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Take Control Of Your Diabetic Situation And Your Life

Take Control Of Your Diabetic Situation And Your Life

Are you tired of leading your life in accordance with the will and
whims of diabetes? Don't you wish to take control of it, instead of
the situation being the other way round? Well if you answered both the
questions with an enthusiastic 'YES', then this letter is definitely a
must read for you.

In order to defeat your 'enemy', you must first get to know it
better. According to Sun-Tzu, a Chinese general and military
strategist, " Know your enemy and know yourself and you will always be

This letter is aimed at equipping you with all that there is to know
about diabetes so that you may take the reins of your life back from
this disease. Furthermore, it will also elaborate on additional
strategies you should undertake to get rid of this 'diabetes business'
once and for all.

So put your reading glasses on, create that ideal 'do not disturb'
ambience, and read on. Find out what the world's leading doctors,
researchers, and fellow victims, who have reversed their diabetic
situation, have to say about this bane. Is there really no hope for it
or were you missing out on something crucial so far?

From: Haibing Sha
New York, USA
Monday, June 6, 2011

Author and health advocate,
Haibing Sha

ONLY $47

Dear reader,

I hope that apart from your health situation which has driven you to
read this letter, everything else is good at your end. I'll begin this
letter with a set of relevant questions about diabetes, so that you
may identify your exact current situation.

Do you know which type of diabetes you have?
Is your diabetes situation stagnant or is it getting worse?
Have you ever wondered why it isn't getting any better even with all
the medications that you are taking?
Are you tired of worrying about the serious complications associated
with this disease?
Is diabetes marring everything that comes along in your life?


* being a prisoner to this disease,
* daily insulin injections and finger pricks,
* the harmful side-effects of your diabetes medication,
* the fear of amputation, and death by heart disease or stroke?

Has it been a while since you had a 'normal' meal with your entire
Are you worried about you're the affects of this disease on your
family life?

If you're plagued by these thoughts since the instant you wake up in
the morning till the time you put your night cap on to fall asleep,
then this letter is nothing less than a miracle for you.

The purpose of this letter is to reveal a breakthrough scientific
discovery about diabetes that will solve all your problems. If you
truly understand and implement it, you'll be able to give your life a
fresh start.

Now you're probably wondering that if such a miracle exists, then why
haven't you heard about it already?
If you're this unhappy with your situation, I'm sure that you're
probably already hooked onto all the latest news sources about
diabetes. You're probably telling yourself right now that if such a
placebo for diabetes did exist, you would've probably heard about it
by now.
Well the reason you haven't heard about it already is that
pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals don't want you to
know about this discovery. Surprised by this accusation, you probably
want to know 'why', because you always thought that they were on your
side! Here's a list of reasons to answer your question:
It's terrible news for pharmaceutical industries that a 'natural'
solution to Diabetes has been discovered. Now if nature started
solving all medical problems, where would the pharmaceutical companies

If this discovery became common knowledge then pharmaceutical
companies wouldn't be able to sell their life-long maintenance drugs

Medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies would end up
losing millions of dollars in profits and current investments.

After revealing this information, I'll ask you a question that I
posed at the beginning of this letter again:
Have you ever wondered why your diabetes situation isn't getting any
better even with all the medications that you are taking?
Now you know the answer to that question.
Makes perfect sense right?

