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“Why Excuses Won’t Work Anymore”…

“It’s Time To Stop Dreaming

and Make It Happen…”

Watch this exciting short video on how

Internet Marketing Success Secrets

can change your life too!


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** One time payment of $97 (US Dollars) and get access to the complete set of 10 modules
and 6+ extra bonuses!

“I get satisfaction of three kinds.  One is creating something, one is being paid for it, and one is the feeling that I haven’t just been sitting on my ass all afternoon.”

William F. Buckley (1925-2008)

Dear Internet Newbie,


If you are interested in making money on the Internet, you are in the right place.  Buckley had it right on satisfaction.  Creating something does satisfy.  And there’s no better place to get paid for it than right here on the internet.  Take a few minutes to read this letter because what you learn today can change your life.


Why?  Because the truth is hard…people are hungry for answers on how to get out of this recession.  And when you’re hungry, the food never tasted so good. The internet is a virtual buffet waiting to be shared, and starting today, you can be part of it.


When you decide to sell products that are ELECTRONICALLY DISTRIBUTED, the advantages over most other businesses are enormous…

Customer Testimonial

I recently went through the Click for Clarity and I would have to say I am very impressed with this product.

There is a ton of useful information in there. This covers a wide range of different topics and it offers a good insight into getting web traffic in many different ways.

Besides the content being very good, the layout of the member panel was very easy to use. It was not overwhelming like some products, but was laid out in a nice way to guide you.

The videos were also done very professionally. The audio on them was very clear and the videos themselves were high def and showed you many step by step processes to get you on your way in internet marketing.

I would say this is focused on the newbie however, there are still many useful pieces of info that more advanced users can benefit from it.

Overall, I would say it's a high quality product with useful information.

Joe Sawada
Buffalo, NY

No inventory or warehouses freeing you from money and space requirements… No products to spoil or become dated… Electronic product allows instant access and ease for quick updates when needed… No shipping costs because it’s downloaded free… Ability to work anywhere at any time of day or night giving you more flexibility to do what you want… The near-zero overhead, profit margins ranging from good to incredible means you grow as big as you want as fast as you want…

The ability to make money has always been a high priority for mankind. Throughout generations, that goal has often been met with many obstacles. The great news is that we now live in a time where a little thing called the Internet has allowed people like you and me to make money without even leaving home. In fact my friends, I would submit to you that the internet is THE way to make money both now and in the future. 

If you have been thinking about starting your own Internet marketing business but have been afraid to start, you need to ask yourself just what is it you are afraid of. Is it:

Fear of failure? Fear of not knowing what to do? Fear of the unknown? Fear of not knowing where to start? Fear of not getting true value?

Or how about this one…it’s huge:




If you can identify with any of these fears, you are not alone. Millions of people spend hours each day looking for a way to have a better life. Many have tried, but never see the same level of success they see in others. Why? They didn’t have all the answers…and FEAR was a big factor.

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind”

Napolean Hill

We at Click for Clarity fully understand those questions of self doubt. We’ve all been there. Fear can be very crippling. But luckily, life is not stagnant. Things change. And with that change, comes growth. For some, the growth came more quickly than for others, but each of us within our group has come to realize that we are capable of far more than we first believed.


That knowledge allowed us to begin believing in ourselves, and we each knew that if others could do this business and be successful, so could we. It was simply a matter of finding the right answers. It took time, but the answers came, and along with them, the self confidence we needed to truly succeed in every aspect of life.

It was this self belief that helped bring us together as the awesome team we are today. We have a similar mind set, even though we differ in age, nationality and backgrounds. It is our mindset that makes us winners. It can make you a winner too. 

No matter what you are doing in life…having the right mind set makes all the difference in success-vs.-failure.

So let’s say you’re interested in getting into this field. (And why wouldn’t you be?) But then, you hesitate. Change can be hard and those fears are holding you back. Not knowing where to start can be a huge hurdle. Believe it or not, just getting started is the hardest part. Don’t be hard on yourself. The fear of the unknown is felt by everyone at some point in their lives.

