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Who else wants to discover how to get theirs kids back on track at school?

Wherever your kids are at the moment, I bet you that you’ve tried all sorts of ways to motivate them and that just didn’t work. Did you try tutors? Did you meet with the teachers? Did you meet with the principal, the coach, the dean? And your kids are still performing way below their potential, right? Well I am here to tell you why all this doesn’t work! You’ll be blown away by the harsh reality of what is going on in classrooms as we speak! It is beyond scary!

Seriously, you think you know how it is because you remember what it was like at school for you, so you assume that your kids have the same skills that you used to have!

Yeah right! Not even remotely!

Kids don’t have a clue! They can’t write any more! They have no organization skills, they don’t know how to take notes, they have no concept of deadlines or punctuality and never think it is their fault. The education system has been spoon-feeding them so much for so many years that they get to high school without any of the very basic LIFE skills.

"You didn't study and you got an F? Must be the teacher's fault or course! You didn't wake up because your dad's alarm didn't go off, so blame your dad! You didn't turn in your paper and you got 0? Gotta change that policy, students should be able to turn in work at their convenience."

You think I am kidding? Try this: “I know it is a week before the end of the semester but what can I do to get my C+ up to an A? I really need to show A’s on my transcript for college applications…” WHAT? How about you asked me that 6 weeks ago? I would have told you this: study, come to class on time, hand in work on time, spend more than 20 minutes on your essay and turn off Facebook, your cell phone and Skype when you study. That may have done the trick! And stop blaming everyone and everything else for your lack of effort!

You see, the problem is that when you have that attitude later on in life, you end up at the end of the line. You end up with the rest of the people who can’t get their act together and blame the world for it. You end up having a failed business because you didn’t meet your client’s deadline… OOPS… Man, my English teacher always told me deadlines were important. Yeah, they are! Now you don’t have a business anymore!

You see, I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years. I’ve taught 5-year-olds and 75-year-olds. I’ve taught in the UK, in France, in Africa, in the Caribbean and in the United States.

I produce 100% pass rate in my exam classes. I am strict and fair and kids take a while to get used to me. Why? Because I impose BOUNDARIES.

I am not one of those people who has “theories”. I have put what I am talking about into practice for 20 years in 5 different countries. What works in a classroom of 25 works in a family of 3 kids – or 2, or 4 or 5. If I can get results from 25 kids I had never met before, you think you can do the same with your kids? I KNOW so, and it is SIMPLE.

I wrote this eBook so that parents would get a part of the teacher’s mind, so that they would get part of the training that I got before I was thrown into the lion’s den… I mean the classroom. But before I tell you about it, let me tell you this:

Academics is a whole set of skills that need to be acquired. Somehow, less and less kids are taught those skills properly and they end up struggling. So what looks like into some form of weakness in one particular subject may simply be because your kids don’t study properly, or don’t pay attention because they are looking for their pencil at the bottom of their bag…

There are way too many kids nowadays who get to high school with reading skills way below their age group, study skills barely existent and hardly any sense of organization.

The few who do have those skills are not necessarily smarter but they tend to do better. Kinda frustrating when you know how smart YOUR kid is…

So here’s the thing: you can keep looking for tutors, have your kids tested, put more chemicals into their bodies and still see no improvement… Or you can take the new approach I have to offer and your kids will:

Know their priorities Get on with their school work Turn off all distractions by themselves Have their bag organized Be ready on time every day Take responsibility for their success at school Know how to take notes Raise their standards

AND, not only that, but YOU will be able to chill and relax and stop dreading receiving the report card or that phone call from the teacher…

See for yourself:

"Ms. Bernard was that unique type of teacher who was in touch with her students and kept parents informed on a regular basis of our children’s successes as well as their shortcomings. For many years, Ms. Bernard was the only teacher at St. Ignatius who provided parents regular feed-back on tests and assignments through the internet. Because she was also in touch with her students on a personal level, she was able to detect when something was amiss with one of her students and if she considered it sufficiently serious, would contact one of us to share her concerns.

Ms. Bernard saw the potential in her students and provided them with the encouragement and support they required to meet the challenges she placed before them. She was instrumental in providing support, tutorship and encouragement to allow one of our daughters, at the young age of 14, to be examined in the IGCSE (Spanish) and score an A*. She also provided support and liaison between a Private French Tutor and St. Ignatius School to facilitate one of our daughters to be examined in the IGCSE (French) and score an ‘A’ at age 13.

Ms. Bernard impressed upon her students and on us as parents the value of broad and well-rounded education; one that extends well beyond the classrooms and, indeed, beyond the shores of our Islands. It was as a result of Ms. Bernard’s encouragement that one of our daughters travelled to Scotland to attend summer school at Gordonstoun. This experience has contributed significantly to our daughter’s growth and appreciation of world cultures. Ms. Bernard truly understands the concept of ‘education’ and its value in today’s society."

- R. Whittaker-Myles, Cayman Islands
"Thank you Ms. Bernard couldn’t have done it without you!"
- Luis, 8th Grade, Florida, USA.
"As I embarked on my career in education, I often thought back to my student days. I found myself reflecting on my relationships with my teachers as I began to form bonds with my own students. I see both sides to the coin now. The importance of establishing a friendship and open relationship with your students is invaluable. The guidance, support and reassurance that a teacher provides extends beyond any other interaction a child may have with another adult. Mme. Bernard was always honest with me, open and supportive in my educational endeavours in middle school. This past academic year, a student handed me a note inscribed “life is about dreams, teachers help them come true” and I realised this wasn’t only about her and myself, I could relate too. Mme. Bernard and I continue our friendship to this day. Her encouragement continues to this day. I have dreams and I had a teacher who’s still helping them come true."
- Naheeda Karmali, Kenya.

"Florence was my son's class tutor in the high school he attended. When my son was offered a place at Eton, he had to start preparing for exams that would gain him entry when he turned 13. That was a real challenge as my son still needed to maintain the academics in his present school but he had to work on a completely different set of syllabus and some new subjects to prepare him for his entrance exam.

When I approached Florence with this dilemma, she was not only delighted that my son was offered a place in this highly academic school, she was most encouraging and helpful and went out of her way to ensure we have the support from the school and also different tutors that she had suggested to tutor my son. She is a strong believer in raising the standards and to challenge her students to their utmost capability. We have certainly benefited from her organizational skills in my son's study schedules to ensure that he was working hard but not completely overwhelmed in a highly demanding academic environment. More importantly she has highlighted the fact that to get the best out of your child, there has to be a very strong partnership between teachers and parents to provide the best support for the student."

- S. Eccles, Cayman Islands.
"Ms. Florence Bernard’s dedication and zeal proved to be a difference maker in my son’s education. Her unwavering support, as well as the advice and ideas given to my son on an everyday basis, helped my boy to go from unhappy introvert, to a better balanced, more confident student. Our family will be forever grateful. Thank you Ms. Bernard."
- L. Valladares, Florida, USA.

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