However, there's a piece of information that is still nagging you:
Wasn't diabetes proclaimed incurable?
You're right; but only partially. Diabetes cannot be cured by drugs,
insulin injections and medications. Nevertheless it can be cured if
its source is identified and treated.
Conventional medicines for the 'treatment of diabetes' don't really
deal with the root cause of the disease. Rather they focus on
alleviating the symptoms of diabetes instead of addressing the real
situation. This is situation is similar to making up the bed while a 5
year old is jumping on it; no matter how many times you make the bed,
until or unless you stop the child from jumping you won't be able to
achieve your target.
Moreover, doctors act like they have no control over Diabetes at all.
They make you believe that there's no turning back from your present
situation, so you should just take the prescribed 'pills' and make
peace with the disease. Now taking advice from someone who has already
given\ up on you isn't a very good idea. Here's where you should jump
in, put on your detective hat, and solve the 'diabetes case'.
Have you ever noticed the fact that there are many diseases prevalent
in the western world, that are literally unheard of in the
'developing' world. This awareness has been a source of concern for
leading medical researchers and microbiologists for quite some time
After years of examination, experimentation and research, all their
hard work has finally paid off. This discrepancy is disease statistics
is because of the difference in lifestyles between the two worlds. Our
unhealthy, 'modern' lifestyle is the root cause of all our problems!
Your body is designed to be a fighter, provided that it has what it
needs to fight off attacks by different diseases.
Hence, your diet plays an important role in controlling your diabetes
situation. I'll elaborate on this statement further with a metaphoric
Think of yourself as a machine that is designed to function on
natural, organic fuel. For many centuries, this machine was used to a
certain type of fuel which included water, fruits, vegetables, healthy
meat, and other natural food. This fuel was in accordance with this
machine's structural requirements.
After centuries of healthy functioning, you decide to change your
fuel type to excessive sugar, fats and oils, preservatives and
pharmaceutical drugs. So you basically decided to run a natural gas
powered machine with petrol!
What do you think is going to happen to this machine? Of course it's
going to break down and stop functioning properly!
Therefore, all the 'modern diseases' are the result of your body's
inability to adapt itself to the new diet you're force feeding it. For
some people this 'machine dysfunction' causes tumors; for others it's
high cholesterol level. In your case, this unhealthy diet has affected
your pancreas, which is responsible for producing insulin and
regulating your blood sugar level. Hence you have diabetes.
If you think about it, diabetes is a result of a low insulin level
because it isn't 'produced' in the right quantity. The body knows how
to consume insulin. It just isn't producing it in the right quantity.
Hence the problem is related to the organ, rather that the hormone
itself. It's more of a pancreas issue instead of an insulin issue,
against popular belief.
Following this theory, it would be safe to say that Diabetes itself
is more of a 'symptom' of improperly functioning pancreas rather than
being a disease itself. It doesn't just happen out of the blue. It's a
result of a direct breakdown in your body!
Therefore, pumping insulin in your body isn't going to solve the
problem. Until or unless you pay attention to the source of this
problem, you aren't going to go anywhere, even with all your
medicines, doctor visits, and worrying.

Now that we've realized what the root cause of diabetes is, next up
we'll dive in to the nitty gritty details in order to get to know our
bodies better. Let's start with the pancreas. Pancreas is a very
important organ in our body near the stomach. As already told, its
main job is to produce the hormone, insulin. Now the important
question is that how do the pancreas determine if the body needs
insulin or not?
There are certain components in our food that stimulate the pancreas
to produce insulin. Carbohydrates are the most effective of all
components in doing so. There are two types of carbohydrates: Fast
absorption and slow absorption carbohydrates. Fast absorption
carbohydrates stimulate the pancreas to produce large amounts of
insulin in a limited time interval. Hence, excessive amounts of this
carbohydrate in our diet may over work our pancreas.
More significantly, excessive quantities of acid adversely affect
your pancreas as well. They surround your pancreas and create an
unsuitable environment for the production of insulin. Acids are a part
of many foods we consume, such as fast absorption carbohydrates,
sugars, excess fats, high acid forming foods, and uric acid.
Therefore this worldwide pandemic hasn't just occurred out of
nowhere. Excessive quantities of acids, carbohydrates, sugars and fats
in our regular diet are responsible for this escalating diabetes
Now I'll reveal how exactly pancreas gets exposed to whatever you
eat. The pancreas comes directly after the stomach in our body's
digestion chain. This means that whatever you eat goes into this
delicate organ. Additionally, it has to do a lot of work in digesting
all those excessive quantities of food components your body doesn't
really need.
At this point, you already develop a 'diabetes leaning' in your body.
Prolonged exposure to such detrimental conditions eventually results
in type 2 and type 1 diabetes!

