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Learn the Secrets of Domain Name Investing

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Buy Domain Name
Build a website in minutes
Build a website in minutes


Discover how to invest
in the Domain Name Internet Real Estate Market
To Make over  $1000 a day and earn over 1000% ROI
My Clients Work Less Than 30 Minutes A Day!!!

You Don't Need A Web Site.
This is a fail proof system that
I have created, if you can't achieve similar results I will give you a
100% REFUND and let you keep my products for your troubles!
I will be personally coaching you along the way!

"This is the first time I
have been satisfied with an investment, after loosing
$46,000 in the stock market I was scared to get involved
here. I saw the 100% guarantee and a full refund so I took a
Thank God that I did, I am now
making over $1500 a day,
and my profits keep growing. The sky is truly the limit with
this system. You changed my life forever, THANK YOU!!"

Alan Reed

The only investment strategy with an average of a 1000% ROI ...
If you are looking for
the highest possible return with the lowest risk look no further. Do
not waste your time or money in physical real estate, bonds, or the
stock market. There will be no risk in what we teach you.

This is not your
typical boring e-Book that simply talks about a "theory" or  a
"hint" at how to make money in whatever scam they are selling. You
will have step by step instructions that have been tested time and
time again with success! If you follow our plan layout you WILL
be successful!
You will be able to
get started with no money at all, or as little as a few dollars when
we show you secret ways to acquire Internet Real Estate. The best
part for you is you have a choice of selling for a lump sum of cash
or holding and building value, or enjoy the already established
You will be investing
in an untapped market, using strategies that are not known, and can
be found nowhere but here. If you can't even double your investment
in the first month I will personally work with you to achieve
You will not find
anything like this ANYWHERE!!!
I searched for days
and days to find an investment guide but was unable to find anything
even close. Do you know why? There isn't any published, I am going
to make my competition very angry by releasing this information.
This is the best guarded secret on the internet.
Could you use
an extra $5,000 this month? How about an extra $1,000 a day...every
You don't need to be
good with computers, or even have a computer once you purchase your
investments. You will just collect checks in the mail every month,
or if you decide to sell your investments you can receive large sums
of cash daily!!
What is Internet Real Estate? I have never heard this term before ...
The only reason I used the term Internet Real Estate was to
discourage those who do not have a true desire to succeed in a new
market. I do not want my customers wasting their valuable time
trying to learn something they will not have any interest in.
Internet Real Estate is another name for a Domain Name (i.e.
ebay.com, inetdirectauctions.com, eb4y.com). Many people ask me, "how
can someone "own" a domain name, and how does that work?" Guess what--it is very simple, and in my ebook I explain step by step how
this can be accomplished. But in a nutshell, it works a lot like physical real estate,
in that you
will own the rights to internet property.
Why is this system so great?

No employees needed
No advertising or marketing required
You control how much money you want to make
This system has been perfected and tested so you do not have
to make the same mistakes I did when learning
You can work from home
Spend your day with family or relaxing
You control your life, you set your own schedule
Quit your stupid job

Here is a little tool I wrote just to give you an example of how much money you really can earn!

Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames.

Are you ready to
see some proof of these numbers? Here is a screenshot of one of my
portfolio's earning $241.29
on the 6th of February. Half of this money was all made while I was

Here is another
one of my portfolios - this one is from a different site - These
are mostly International Domain names, and misspelled domains. As
you can see I made another
$116.45 while I
was not even at the computer.

This was the week before, this was a domain name sold for
that was only paid $12
for initially!


This is another example of a Domain name that was paid
for and turned around a few weeks later and sold for

I owe my success to the innovator of domain name investing, you can read his story below to see how much money you can really make in this market!
The Ultsearch Expose – How the Greatest Internet Visionary of our Times Makes Over 6-Figures...A DAY (MUST READ) 
Who can make this system work?
I believe that anyone with a strong desire, drive and dedication for
success will achieve it. Before now, I only shared this secret with
a select few people that I could trust, and who I knew would not
leak this information. Why have I decided to release this system
now? Well, after much hesitation I finally decided that I would
prove to the "home business" and "quit your job" community of
aggressive marketers that you really can make money online. Too many
people have come to me for advice on starting an online business,
telling me that they have tried every "work from home" course they
could find and never make a dime from them.
I assure
you, YOU WILL make money with my system, I have spent over $50,000
dollars to perfect this system. I have tested it from every possible
angle, every type of investment strategy, and used my mistakes to
build a bulletproof strategy. You will be successful, and I will
make you successful, as I do not accept failure. I have trained over
250 selected clients of mine, and only one, that's right ONE out of
250 were unable to make at least $100/day from my system. This will
not happen overnight! Do not expect to be rich tomorrow, do not go
buy a Porsche and quit your job yet! I have watched to many people
make similar mistakes.
The only
place money comes before work is in the dictionary!
Remember, you have nothing to lose here, I am
offering a 100% refund if you are for any reason unhappy with your
purchase. I am the only one who is taking a risk. If you give me a
chance, I WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL! You do not have to worry
about doing this alone, you will instantly be brought into my
network of success. You will have access to all the same resources
we use to find, analyze, and market our domain names. You will even
be given an instant buyers list of domain names! We also end up
buying 10% of all our customers domain names!

