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The Embarrassing (but true) Story of How this Female Trainer Kicked My Sorry Butt After I Challenged Her to a Pull-up Contest

Discover Her Secrets to Developing Almost Instant Pull-up Improvements No Matter If You Still Struggle to do Your First or if You want to Do 25 Pull-ups Straight…

…PLUS She’ll Reveal Her Secret Training Strategy For Knocking Out 100 Push Ups Without Any Rest

Dear Friend,

Did you know that less than 5% of people are able do a single pull-up? Heck, even bodybuilders wish they could crank out pull-ups and push-ups with ease.

But who can really blame them?

The pull-up is heralded as the ultimate challenge – the ultimate test of one’s strength and endurance, and the standard by which one’s level of fitness is ultimately judged.

Simply put… you aren’t really fit unless you are banging out a few rounds of pull-ups with ease.

But your body is NOT the only thing that changes with your mastery of the pull-up. Your sense of self-worth changes too.

Let me explain…

People are naturally drawn to exceptional things. And the pull-up, as you are well aware, is no easy feat.

So you can just imagine all the attention you’ll get while effortlessly banging out one pull-up after another – from the gym staff, to the trainers, to the beginners getting back in shape, and even to those in single digit body fat – your pull-up prowess will not only draw their attention, but earn their respect and admiration as well – especially if you are a woman.

Which leads into my embarrassing story that I promised to tell you…

See, a couple months ago while at a fitness conference in Las Vegas I came across a group of trainers huddled around a pull-up bar watching a female trainer as she knocked out 29 pulls ups in a row.

This caught my attention.

Later that afternoon, after the conference I headed to the hotel gym for my workout. With the image of the pull-up girl still in my head, I posed a mental challenge to her…

…my challenge to her was that I could knock out 30 pull-ups straight (one more than she had done earlier that day) proving to myself that I was the fittest trainer at the conference.

I failed.

The truth is I never even got to thirty pull-ups. In fact, I barely eeked out 18 pull-ups and when I got off the pull-up bar I saw HER out of the corner of my eye, standing there, waiting to talk to me. Talk about embarrassing!

Think about that for a second. Despite being a 36-year-old man, world-renowned fitness author, and trainer I lost in a battle of strength and endurance… to a woman… a woman in her forties who also happens to be a mother of two no less.

Talk about a BLOW to my ego.

But there’s a reason why I’m telling you this humiliating story of mine… (as much as I wish it never took place).

You see, I realized that if a 40 something woman can outmatch a younger, stronger male fitness expert, then I know she can teach YOU a few training secrets to improve your own pull-up and push-up max – regardless of your fitness level.

Yep, I said push-ups, too. As it turns out she can also knock out 100 push-ups straight – no stopping – no rest.

In fact, before I tell you another word about the amazing pull-up and push-up training system she stumbled up, take a look at what others are saying about her “Challenge Workout” program.

Thanks for all your help with my pull ups Shawna! I went from 0 to one pull up in less than a week. Even as a trainer myself, you gave me just the tips I needed.

Allie Warnick



Shawna’s Pull Up Program is fantastic.  Pull ups are such a test of strength and ultimate badassery for women.  I think that’s why I love them.  Shawna does such a good job of properly preparing you for pull ups – whether you’re working to get your first one or get sets of 15 pullups (or more) in a row.  Just teaching the proper alignment you should have with the bar will dramatically quicken your ability to get your first pull up or dramatically increase how many pull ups you can consecutively.  The workouts she offers in this program are amazing full body workouts that adequately prepare and strengthen all the muscles in your body for pull ups.  So, while working on improving your pull ups, Shawna is getting your whole body in shape.  Brilliant!!  I really trust Shawna and her programs.  Her programs always yield exceptional results.  Oh, and yes, that’s me doing pull ups on my wedding day!

Sara Dean
www.Fit Healthy Moms.com


Shawna has a true passion for challenging you and becoming your absolute best.  This program has a no-nonsense approach to mastering and improving the art of the pull-up.  Being a certified Turbulence Trainer, I know the importance and impact of what pull-ups and push-ups can do for not only fat loss, but being stronger period.  This program is the blue print you need to achieve your pull-up goals, whether that is one, ten or even more.  This step-by-step program is the best on the market I’ve seen

Mike Whitfield, CTT


Understanding the core principles in doing a perfect push-up is integral to any workout routine, no matter your fitness or skill level.  Shawna’s program outlines exactly how it should be done.  She’s just the type of trainer you want outlining the basics, so you can build from there!

Erin Morrow; President & CEO

Wellness Innovations


I am a 37 year old personal Trainer & I have been in the fitness industry for years. The one exercise that has always been my Achilles heel, so to speak, has been the “pull up.”

I am able to do Chin ups, wide grip, narrow grip but have not been able to conquer the Pull Up. Until Now. A few words to describe Shawna K. would be, passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals… educator… coach… mentor…. motivator…  knowledgeable…. empathetic…. problem solver….  truly dedicated.