That is exactly why we formed Click for Clarity. We have found the answers, and we are going to share them with you…nothing held back. Now you can confidently start without hesitation.  We’ve taken the guess work out of it.

The internet arena is huge and unlike other areas that are hot but then the hype is over, the internet is here to stay… and there’s plenty of room for the new guy.

Napoleon Hill had it right when he said,

“Your biggest opportunity may be right where you are right now.”

Collectively, we’ve taken course after course, read books, studied articles on line and in magazines. Don’t even ask how many thousands of dollars we have invested to get where we are today…There are too many internet marketing training courses to even begin to count…Some great, some not so great… and some…well… let’s just say they didn’t quite deliver...


[Click To Order Now!!!](payment.php?e=cI8GEQfWNokxDOibhswfuwB6RhXTAuDA6kH7rj7qTWk=&v=2331389d&process=36371)

** One time payment of $97 (US Dollars) and get access to the complete set of 10 modules
and 6+ extra bonuses!

Too many times in our lives we are finding that we are pulled in different directions causing us to become overwhelmed and we don’t know where to start. For the new “internet marketer-wanna be”, this can cause one of two things to happen:

1. You just quit looking… or…

2. You spend all your time and money looking for the “magic bullet system” proven to make you money on line…only to find that all you have is less time and far less money…


Have you ever started a jig saw puzzle only to find some of the key pieces were missing?  In the beginning, we were missing pieces in putting together a new career search. Yes, we were learning new skills, great skills.  But each was independent in its own right.  We needed a way to combine each piece to make a whole.   It took some time, but finally, a complete picture came together.  And because of our team of experts in Click for Clarity, the focus within that picture was totally different than it would have been had we finished the puzzle separately.

This is where you come in…

You don’t have to put the puzzle together…we’ve done it for you.

You are probably asking yourself, “So what makes what you are saying any different than all the other internet marketing “gurus” are claiming everywhere you look?  The difference is, we are doing the whole package in one big bundle.  No missing pieces…. Everything from A to Z...  And look as hard as you like, you’ll see we are the only ones doing it.

Read what a few of our fans are saying about our Internet Marketing Success Secrets…

Customer Testimonial

With a PhD in chemistry, I have over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical chemical research and development and have spent the last 15 years in sales of research services. Unfortunately I was let go due to the downturn in the economy over a year ago.

Finding a new job with a similar pay has been difficult. No one wants to pay for that much experience locally and the few job openings I found would require a move to California or the Northeast. I have been looking for a new start to my career and am considering consulting.

The question is, how do I get started and market my services?That's when I was introduced to the Click For Clarity Internet Marketing Training Program.

The concept of doing something online was intriguing.... certainly less costly than travel and my experience could be utilized in a niche online, reaching far more people than I could ever do in person.  Looking at the materials I am definitely going to pursue this option as a viable alternative. 

Why not?  It has more potential than anything else out there!Once I began to think about this career switch, I had some worries about paying for a product that didn't deliver all it promised.

Click For Clarity is not a problem....their money back guarantee can't be beat.I really like the idea that the package is complete with everything you need to learn the tricks of the trade.  You don’t have to be a techno-geek either to learn and apply the secrets in this course.

Even though I know how to sell a crowd or one on one in person, the techniques are different if the reader on the Internet can only view your words.

This type of training is exactly what the novice internet marketer needs.

Dr. Bill Griggs 
Olathe, Kansas

Customer Testimonial

Thanks Click for Clarity,

I think this is one of the best training programs for newcomers to internet marketing I’ve seen. The instructional videos are professionally recorded and I'm very impressed with the quality.

I plan on using what I’ve learnt in my own business to greatly increase my revenue streams.


Craig Downing 
London, England


Before I continue, let me tell you the

Click for Clarity story…

We met through a high end training course led by internet marketer guru, Greg Jacobs. What followed was an intensive 10 week marathon of learning and relearning with hundreds of participants from around the globe.


In addition to individual learning, the course required all to choose a team of like-minded enrollees for the purpose of proving our skills through the development of a winning product to be offered on the web. What we produced was so amazing; we are now offering it to you. Our team coming from four different countries has proven to have far superior capabilities than our own individual efforts. The blend of ideas and skills was the perfect match.