Do this
for your family! Your future! Your retirement!

back your busy life!

financially independent and worry free!

"Over $500 a day..."

My portfolio is doing incredible! I thought I was an
experienced domain name investor, but you proved me wrong!

I'm now averaging over

$500 a day in profits and growing. I still can't
believe it. Thanks again. Your system has given me a new

San Antonio, TX

Guess what else we are offering, but only for
the first 500 customers ...


What else comes with this package?
Just when
you thought this deal could not be any sweeter, what do you know theres a cherry or two on the top. You will be given a free lifetime membership to our members forum where you can buy and sell high quality traffic and revenue earning domain names. You will be able to build wealth in a matter of days. You will be able to meet other investors, build networks and share ideas. You will be given a $25 credit in FREE advertising on SmartAdz.biz, you can use this to promote your webpages, domain names, blogs, affiliate links, whatever you so choose. SmartAdz is great because they allow advertisers to choose exactly what types of advertisements they want displayed (Text ads, Popups, Banner Ads, Floating ads, etc). You do not pay anything extra, this is just my way to say thank you, and push you one step closer to success! I will be with you every step of the way, I have even built in live help modules so I can better assist you. I cannot guarantee how many questions I can answer at a time with live help but I will certainly do my best to make sure my valued customers are not neglected in any way.

Ok, so what is
the catch?


By now you must
be thinking WOW, this is all to good to be true. This
package must be worth at least $1000! But guess what it's
worth even more! There are over $5,000 dollars worth of
resources, utilities, and materials in this package. We have
sold similar packages for over $1000. But guess what, we are
having a special promotional deal for our upgraded package
over the next 48 hours for $299
$24.99 that is a savings of
over $200!! It has cost me
over $50,000 in testing, advertising, and developing my
system, and now I am bringing it to you for pennies on the
dollar! This will be the best investment you ever make, it
will pay for itself almost immediately, and with a 100%
refund guarantee what do you have to lose? NOTHING!



Here is a taste of what
you will receive in my ebook...


Never Revealed Secrets to create over 1000% ROI with Internet Real Estate eBook


Explain the different types of domain names, and how we
will be investing in them


Detailed Breakdown of several of my
Profitable Portfolios


Step-by-Step instructions to purchasing
every type of investment domain name


Locating Profitable domain names in as
little as 5 minutes of research


 Free access to our network for selling your
Domain Names


How to turn a $10 domain name
into a $1000 domain name


How to create a profitable portfolio of domain names that will provide me wealth for a lifetime

Learn how to sell, rent, lease, and even borrow money from your domain names

Learn secret ways to add massive amounts of value to your domain name before selling




I've read enough let me purchase now for $24.99 Not $147


All of this for only $24.99 total. Over a 30 day
period, that's only $.83/day, less than you'd spend
on a Red Bull!

I'm Throwing In $1214 Worth Of FREE

FREE Bonus #1:
($99.95 value)


Make over $2,778.00 Daily! From the comfort of your home!
Award winning ebook, this is one of my all time favorites, changed the way I live my life! Learn how to build a wealth of income from marketing any product!
This is a best seller! You will even get resale rights to this ebook!

FREE Bonus #2:
($89 value)

eBay marketing secrets eBook!

This manual provides you the information needed to get ahead on Ebay and gives you an instant edge over your competitors.

FREE Bonus #3:
($25.00 value)

This bonus is only available for a limited time. Act now.

Online Advertising Credit of $25 Use this credit to promote your domain name auctions, your webpages or blogs you choose! Pick from over 50 different ad types including banner ads, text link ads, popup ads, floating ads, and more! This service is brought to you by SmartAdz.

FREE Bonus #4:
($999.95 value)

My personal email address, so I can help you succeed. I am
here to help you on your path to success! I really enjoy sharing this
system with others and helping people earn an income for a lifetime! E-mails are answered on a first come and first serve basis, all e-mails are answered within a 24 hour timeframe . I'll
help you one-on-one.

Here's How To Order...

Ryan. I want to order Domain Name Investing
with the simple step-by-step instructions
you are using to earn more than $25,000/month
on average.

Yes! I understand that I
will receive your easy to read ebook in .exe format, and links and information for my bonus packages.

Yes! I would like to
receive all 6 bonuses, worth $1214.



Seize the Day! - The price WILL go up.
If your still not convinced check out some of our reviews on CompareDiscount

This newly
created ebook truly is selling like
crazy. It features fresh content, and secret strategies that are not revealed anywhere else. We are revealing this system after years of prefecting it! We have made to much money, it is now time for us to give back and share our knowledge so you too can earn the living you deserve! You only have to make a one time payment
of $24.99. I will raise the price significantly
and without notice as necessary to keep this powerful information from flooding the market and I have
done so two times in the past!

Click this link to purchase for only $24.99

Not $147

Start making money today.
Yes, you get immediate access even at 4:30

As soon as your payment is authorized (this
usually takes less than a minute), you will
be given a download link page in your web browser as well as an e-mail containing your accompanying bonuses and how to create your bonus accounts.

If you are ready to join the thousands who are
already generating massive amounts of wealth using this system everyday, act now!


Yours for success,

Ryan Andes


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