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Unlock your inner chef and discover the key to PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS THE GOURMET DIET PLAN is the ultimate weight loss journey for food lovers.

The ebook is in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format and can be downloaded immediately after the purchase. Diet Plan PDF 791k, Recipe Book PDF 3.9 MB

The Gourmet Diet Plan and Recipe Book




Millions of people have wasted time and money trying fad diets that simply won't work and in some cases even put their health at risk.

THE GOURMET DIET PLAN is a no-nonsense approach to weight loss showing you what food to eat to lose weight permanently.

There's no counting calories because it's already done for you. With over 100 mouth-watering recipes you will not feel hungry or deprived of good food.

THE GOURMET DIET PLAN is the ultimate weight loss plan that gets results, and will inspire you to find a healthier way to feed yourself, your family and your friends.

THE GOURMET DIET PLAN is the last diet you will ever need!!!

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Take your first step towards looking and feeling great. We show you how to load up on the right foods to keep you satisfied for longer and fill your body with nutrition. No starving yourself-enjoy carbs and still lose weight. Achieve a healthy weight loss and long-term maintenance. Over 100 mouthwatering recipes with easy step-by-step instructions. Simple and tasty lunch ideas Family dinnersMeals for entertainingComfort classicsEasy and delicious curries and stir fry’sChicken, beef and seafood recipesAmazing vegetable and side dishesEggs, soups, salads and more…. Over 150 pages, full colour, delivered electronically. PC, Tablet & iBooks compatible Printer friendly

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