What started out to be a 10 week exercise of development has proven to be a life changing partnership of experts. We named ourselves the Samurai Warriors… stopping at nothing but the end goal of perfection. Our service was quickly labeled with our brand of service…Click for Clarity.  Because when you click on our site… everything will become perfectly clear. Our team of Samurai Warriors created the unification of Click for Clarity, and the rest is history… 

Just so we fully understand each other, allow us to introduce the Click for Clarity team…

[](http://www.clickforclarity.com/im-success-secrets/index.php?e=FvjdXlR067p3VcD+KUtCbQ==&v=f65789ea&process=36371) [](http://www.clickforclarity.com/im-success-secrets/index.php?e=FvjdXlR067p6B6Q+QWu0YQ==&v=db5b65cc&process=36371) [](http://www.clickforclarity.com/im-success-secrets/index.php?e=FvjdXlR067oP68iHW6qL9Q==&v=682b9616&process=36371) [](http://www.clickforclarity.com/im-success-secrets/index.php?e=FvjdXlR067rf03MPrWL4qg==&v=6cf6ed3d&process=36371) Dr. Ossil V
Macavinta Suellen
Reitz John E.
Stone Kristi
[](http://www.clickforclarity.com/im-success-secrets/index.php?e=FvjdXlR067pQglIrmGcXtA==&v=6e0553c7&process=36371) [](http://www.clickforclarity.com/im-success-secrets/index.php?e=FvjdXlR067oyh7rx8jCARg==&v=84b70535&process=36371) [](http://www.clickforclarity.com/im-success-secrets/index.php?e=FvjdXlR067oKtEP5IPXW8A==&v=68ccc94b&process=36371) [](http://www.clickforclarity.com/im-success-secrets/index.php?e=FvjdXlR067qxXjnaaXzW3g==&v=d6993e0d&process=36371) Bill
Hildebrand Andre
Fourie Philippe
Boivin Yasir


No longer do you need to piece your knowledge together. This package of Internet Marketing Success Secrets will give you the tools and knowledge you need today to start being your own success story.

Some have asked why we put so much information in one package when others have refused. The answer is simple. We want to change the way learning has occurred.  We want it to be precise, no extra fluff… just the basics for the beginning “internet wanna-be”. To us, if it means less sales later, so be it.  Our goals are more toward helping others succeed the way we always dreamed of when we first started.


We went back to the beginning. Thinking like a newbie, we brain stormed coming up with every essential element necessary to start a successful internet marketing business. We wrote and rewrote until we were sure anyone could follow the videos and learn it all. The ten modules are in video and MP3, so you can listen while you drive or watch in the comfort of your own home.

We at Click for Clarity might be a bit prejudiced, but we fully believe this is the best beginner’s internet marketing course out there!

The Click for Clarity Internet Marketing
Success Secrets

Look at all you get!!


Mental & Emotional Aspect of

Internet Marketing

This introductory module sets the tone for all 10 11 modules. Without the right mindset, everything else is doomed to failure.


This is especially true with the all too often elusive success in internet marketing.  And learning how to get that mindset is what this important pace setting 2 video module is all about.


You will learn:
How to capitalize with goal setting… Why winners use visualization techniques before they begin… How to always overcome setbacks, regardless of what they are… How to never giving up… How to always be able to build your list…

The great thing about this module is the knowledge you gain here can be used in every area of your life.


Total time:  approx. 40 minutes


Setting Up A Word Press Blog

This 20 video module starts with the core basics. Nothing happens without a sale, and you get that sale through your visitors to your own blog or website.


With these tutorial videos, you can now confidently build and maintain your site… all by yourself! The days of high dollar web designers will only be the past memories for you…Now you have the control and the web sites to prove it.


You will learn how to:
Choose a winning domain name… Select your host company… Step by step easy to understand instructions for creating your own word press blog or website… Effectively utilize the multitude of tools readily available for your site… Advance your capabilities with plugins and widgets…
Add extra impact with video…
And much much more…

Once your site is up and running, we show you how to customize the site giving you even more impact while you finalize your creation with added security and protection.


