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The Virtual Private Server (VPS) setup has been tailored specifically for Expert Advisors and Forex Robots. Its a breeze to get going with the following features:

   Preinstalled Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, or other platform with a broker of your choice (Broker Independent)
   No hassles with server setup and configuration
   No server knowledge needed!
   Access your VPS remotely with Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.
   Full administrative access to your VPS.
Its Extremely easy to get started

   Get a VPS subscription from EZForexHost
   After your payment, you will receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to your account login info via email.
   Your VPS will be created with the preinstalled MetaTrader trading platform.
   Specify the Expert Advisor to be loaded on your VPS.
   Open the remote connection to the VPS using your Remote Desktop connection from anywhere at any time.
   Enjoy accessing and controlling your MetaTrader trading platform on the VPS 24 hours a day.

Take Action now and have your own remote cash making robot at your service 24/7.

I want to unleash my Expert Advisors full potential to make money. Please setup my Virtual Private Server (VPS) for just US $69.95 / month.

Your initial charge will be $69.95. You will then be charged $69.95 per month.

After the payment, you will receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to your account login information via email.

Cancel without any hassle at anytime.
We offer a 60 day money back guarantee for all of our customers. Your VPS hosting account will be valid for as long as you make your monthly subscription payment.

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