This 'treat the body right to prevent diabetes' theory is supported
by many leading researcher, scientists and doctors. Dr. Robert O Young
is an American microbiologist and nutrition scientist. He is actively
involved in the entire 'diabetes problem' and his findings are leading
the entire scientific community in a new direction. He has conducted
many tests in collaboration with the John Hopkins Medical School and
his priceless findings have been published in many medical journals.
According to him:
"Beta cells enclosed by acids cannot produce enough insulin. Acids
are very harmful as they destroy insulin receptor sites on the
cellular membrane due to which the body cells cannot use insulin
properly. If these acidic conditions aren't neutralized in due time,
many diseases, such as diabetes, can take place. Without acids, there
will be no diabetes"

I'll now elaborate on his words so that you may truly understand the
situation. Within your pancreas, there are certain cells that produce
insulin. These cells are called Beta cells. Normally, these cells
continuously produce insulin and raise their output after you eat, in
response to a rise in the blood sugar level.

Now when you eat all these harmful foods which make your blood
acidic, these Beta Cells are unable to do their job. Because of the
heavy demand on your Beta Cells from the excessive acid in your
system, your pancreas cannot perform properly. This in turn results in
Yet all hope is still not lost. There is a lot you can do to restore
your 'pre-acid' situation. Primarily this can be done by curtailing
your acid intake. Without any additional acid, your pancreas gets a
rest from constantly trying to absorb and neutralize it. Once you're
done with the cleansing process‚ the organ starts to recover and
gradually rebuilds the beta cells so that they may start producing
insulin again!
Got everything explained so far? If your answer is a vehement yes,
then you've probably started seeing diabetes from a different
perspective altogether. Instead of thinking about medicines and
fighting the symptoms, you're probably thinking about healthy ways to
treat this disease! Congratulations, you've realized the ultimate
truth about Diabetes and many other diseases: it's more important to
control what goes inside your body rather than fighting symptoms!

Hypoglemics (prescription drugs) merely mask symptoms instead of
curing the disease. Furthermore, they weaken your immune system due to
which end up exacerbating the problem instead of solving it.

Now everything is falling in to place, isn't it? If prescriptive
drugs were the ultimate solution for diabetes, then why is this
disease still the 5th leading cause of death in the USA? The statement
above is the answer to this question.

So now you ask yourself that if this isn't the solution to diabetes,
then what's the alternative, better plan?

The alternative plan is to cleanse your body and get it back to its
natural, healthy state. Get rid of all the acids that are plaguing
your body and give it a fresh new start!
The human body is a wonderful machine that takes care of itself. For
every anomaly or disease, its immune system is activated and starts
fighting the malady. Your body can heal every damaged cell, wound, or
even a diseased organ, provided that you are giving it the right type
of fuel. If you keep on polluting it, a point will reach when it will
simply give up.
Now you don't want to do THAT to yourself, do you?
Once your pancreas can focus on doing its designated job, instead of
neutralizing those useless acids, your body will get its usual dose of
Hence the cure to diabetes does not lie in taking 'miracle drugs';
rather it lies in bringing your body's immune system back to form.

ONLY $47

By this point I hope you're motivated enough to bring a much needed
change in your lifestyle. But you probably still have a lot of
questions in your mind.
Why are we becoming so prone to diseases such as diabetes?
What should I do to normalize my blood sugar level naturally?
What should I eat to get rid of all that acid that has accumulated in
my body?
How do I bring my immune system back in to shape?
I'm so used to junk food. How do I reduce my craving for it?

All your questions regarding the road ahead can be answered by one
effective tool: 'Diabetes Bible'. This e-book entails everything you
want to know and much much more! Apart from the above queries, it will
highlight many other obscure areas as well such as applying scientific
breakthrough discoveries through practical steps and simplifying the
task of making a healthy lifestyle adjustment.