Shawna K. and her Pull up program introduced a new way of strengthening the proper muscles in my back to make it possible for me to achieve my goals. I thought I knew all there was to know about how to go about teaching myself or someone else how to target certain muscles in order for the proper muscles to engage,  but I was wrong.  I have now learned a different style & technique that is working for me, thanks to Shawna K. and her vast knowledge of fitness.


Thanks for the information! Your workouts are carefully laid out and great for all fitness levels. This program demystifies the pull-up and how to do them correctly. I’ll definitely recommend this my clients!

Mark Costes


Let’s be honest with each other, okay?

No other two exercises on the planet say as much about your fitness level, strength, endurance, and overall conditioning as pull-ups and push-ups do.

That’s just an irrefutable fact.

I mean no one ever asks you how many leg extensions or triceps presses you can do.

Push-ups and pull-ups are raw power and endurance. They are the most primal of exercises, the ultimate measure of one’s conditioning level.

And they don’t just work your back and chest muscles either – they do it all.

Just between pull-ups and push-ups alone you’ll work your grip, forearms, biceps, back, inner and outer abs, deep core muscles, shoulders, chest, and triceps, and posture…

…and best of all they make a man’s body look more alpha and primal and a woman’s body toned, athletic, and sexy.

I challenge you to find any other exercise that elicits “wow” when people see you knocking them out. And as a strength and conditioning specialist, I challenge you to find any exercise that can get you in better shape then these two exercises combined.

I’ve searched… you can’t find it. Pull-up and push-ups rule. Period.

Introducing: Challenge Workouts

Chalk Full Of Awesome-ness

The Pull-up and Push-up Challenge Workouts you’ll do inside Shawna K’s program follow a PROVEN workout plan with shortcuts. So you’ll get almost instant improvement in your pull-up and push-up count – and not only that – her programs are also going to help you look awesome too!

The Push-up and Pull-up Challenge Workouts are perfect if you’re interested in…
Getting back in shape and seeing almost instant strength improvements Impressing others by rattling off a round of pull-ups & push-ups Re-sculpting your body and developing the ideal athletic physique Losing fat and sculpting beautiful lean muscle from head to toe Dominating friends in workout contests Improving your PR in other lifts such as bench, deadlifts, presses and even squats. Gaining other’s respect and empowering yourself to a healthier lifestyle An intense and results driven workout program you can do anywhere.
Okay, So You Have Some Questions…

By now you’ve probably got a few questions you want answered. I don’t blame you. I’m guessing you’ve been promised everything under the sun before, so naturally you’re a bit skeptical.

Q: I’ve tried a bunch of programs in the past that overpromised and under-delivered, why should I spend even more money on your program?

A:I said it before and I’ll say it again – pull-ups and push-ups are two of the best exercises at delivering total body transformation results. From your arms, to your inner and outer abs, to your shoulders, back and chest, Shawna K’s Challenge Workouts aren’t just going to improve your pull-up and push-up metrics – they’re going to sculpt you a stronger, leaner, and sexier physique.

If you can simply commit to 3 hard workouts a week, then take it from the guy who was thoroughly embarrassed by Shawna K herself, I guarantee these Challenge Workouts will almost instantly change how you look and feel about yourself.

Q: I’m just a beginner and can barely do five push-ups without feeling totally exhausted, let alone even just one pull-up. Will this program be too hard for me?

A:Absolutely not. Shawna K has designed her workouts to challenge each and every fitness level. So if you’re struggling to do one or two pull-ups or simply wanting to crank them out, you won’t be frustrated by a program that’s too hard or too easy. Instead, these Challenge Workouts let you dive right in and start quickly seeing results.

Q: If your product works, how come I’ve never heard of you before? How can I trust that I’ll actually be able to do pull-ups and push-ups with ease?
A:The most likely reason you’ve never heard of Shawna Kaminski before is because rather than create elite fitness programs like this one, she has spent much of her time competing in – and winning – prestigious fitness competitions, while also working in her personal training business, Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp.

However, after years of people in and out of the fitness industry pleading with her to create a program based on her years of knowledge and experience, she’s finally done it.

Yet I realize that you may be naturally skeptical – heck I would be too! That’s why Shawna’s removed ALL of your risk. So when you order the Push-up and Pull-up Challenge Workout program, you get 8 full weeks to try it out… and if you’re not completely satisfied – for whatever reason – just email her support team and they’ll gladly refund you your money.

Q: Can women actually crank out a round of pull-ups and make it look easy?

A:If you missed my embarrassing pull-up story the first time around, the short version is that Shawna K whipped my butt real good. In fact, check out this video of her and you’ll see why…

“Shawna’s pull up up program is a beast…that’s the easiest way to put it. Before she asked me to help test the method she created I was able to do 15-16 pull-ups without rest. After doing her workout and testing myself again I was incredibly surprised, and excited, to see that I could do 20 or more full pull ups with perfect form. This turned out to be a regular occurrence and something that I could perform at the drop of a hat. That’s insane!

The best part is that I saw improvement in everything from my deadlifts to my 400m run times after doing the pull up program. Pull ups are more than just a marker of great fitness and strength…they are a MAKER of great fitness and strength.”