Total time:  approx. 7 hours


Building Your Important First Page

Short and to the point, this mini section covers everything you need to know about the ever present landing page known in internet lingo as a squeeze page. Here is where you get your leads for future follow ups, so making a great first impression is mandatory if you want to succeed.


You will learn how to:
Effectively create a page that draws in leads… Make lasting impressions that can generate more leads from social networking… Use winning opt-ins to capture leads… Generate winning emails for follow-ups utilizing your auto responder…

Total time:  approx. 20 minutes


Copywriting 101

This 6 video module will show you how to write dynamite copy that converts into sales. Writing for a sales page is all about finding the reader’s hot button, and we show you exactly how to make that happen.


You will learn how to:
Write killer headlines to grab attention fast and keep it… Choose words and images to evoke strong emotions resulting in a sale… Develop trust through the use of your personal story and testimonials… Design your sales page for visual appeal and psychological impact for greater sales… Turn a no into a yes with the use of pop ups, down sales and up sales…
Learn success from others in an actual winning sales page review broken down line by line…

Ultimately, the successful sales page is all about getting the order. Follow these proven techniques and your sales will be flowing…


Total time:  approx. 75 minutes


Marketing Done Right

Before you begin your first product, you have to know your options. In this module, we help you discover your perfect niche based on the analysis of your own life experiences and of those you know. 


You will learn how to:
Know which niche to choose and those to avoid… Research your niche with forums, blogs, Clickbank, articles and more… Utilize keyword research to optimize your sales… Know you competition and how to be better… And much much more…

With all of the marketing research you gain from this module, you will be able to successfully create a product for yourself and your future affiliates.


Total time:  approx. 1 hour


Creating Audio Products

Audio is where it’s at in today’s market. Learn how to capitalize on a growing trend of mp3 usage with your own audio product. In this highly informative 4 video tutorial series, you can bet you’ll be sounding better than ever using these creative tips. 


You will learn how to:
Choose the type of audio product best for you… Select the right equipment within your budget and still have a professional sound… Improve your voice quality to sound like a pro… Edit the final package for free… Have fun with tongue twisters while improving your skills…

Making an audio product is almost an added “freebee” but will reap huge returns in total sales.  This and much much more will be part of the “secrets” revealed within this module allowing you a fast track to success as a real audio professional. 


Total time:  approx. 90 minutes


Creating and Hosting Your Video Product

With the fast pace of today’s society, video is definitely where successful marketers are going for big sales, and it’s a lot easier than you might think. In this 5 video module, you will quickly realize the video makes the sale and we show you exactly how to do it. 


You will learn how to:
Easily create professional looking videos with your webcam… Upload and manage your videos with your own YouTube Channel… Customize your look to stand out in the crowd… Apply direct links from your video to your personal website or blog… Gain higher SEO ranking with little known marketing secrets… Edit and host your videos for free with Screencast…

Total time:  approx. 1 hour


Affiliate Marketing: Increasing Your Sales Potential

To be truly successful in the internet business, it’s all about the list. Small list? No worries… in this module, we show you how to start developing key relationships with other successful internet marketers that do have big lists of qualified leads.


You will be learning the skills of selling other successful products or have others sell yours! 


You will learn how to:
Choose the best product to promote as an affiliate… Choose the right marketer to support… Get successful marketers to want to promote your product… Stand out in the crowd in your sales techniques… Apply extra secret marketing techniques and more…

The affiliate market is not just about selling someone else’s product… it’s an art in itself if you really want to be successful. This module will make you the artist of sales. 


Total time:  approx. 40 minutes


How To Find Joint Venture Partners

Almost a part 2 of affiliate marketing, this module focuses more on a higher level of partnerships…the Joint Venture Partnerships. JV partners can be your gravy train when it comes to successful internet marketing.


We cover every step necessary to create a successful joint venture campaign and how to effectively manage it for today’s sales as well as those you’ll sure to be getting in the future. 


