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Check Your Car Battery in 4 Easy Steps




Have you ever tried to start your car and all you heard was the dreaded "click, click"? This is one indicator of a battery or alternator problem. But how can you figure out which one is causing the problem? This guide will show you how, step-by-step!
Most people don't seem to know that ANYONE can test their car battery. All it takes is a few dollars and a little bit of your time.



Usually when a do-it-yourself mechanic has a problem with their car, then try their best to determine the problem, then replace a part. Many times however, they replace the wrong one. This is a very common occurrence when working with car batteries, alternators and starters. All of these components can cause problems that look just like the other two. If you replace all three you will have just spent hundreds of dollars to repair one simple electrical problem. This in unnecessary. For a price of $4.99 you can have this Ebook that will explain everything you need to know about your cars electrical system. With this book you can diagnose your battery problems and alternator problems quickly and easily. I will show you foolproof methods to accurately diagnose each of these systems so you only spend money on the part that you actually need.
I've spent about 15 years in the automotive industry, I've created and written my own auto repair website and I've optimized these diagnostic aids so anyone can perform them.



Don't worry about how much experience you have. With this guide anyone can check their battery and alternator themselves and save the hundreds of dollars it would cost to take it to a repair shop. Each chapter includes step-by-step testing instructions including pictures. If you don't know what something is that I'm describing in the chapter just have a look at the included picture and you will be able to clearly see what I'm trying to explain. This Ebook battery, alternator and electrical system guide contains 14 pages of pictures and information, written in an extremely easy to read format. Here are the chapter titles:
Checking Battery Cable Connections

Reading Battery Voltage

Perform an "Easy" Load Test

Check Alternator Operation

How to Change a Battery

Battery Information and Tips

Useful Links and Contact Information




As you can see everything you need to know about diagnosing common problems with your battery and alternator is included. Each chapter is written concisely and to the point. Nothing is there that doesn't need to be there. This battery testing guide is written to help you figure out what is causing the problem quickly and easily.  






Questions? [Contact me](http://www.myautorepairadvice.com/contact_me.html)

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