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Complete Battlefield 3 Helicopter Guide

Are you having a hard time keeping up with growing competition in Battlefield 3? Struggling with trying to find what’s the best and easiest way to dominate and be one of the top players in your league? Here’s a detailed guide that will help you to dominate Battlefield 3 like never before!

Helicopters Can Make A Big Difference!

Helicopters in Battlefield 3 are by far the most fun and exciting vehicle in the game. At the same time, they are also the most difficult.

There is nothing more frustrating then finally getting your turn in a helicopter only to be blown out of the sky a few seconds later.

Many people are complaining that helicopters in Battlefield 3 are under powered, or they die too easily.

However, by the end what I am about to reveal in this Helicopter tutorial you will be surprised to learn how powerful and game-changer helicopters in Battlefield 3 really are.

It’s Time To Go Pro

With Ares Battlefield 3 Helicopter Guide you will uncover some of the best Helicopter strategies that are very hard to find.

I will give you real information, real helicopter maneuvers used by military from around the world, real tricks that I have learned from real helicopter pilots.

The developers of Battlefield 3 attempted to make the helicopters as realistic as possible. I have taken real life tactics and converted them into tactics for Battlefield 3, I am shocked at how effective they were once mastered, you will be too.

Google all you want, but you won’t find such in-depth Helicopter tutorial anywhere else.

You Will Get To Learn

How to fly a helicopter like a pro: Learn every minute detail about helicopter and fly helicopter like a professional. How to stay alive in a helicopter: Master what it takes to survive without being killed even once in the entire match. How to get kills and win games with a helicopter: Become a player that everyone wants in their team. Discover how you can make a big difference in your team as an expert Helicopter player. What equipment to use on helicopters and how to use it: Learn what equipment works and how to make best use of it depending upon your situation.

Get Instant Access Now

You can waste your time crashing into mountains or getting shot down every 5 seconds, you can wade through thousands of bad forum posts from bad players giving bad advice. Or you can take some time to learn real information from the best, and see a significant improvement in the very next round you play.

If I don’t make you a better pilot, and you don’t see a significant improvement in your flying skills get a refund no questions asked.

The choice is yours, but I’d say it is a pretty easy one.



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