You will learn how to:
Attract successful internet marketers… Contact successful marketers and make a winning pitch… Build winning sales pages for your partners… Create effective affiliate tools for promoting your product… More secret tips in sales… 

The techniques you’ll learn here will make you a stand out in the sea of affiliates. You will be one of the best before you even begin. 


Total time:  approx. 1 hour


Use Of Social Media To Drive Traffic

Social marketing is just now beginning to open up to being an effective tool in sales. It is so new, many are clueless how to effectively advertise without being offensive. In this 6 video module, you will learn how: 

Set up all social networking accounts for marketing… Use key words with free online resources… Writing effective articles for added traffic… Spin articles for multiple listings without duplication… Apply extra marketing research secrets and more…

You’ll be on the cutting edge of technology and skills once you digest these great videos! 


Total time:  approx. 90 minutes


Creating E-Book Products

In this 3 video module, you will learn how to create and market an E-book, the easiest product to produce online. 



You will learn how to:
Begin your research for your niche topic… Use great tools and techniques to overcome obstacles and writer’s block… Properly format your book… Promote yours or affiliate products within the book using hyperlinks… Succeed by reviewing others success…

Total time:  approx. 40 minutes

Customer Testimonial

I believe www.ClickForClarity.com is one of the coolest online training sites around.

All the content is relevant and up-to-date and not ‘redundant’ information from the past that is of little value these days.

One of the features that I really like is that the content is presented in multiple formats (video and audio) to suit different learning styles. 

Great idea!

Rizwan Atif 
London, England


Customer Testimonial

I have recently taken a good look at a new product on the market called “Click for Clarity.” It's a 10 module program designed for people new to the internet marketing business, better known as “Newbies”, and it’s a


It’s not only the best I've seen, but for the price their asking, it is by far the best value on the market.This is the first program I have seen that covers everything a new marketer needs to not only understand what internet marketing is, but all the steps it takes to get set up and start making money.

The program is very detailed so you don't just get a small taste of each topic, but a thorough training program with step by step videos on how to perform each part of the process. They have also included some great bonuses that enhance the value of the program.

If you are looking for a program that you can follow along and do the steps that are detailed for you, within a short period of time you have the ability to start making money, then Click For Clarity's Internet Marketing Success Secrets is just what you need.

Mark Hershberger


[Yes! I'm Ready To Start My Business Today!!!](payment.php?e=cI8GEQfWNokxDOibhswfuwB6RhXTAuDA6kH7rj7qTWk=&v=2331389d&process=36371)

** One time payment of $97 (US Dollars) and get access to the complete set of 10 modules
and 6+ extra bonuses!

This group of experts makes everything crystal clear when they teach you the seldom revealed secrets of the great internet marketing gurus. These simple tricks make the difference in a so-so business to one that can earn up to six figures in the first year! You’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Simple yes, but these secret keys to success really work when used correctly.

We got together and brainstormed till we came up with the perfect package. Complete with nothing held back. Together, we’ve spent thousand dollars for information in the various courses on line, on location; in books… we’ve done it all.

Don’t make the same costly mistakes we did.

You don’t have too.  

What about you?  Have you been there and done that? Are you sick and tired of doing the same thing again and again, looking for a different answer each time you start?

There is an interesting definition for insanity written by one that many thought was insane himself… 

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

Albert Einstein

Don’t drive yourself crazy!  Life is too short to waste it. Did you know the average life span is only 4,000 weeks long?  Now you don’t have to waste another minute searching for the right answers. So what’s it going to be? Are you going to waste more time, or are you going to do something about it?

“Even if you are on the right track you will get run over if you just sit there!”

Will Rogers

We are telling it straight…this training system really does work. It’s not designed for the advanced internet marketers, though even those guys could pick up some good pointers. This system is reserved for people just like you, people wanting to really learn the nuts and bolts of the internet arena.


People who need high value training to make real money on the internet.

So the obvious question that has been burning in your mind is,

“How much does it cost”?

That question shows you are serious in making a difference in your life. How much is complete freedom worth to you? What kind of price tag do you put on your ability to rest at night confident that you are building a business that can have a profit as soon as it opens its doors?  $10,000…$20,000?