This book will make all the difference in your life. I constantly
hear from people who have been struggling with Diabetes for years, but
are now in total control of their lives. Their doctors were shocked at
their recovery trend. Making a difference of such magnitude all over
the world is a source of pride and joy for me.

The key point you should realize is that your body isn't disposable:
you can't just buy a new one if the old one wears out. Keeping that in
mind, taking care of your health isn't an option, it's a necessity.

Not doing so is only going to push you down the misery slope. If
you're not healthy, you'll eventually lose everything; even your life.

Stand up for yourself. You deserve to be healthy and happy, so take
back your life from diabetes!

This e-book is going to help you achieve precisely that. Go through
the testimonials again. See how it has changed so many lives in
different parts of the world.

You need to realize that your body and life are in your hands. All
the medicines in the world cannot make you better unless you decide to
take the matter in your own hands. In fact, you'll be astonished to
find out how the drug and food industries are more concerned about
their profits instead of human life.

'Diabetes bible' is effective tools that will help you tackle
diabetes at a cellular level instead of at the 'symptom treating

The information I've shared in this book is aimed at snatching your
life away from the hands of diabetes and giving it back to you. And
what's great about it is that it's all going to be natural. I'm not
offering you any drugs or any instant solutions. I am only going to
show you a path you can adopt to get your health back. I want you to
be your own hero and through this book I only want to guide you
towards achieving this goal.

Food for your thought - Treating diabetes is approximately a $ 132
million business! Medical professionals, drug companies and the food
industry are making money out of this disease. Can we really trust
them to have our best interest in their hearts? It's time to let go of
this naive belief and focus on the real picture.

Once you understand the gravity of the situation, you'll realize why
no one knows anything about diabetes. All those who are knowledgeable
about the subject, want to suppress it to make money out of it. It's
no wonder that drug companies are hesitant to reveal the detrimental
side effects of their drugs and promote natural remedies for diabetes.
Obviously divulging this information is going to crash their profits!
However, this doesn't mean that you should take out a rally against
your doctor. Chances are that he himself doesn't know about this
situation. Pharmaceutical companies deliberately mislead doctors about
the effectiveness of the drugs they're selling!

"Pharmaceutical companies are waging aggressive campaigns to change
prescribers' habits... but for patients and providers it can mean
misleading promotions, conflicts of interest, increased costs for
health care, and ultimately, inappropriate prescribing."
- Dr. David Kessler, former Commissioner of the FDA

"Do we want to entrust critical elements of the public health to an
industry whose purpose, whose mission is to earn return for
- Dr. Sharon Levine, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

"More than half of the experts hired to advise the FDA on the safety
and effectiveness of medicine have financial ties to the
pharmaceutical companies that will be helped or hurt by their
- USA Today
"Any treatment that you can obtain and self-administer threatens to
remove your doctor from the treatment program. Although your doctor
may not object to this, the American Medical Association (AMA) is
strongly opposed to such a trend. For this reason the American Medical
Association has pushed for legislation to prevent the public from ever
being exposed to alternatives."
- Medical Truth
"Drug companies are intent on keeping the consumer on drugs... for
the simple requirement of profit."
- Dr. Drummond Rennie, Journal of the American Medical Association

