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Attention:  ALL DOG OWNERS


50% of ALL DOGS in the UK are Neglected, Misunderstood and Abused by their Well Meaning and Loving Owners... and That Means YOU!

But now YOU can Commence the Cure in Minutes with these Simple but Life Saving Tips that I Guarantee will give YOU and YOUR FAMILY a Healthy, Happy and Well Behaved Dog... and I promise your Dog will Love Them Too!

I’m really glad I found your book in time, Gail, particularly the chapter on bringing a new dog into the family home. Thanks to the priceless information we now have a dog that fits in beautifully with our family energy. Thank you for the wonderful advice.

Craig Trafford – Owner of Luna, Northern Inuit Wolf-Dog     
                                                    Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

I was shocked when I discovered how many dogs are being neglected in the UK today. According to the PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report 2011, it seems our 'nation of dog lovers' routinely leave their precious mutts alone for far too long each day; we feed them leftovers rather than nutritionally balanced food; and at least 50% of the nation's dogs never receive any obedience training, despite the rise in canine aggression. 
There are some simple measures that must be embraced when you take a dog into your home and you can learn everything you need to know here.  
Have you ever felt frustrated that, despite all your efforts, your dog is....

*   Driving the neighbours mad with his barking?

*   Still having ‘accidents’ when he's in the house alone?

*   Continuing to chew on everything  EXCEPT his chew toys?

*   Behaving so aggressively the 'daily walk' is just no fun!

*   Making you seriously stressed about your holiday plans?

*   Leaving you mystified at his mischievous ways?

Then you need my help!      My name is Gail and I'm a dog behaviour and obedience trainer.  I’ve owned, cared for and trained dogs all my life and I can show you how, by following these simple steps, you will finally be able to appreciate and enjoy the fact that a Dog is truly Man's Best Friend!  You will quickly see how easy it is to build a great relationship with your pooch and prevent or solve any behaviour problems  that may arise.

Although I'm experienced in all aspects of dog handling now, I can remember  only  too well how I struggled with my first dog, and the antics we had as I tried to communicate with him and teach him to behave.   When I brought my first pup Ben home many years ago, I didn't have a clue what I was letting us in for!  He was so cute I just didn’t realize how important it was to start teaching him how he needed to act straight away, before any of the bad habits stuck. Maybe you’re in that situation today?

Those first weeks were really frustrating – one minute he was being totally sweet and adorable, the next he would have tested the patience of a saint!  It wasn’t his fault - he didn’t realize that chewing shoes and peeing on the carpet were NOT ALLOWED - and I just didn’t know what to do!

But I already loved the newest member of the family so was determined to find out, largely through trial and error, how to communicate with him and teach him to be a ‘good boy’.   In the process I learnt every- thing I needed to ensure he would grow up to be a happy, healthy (and well behaved) adult dog.

And basically from that day to the present, I have always had dogs, from puppies to ‘rescue’ and senior dogs.  Along the way I have helped many people with practical guidance on the various trials and tribula- tions that owning  a dog invariably creates.  Initially I hired professional dog trainers myself and learnt a great deal from them.  To this day I continue to buy books, join forums, attend obedience classes and dog training schools with all my new hounds - always looking to update and increase my knowledge of dogs and how to give them the life they deserve.


The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was sifting out the good information from the bad, and learning by actual experience what really works.   I know only too well how difficult it can be to find helpful advice on the most important aspects of owning a dog.

So I decided to do something about it!
   Every dog owner should have an easy-to-read, concise guide that gives you the knowledge you need to ensure your new canine companion is a worthwhile and rewarding addition to the family.  There are some simple tips that will guarantee your beloved mutt will be healthy, contented and most importantly, well-behaved.  And I never forget that for most of us the whole point of having a dog is for companionship and fun, and I can show you what to do to build that wonderful relationship you long for with ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

Simple, but life saving tips your dog will love you for.....
Jam-packed with great, up-to-the-minute information that will give you peace of mind and ultimately save you a fortune!  Inside you'll discover: *   Some great tips on how to prevent dog behaviour meltdown in three easy stages; *   Guidelines on choosing the best breed of dog for your family  and lifestyle;
*   How to stop killing your dog with kindness, and start managing his diet and exercise more carefully;
                  *   Advice to give you confidence that whenever your dog travels, the journey is successful;      *   How to ensure your dog has a good holiday too;

*   When your dog’s bored and lonely, some ideas to solve the problem fast;
*    Five simple steps to protect your dog’s long term health.


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