It’s well worth that to be sure…but don’t worry.

Heck. We’re here to help you make money not take it! We thought long and hard on what would be a fair price for such a fabulous offer.

It wasn’t easy to come up with a price seeing that there were no other courses offering the same amount of value in a single training system. So we put ourselves in your shoes.

We took into consideration the facts that:

People don’t really know us and what we can do for them… We had to prove to people they could trust us and we really do deliver what we say we will…
Hard times have caused people to look for and demand more value for less…
Even the very best offer is unattainable if there is no way to afford it…

What we came up with is truly unbelievable. And because we know money is tight for just about everyone, we are offering you this LOW ONE TIME PAYMENT of ONLY $97 (US Dollars).

The Complete Click for Clarity

Internet Marketing Success Secrets

can be yours today for only


[Yes! I'm Ready To Start My Business Today!!!](payment.php?e=cI8GEQfWNokxDOibhswfuwB6RhXTAuDA6kH7rj7qTWk=&v=2331389d&process=36371)

** One time payment of $97 (US Dollars) and get access to the complete set of 10 modules
and 6+ extra bonuses!

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
If after 60 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all, simply say so for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund.

Our partnership is new and our newness is a huge benefit for you.  We want to prove our team offers the very best training system available. Sometimes, it’s not about just making money.

Sure we want to make money just like you. But here’s the secret… sometimes less is more.

By lowering the price to a point that anyone would be foolish not to opt in, we accomplish two things. First, we are able to help more people and two, if you help enough people, the numbers make up for the difference in price.


[I'm Ready To Get Started Now!!!](payment.php?e=cI8GEQfWNokxDOibhswfuwB6RhXTAuDA6kH7rj7qTWk=&v=2331389d&process=36371)

** One time payment of $97 (US Dollars) and get access to the complete set of 10 modules
and 6+ extra bonuses!

The information included in these 10 modules will absolutely blow you away! We don’t want to overwhelm you, so with each payment, you will receive a segment of the training to put you on the right track just at the right time…

Here’s how it will work after you’ve placed your order… Right away, you will have access all the modules.

ONE TIME PAYMENT of ONLY $97 (US Dollars) is a steal for what you get. But guess what? Our team of experts didn’t want to stop there. There’s more.  We wanted to make sure you didn’t have any doubts, so…

We added 6+ fantastic bonuses.


We’re not talking about a little two page report or other worthless bonus not worth the paper it’s printed on. These bonuses fully compliment the training system you will be viewing. Now, not only do you have what it takes to get started, but you also have extra tools to tweak it to perfection.

Here's what you get:


Videos & E-book set

Auto blogging Revealed

This highly valuable bonus contains a detailed method for setting up auto blogs and making them profitable. You will learn how to add content, get traffic and generate income without any manual intervention.

End results are guaranteed to save you time while earning you big returns. You will receive 11 videos and E-book workbooks detailing the entire process step by step. This video series has sold for hundreds of dollars alone!


Audio MP3

Our Amazing Brain…Mental Relaxation on Becoming a Successful Internet Marketer

This original 30 minute mp3 created by team member Suellen Reitz, combines her years of yoga practice and certified hypnosis training to help you relax physically and mentally while you allow your subconscious mind to visualize the successful internet marketer you have already become.

What the mind can conceive can be achieved and in your subconscious, if you program it to believe you have success...it will happen. In your subconscious, it already has! This technique is used by winning athletes and actors world-wide as they prepare for their performance.

Listening to this mp3 will help program you to reach your goals. Learn the relaxing basic yoga stretches while you stretch you mind for success.



The Psychology Of Business - A Guide For the New Internet Marketer

This original work by Andre Fourie shows you exactly how to get things going and keep it on the same keel, regardless of what’s going on around you. Life is not perfect, but you can make it better and more successful by practicing these simple techniques not only in your internet marketing career, but also in you day-to-day activities of everyday living.

This book should be required reading for every new internet marketer!



