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BitSec Secure Folder is an excellent and professional encryption software, which could help you to lock and hide important data.



Trial Version Limitations:

The trial offers all functions of the Secure Folder, but limited user times.
And you could purchase full version to get the license code and register with it.

Instant Access, 128bit Encrypted Secure ONE-TIME-ONLY
transactions by using our Credit Card/PayPal Option.





When you click "Credit Card" or "PayPal", you will be directed to Regnow Page(our payment partner). After completing your payment you should receive your License Code via Email.


Your online order is 100% SAFE and SECURE!

Your order will be processed through "ClickBack" to ensure that your transaction will be secured by 128bit SSL encryption. All your information remains private and secure. We guarantee the safety and protection of your personal information.


Is my purchase guaranteed?

A: Absolutely! All orders are back by our unconditional 8 week money-back guarantee.If you are unhappy with your purchase, for any reason, simply contact us via e-mail for a full refund. Order Bsessoft Secure Folder now, complete Risk-Free!

Do you want to :
Hide folders on PC? Lock Folders? Control access to folders? Also need ecnrypting folders? Now make folder more secure




Testimonials :
"I love BitSec Secure Folder, not because they provided an unbeatable product but the best service for me. Keep up the great work!"
"I enjoy your encrypt software very much! It is easy to use and make my folders away from peeping eyes.I would gladly pay for such a great product."
"I have used it to protect my financial data. I like the way that Erafsoft Secure Folder makes it easy to protect sensitive files and folders quickly."




[]( http://www.softoxi.com/bitsec-secure-folder.html)


[]( http://www.filecluster.com/Antivirus-Report/BitSec-Secure-Folder.html)








[]( http://www.download3k.com/Antivirus-Report-BitSec-Secure-Folder.html)



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