Mike Inscho


“Getting Your First Pull Up is the most comprehensive program with numerous and varied workouts that will take your physique and abilities to the next level no matter what condition you are in. I highly recommend this program whether you want to do 1 pull up or 30.  Take action now and get this program.”

Ian Hart, CSCS




Here’s What You Get With Your Challenge Workout Program:

(The Pull-Up Domination Program)

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program – $69.00 Value

This three in one, step-by-step ebook program gives to the A to Z in pull-up training and teaches you how to increase strength, endurance, and pulling power for unlimited pull-up prowess.

In Program One you’ll get the fundamentals of doing your first pull-up and how to quickly build your pull-up technique to knock as many as five pull-ups straight. Just imagine, going from zero pull-up to being able to jump up and knock out as many as five pull up only four weeks.

In Program Two(the advance training system) you’ll get the exact training regimen to explode your pull-up power and endurance and easily add a dozen pull-ups to your training program.

In Program Three(the HARD CORE training system) you’re going to get training programs and regimes that will blow your mind. If you’re already knocking out ten or more pull-ups straight this program is going to take your pulling power to the stratosphere.

More Power. More Endurance. More Strength. More Pull-ups, period!

The Hard Core Pull-Up training program include Shawna’s “Sinister Seven” training strategy where she combines a unique training and conditioning program to double, triple and even quadruple the number of pull-ups you do in just four short weeks.

This specialized training program is a unique combination of traditional pull-ups, jump pull-ups, chin-ups, assisted pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, eccentric pull-ups and timed endurance training all designed to give you maximum explosive strength, endless endurance, and unmatched pulling power so you can knock out dozens of pull-ups in a row!

And when you order your copy of the Ultimate Pull-Up Program Today, You’ll Also Get These Three FREE Bonus Gifts Valued at $187.00. FREE Bonus Gift One: The Push Up Challenge Program – $49.00 Value

FREE Bonus Gift One:  The Push Up Challenge Program – $49.00 Value

Following the same training program outlined above in the Ultimate Pull-Up Program, the Push Up Challenge Program is hands down the definitive guide to doing your first, tenth, or one hundred push ups in a row.

In fact this is the exact same training regimen that Shawna used to quickly train herself to knock out 100 push-ups straight. Now you can do the same in the comfort of your home, at the gym, or on the go.


FREE Bonus Gift Two: Members Only Video Library of Pull-Up Boosting Exercises – $99.00 Value

Packed with over 30 different exercise demonstration videos, this video library is your source to get new exercises to keep your training program new and fresh. Best of all, every exercise is demonstrated by Shawna K herself, so you know they’re textbook perfect in form and function.

And as a special bonus, as Shawna discovers new exercises to boost your pull-up prowess, she’ll be adding them to the members only site – making this library an ever growing database of exercise knowledge.



FREE Bonus Gift Three: The Little Black Book Of Pull-Up Boosting Exercises - $39.00 Value

Just to make sure you’re never without options or variety we’ve put together this “little black book” of pull-up boosting exercises for you so you can take it with you to the gym or on travel.

Just like the video library above, the little black book is jam packed with fresh variety of exercises and techniques (descriptions and pictures) to take your pull-up program to the next level.

Listen friend. Like I said earlier, there are no other exercises on the planet that command as much respect as the pull-up and push up.

And you and I both know that these two exercises alone can build your body, explode your strength, endurance and power and make you the envy of all your friends and everyone in the gym.

It’s time that you get the Challenge Workouts Program for yourself!


So What Does the Program Cost?

Good question…

If you were to hire Shawna to personally train you three to four times per week and help you do more pull-ups and push-up you’d easily pay $165 per workout session (which is what she charges for one-on-one training).

This means that a four week personal training program would set you back $1980 – and it would be well worth every penny considering the results that you’ll get with Shawna’s program.

But through this program you’re going to get ALL of Shawna’s pull-up and push up training regimens (beginners, intermediate and advanced) for a tiny little fraction of what you’d pay to work one-on-one with her.

Typically, the Challenge Workouts Program is valued at $69.00 and at that price it’s a heck of a deal considering all that you get with the program and the three free bonus gifts.

But for this limited time web exclusive offer you won’t even pay what it’s valued at: $69.00, in fact you won’t even pay a discounted value of: $49.00. Because when you order the Challenge Workouts Program today you’ll get the entire Ultimate Pull-Up Program PLUS All three FREE bonus gift for only $29.00!

I know you’ll agree that this is a really good deal.

You’re Fully Protected. Do More Pull-Ups and Push Ups Or Get Every Penny Back – Guaranteed!



Get It All For The One-Time Payment Of Just $29 USD!



Here’s to you cranking out pull-ups and push-ups in no time at all…

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Men’s Health Magazine Contributor

P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the Challenge Workouts. If after 8 weeks you aren’t thrilled with how much easier pull-ups and push-ups have become, whether you’re beginner or advanced, let us know and we’ll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed so order now!


P.S.S. I’m a ripped guy and a world-renowned certified strength and conditioning specialist, but a WOMAN – in her 40’s – KICKED my butt in a push-up and pull-up challenge. Shawna K’s Challenge Workouts are proven to work, and I guarantee they will work for you too!

$29 USD – One Payment – Instant Access!



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