that 98% of Job applicants send the same generic Resume to every potential employer? These 98% of people do not realise the HUGE MISTAKE they are making.


Why listen to me?

Hello there, my name is Tim Sanders. It’s my pleasure to meet you!

In addition to being creator and director of ‘Shoot Your Resume’, I own mulitple business in a range of different feilds including marketing, manufacturing, workplace education and creative production. I also have a history of working in employment services. Having said that, I’ve had a lot of experience trying to  find the right staff, reading resumes and conducting interviews. But that’s not where I started…

It actually wasn’t too long ago that I used to be like everybody else, searching and applying for jobs myself.  And boy was it a struggle…

I’d get really excited when I saw a job advertised that suited me, and I’d quickly type up a letter and send it in with my resume.

I knew I had the right experience for the positions, a passion for the industry, with a completed college degree. Who wouldn’t want to hire me?

But what confused me, was that most of the time I wouldn’t even hear back! No response at all!

I’d ask myself, “Why doesn’t anyone want to hire me? Am I the Problem?”

I discovered the simple answer was NO! 

The problem wasn’t me… it was my Resume!

You see…

Most people will send the exact same resume to 10 or 15 different jobs. What they don’t realise is that each employer is looking for a very specific type of employee. The job of your Resume is to show that you are that exact person they are looking for!

I realised something when I started to hire staff for my own business. Most resumes I received were full of information totally unrelated to the position applied for. It’s like I had to sift through a whole life story to find out what this person could offer me and my business.

It was so frustrating! I then realised that this is happening to employers all over the world - every single day!


Shoot Your Resume – A video series created especially for YOU!

You need to know how to get an employers attention straight away!

You can trust me. I know the secrets and techniques that immediately capture the attention of employers. I know how to give them exactly what they are looking for! You will be almost guaranteed an interview when you put my method into action! You’ll be put at the top of the list straight away. Your phone will be ringing in no time!


First, think of your Resume as an arrow


Now think of a Job as the target

To hit the target, you need to aim the arrow correctly. You’ll need to adjust your approach to make sure you hit the Bulls-Eye.

Applying for jobs is no different! You need to adjust your aim for each new target.

‘Shoot your Resume’  takes you step-by-step through the resume process, showing you exactly how to hit that target, every time. You’ll almost be guaranteed an interview!


To have ANY CHANCE at all – you MUST learn to:
Blow away all the competition Show that you’re the perfect choice for the Job Represent yourself and your skills in the best possible way Ensure the job calls YOU!

We’ll walk you through each step – Showing you EXACTLY what you need to put on your Resume!


Any job, any Career - This technique works for them ALL!


The SECRET YET POWERFUL technique that ensures you get an interview! Step-by-step video guides of the whole process! Instant Download of all videos Video 1 – Introduction to the Shoot your Resume technique Video 2 – Finding the targets you NEED to hit Video 3 – What exactly you NEED to put in your Resume Video 4 – How to write a KILLER cover letter Video 5 – Before you send your Resume Video 6 – Following Up – The Crucial step!

Elegant Resume Template! Elegant Cover letter Template! Professional References template! All videos in HD!

Why wait? You could land your dream job tomorrow! 
Download the package you will be able to start watching right away. All videos and templates download straight to your computer, and you can start watch instantly. When you learn the technique, you can start using it to apply for jobs straight away. You never know, you could land your dream job tomorrow! I know it works, because it actually worked for me!

Get in Quick – Before your Job disappears!
Stop missing out on the Jobs you want! You simply will not find any other guide like ‘Shoot Your Resume’ anywhere! There is no other course which takes you step-by-step through the Resume process, showing you the perfect techniques to almost guarantee an interview! 

You’ve got Nothing to lose!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Used this method and had no Job interviews within 60 days? – We will refund your money! Guaranteed!


Can you put a price on your dream Job?

A job you DONT MIND waking up early and sit in traffic for?

A job that you actually LOVE?

How much would you ACTUALLY pay for this?




Whatever the price, I’m CERTAIN anyone would pay it!


But consider this…


A small, one time investment…

could set you up for life!



The complete ‘SHOOT YOUR RESUME’ package:

Regular Price $47
Today, you will pay just $27!


 I’d hate to see you miss out on any more jobs just because you don’t know this powerful technique! It’s just not fair… People need to know this information!

That’s why I’ve fought to drop the price to a ridiculously low $27 - for a strictly LIMITED time - to make sure EVERYBODY can get a copy! I’m committed to getting ‘Shoot Your Resume’ into as many hands as possible.

But get in quick because we’ll be forced to put the price up any day now! 

Preparation + Opportunity = Success!

It’s an absolute tragedy to miss out on an amazing job opportunity, because you’re not prepared….

When you learn the ‘Shoot Your Resume’ technique, you’ll be well prepared and ready for any opportunity that comes along – whether now or in the future!

You don’t need to make any more mistakes. You can get it right 100% from now on.

It’s time for YOU to go and get the Job that belongs to YOU!

Regular Price $47

Today, you will pay just $27 for full access!



Thank you again for reading. I know it’s impossible to guarantee that you will get a job, but I’m so confident in the method of  Shoot Your Resume that I can almost guarantee that you’ll be called in for an interview!

Remember, once you learn this technique, you’ll have it for life! No matter how many people are competing with you, you’ll always be at the top of the pack!

I wish you all the best with your Job search, I have every confidence that you WILL succeed.

Tim Sanders.

P.S. When you get the job, send me an email and let me know your story of Job success, I’d love to share it with everyone!

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