Eyeballs On You: How to Get Internet Traffic

In this ebook you’re going to learn some jealously-guarded secrets of how to attain (almost) overnight wealth, spelled out in an easy-to-follow way.

We’ll explain what Web 2.0 is and why it’s so superior to the older ways of doing business on the Internet.

Traffic is the key to success in the internet world. No matter how great your product, without traffic, you don’t have a business.

Eyeballs on You help you discover ways to direct traffic straight to your own web site. Study and apply what you learn in this book, and you’ll be weeks if not days away from having all eyeballs on you!



57 Email List Building Tips

This 38 page e-book is stuffed full of traffic building tips that will make the difference in traffic and traffic that makes you money.

Getting traffic is not hard. But traffic alone is not what you want. You must have targeted traffic that is looking for an answer to meet their needs. And your product is exactly what they want…if you build your traffic the right way! 

Each of the 57 tips are tried and tested to ensure positive returns.Building your targeted traffic list step by step is a must have for all internet marketers serious about their business success!



Build New customers, Backlinks and Attention by working with the Top Video Sharing Sites on the Internet

It’s no secret that marketing thru videos is now one of the most successful converters for today’s internet marketer.  But to really make the most of your video, you need to add a watermark with meta data embedded on the video screen.

By adding your website link, logo or message to the viewing audience within the actual video…you will gain more ranking for your site, pushing it closer to that coveted first page seen on the search engine. Also, the embedded info insures the information doesn’t get lost when the video is shared.

Once you have that technique down… you’ll learn where you should be posting that video for maximum coverage. YouTube is only one of 30 different video sites that are available for your informative and promotional videos.

BONUS #7...

Extra surprize bonuses...

Guranteed to please

You’d be crazy not to say “sign me up”! Remember the definition of insanity? Don’t just keep doing the same thing. Make a difference in your life today!

Ok, so maybe you are saying to yourself, “how can I be sure this deal is the real thing?” With so many scams we face every day of our lives, it is understandable to still have doubts. In these troubling times, a little skepticism can’t be all bad. But no need to doubt us...


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** One time payment of $97 (US Dollars) and get access to the complete set of 10 modules
and 6+ extra bonuses!

Here’s how it works…

You have 60 days to look it over…


If for any reason you decide you want to stay in your rat race and just continue what you’ve always done with your 9 to 5 job after you review the materials, just let us know and you will get a full refund. No exceptions. You can take that one to the bank! It’s a no lose proposition!  Why would anyone not do this???

We can offer a guarantee like that because we are confident you will see the tremendous value as you open each of the 10 modules crammed with great information to get you started.

When you aren’t at home on the computer, use the downloadable MP3 and listen while driving, jogging or just relaxing in your favorite chair.

Well, we’ve done all we can to help you in your personal growth. Now it’s up to you to decide.  Are you going to get off the couch and make something happen? Or are you going to still be searching for the pot of gold, only to discover it was filled with “fool’s gold”… a bucket full of empty promises and illusions? Here’s to you making the right decision for you today.

Your future is yours to take, make it a great one!

P.S.  Fear is a thing of the past when it comes to deciding on a program to get you started.  Click for Clarity Success Internet Marketing Secrets is without question, the very best complete package out there!



For the ONE TIME PAYMENT of ONLY $97 (US Dollars) you get 10 modules covering every essential element for setting up your own successful internet marketing business and an extra 6+ free bonuses worth far more than the price of the product.

Should you decide for any reason the Internet Marketing Success Secrets Program is not for you, just let us know… we’ll return your money with our 60 day money back guarantee… and the bonuses are yours to keep.

P.P.S. Don’t wait on making your choice. Once we are up and running, the price will increase. Get in on the ground floor now at these great bargain prices and learn how to take control of your life with your own internet marketing business.


[Click To Order Now!!!](payment.php?e=cI8GEQfWNokxDOibhswfuwB6RhXTAuDA6kH7rj7qTWk=&v=2331389d&process=36371)

** One time payment of $97 (US Dollars) and get access to the complete set of 10 modules
and 6+ extra bonuses!

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
If after 60 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all, simply say so for a full, courteous, no questions asked refund.

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