Isn't it obvious that the pharmaceutical companies are concerned
about their wealth instead of public health?
This e-book is exactly the sort of thing that the 'Big Pharma'
detests. Equipped with this book, you can so no to being their 'guinea
pig' and source of profit.
Order this book now to get a hold of what the real situation is.
Identify the root of this problem and eliminate it completely from
your life.
This book will give you the information you're looking for. It will
give you the power to heal yourself without relying on those harmful
drugs and their manufacturers. No more doctors, dos and don'ts.
Moreover, this information is supported by research and top of the
line doctors all around the globe.
You don't need anything external to control your blood sugar level.
It's an automatic process. You just have to provide your body with the
optimum environment for recovery. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and put an
end to those unhealthy habits. It is all a matter of striking a
balance between biochemical causes and effects.
So read the Diabetes bible, dig in to the details of this disease and
pull away from it using the amazing force of nature!
'Diabetes Bible' contains everything you need to know about diabetes
ranging from its nature to effective ways of tackling it. Contrary to
what the name might suggest, this diabetes panacea isn't hard to get
your hands on. Neither is it available in a format that requires a
special 'deciphering' software. Rather it is an electronic book that
is available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, which is viewable on all
types of computers.
The entire process is actually very simple. Before you know it you'll
be gulping down information from this book and feasting your eyes on
explanatory images. These images will make the entire understanding
process easier for a layman. Once you're through the entire book, your
belief system will take a 180 degree turn for the better. You'll see
for yourself how the drugs industry, which claims to be 'saving
lives', is in fact practicing against its own motto.
"As a doctor who has treated diabetes for nearly thirty years, I can
tell you with certainty that the standard medical protocols and
management of this illness are not only inappropriate, they're

This easy to understand and follow book is based upon tested and
proven principles and research.

Now I'll elaborate a bit on the contents of this book. This book is
aimed at divulging the following information:

The nature, history and types of diabetes
causes and myths of diabetes
symptoms and problems faced by diabetics
diagnosing diabetes
medical treatment and prevention
common mistakes to avoid and treating diabetes at home
care, exercise and diet
the ideal diabetes lifestyle

This is all you need to regain your health. Trust me; you'll feel the
difference within days. Who knows, maybe in a few months you'll get
rid of the disease altogether!
"There is abundant evidence that people with even long-standing
diabetes can improve their health dramatically—and practically
reverse their condition".

So are you ready bid adios to your sick lifestyle?
I want to do everything in my power to make sure that most of you can
apply my findings in your daily lives and gain advantage from them.
You've already invested so much in all those drugs and insulin
injections only to find out that you were in fact being baited.
For now, just think, "May be this will work". That is all I'm asking
for; a small leap of faith. I'm absolutely confident that this book is
going to work wonders for you. Go through the testimonials once again
and be a real life witness to the miraculous healing process that is
described by people all over the world.
Please don't let things deteriorate for the worse. How bad do your
Diabetes complications have to get, before you finally start grasping
at the last straws to cure this disease? Raise your awareness
regarding the long term effects of diabetes on your heart, kidneys,
pancreas, eyes and nervous system. After doing this, ask yourself if
there's any harm in purchasing a book that intends on revealing a
natural path to health.
As mentioned above, this brilliant book is available in an easily
downloadable and readable format. You can start benefiting from it
immediately after getting hold of it. You don't have to wait to see if
the program works for you or not. Once you read the book, you'll
realize that there can be no other way. There are no chances of
'Diabetes Bible' is your ticket to bidding farewell to diabetes once
and for all. Ask yourself the following question:
Is it better to continue worrying about the havoc that diabetes may
cause or trust a book that is offering you your life back in the light
of scientific discoveries and medical research?
Choosing to rely on those age old medicines is never going to work
out for you. Diabetic drugs, as already told many times, are only
aimed at alleviating symptoms. They are also accompanied by harmful
side effects. In order to get rid of those side effects, your doctor
will prescribe more drugs, which will give birth to a vicious cycle.
In a few years, you'll be a pharmaceutical 'drug addict', who won't be
in control of anything. It'll be like life support, except that
medications will replace ventilators and pacemakers. By the end, your
life will be a complicated mess ruled by heart disease, danger of
stroke, obesity, kidney dysfunction, debilitating nerve damage,
blindness, impotence, amputations and many other grim diabetes
By disregarding this alternative path to a healthier you, do you want
to take the risk of putting yourself through all that?
With this question, I leave you to decide your course of action.
Remember, you still have the power to take important decisions
regarding your life. Use that grey matter and decide what is best for
On that note, I'll take leave. Wishing you a happy, diabetes free
life ahead. Thank you for your time and patience.

Yours Sincerely,

Haibing Sha

Author of Diabetes Bible.

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