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Do you want to make money online for real this time ?

You Have Got To Watch This Video!



From the laptop of Suthan M,
Infoproduct Marketer, Book Writer,
Public Speaker and Internet Marketing Coach.
Kajang, Malaysia. Tel: +6019-383 9759

Re: Are You Ready For Your First $20,000 In 20 Days Challenge?



Here's The Real Facts:

PROVEN: I have 8+ years experience in building and selling profitably on the internet, and this is the first time I am giving this million dollar secrets away!

Minimum Skills Necessary: The same system I am revealing has been battle-tested by people from all walks of life: young, old and even blind people (REAL PROOF in this page!). If you know what is Microsoft Word, surf to Facebook and able to follow simple steps that I teach, you CAN do this challenge !

Step By Step: Covering only what is important and what is needed, the program is designed for you to quickly hit the ground running to start a succesful online business from scratch!

WARNING: This program is NOT A quick rich scheme, NOT a magic button formula and
NOT one of those that promises you instant riches.

The $20k In 20 Days Challenge is a real internet business mentor program that you can do for 3-4 hours daily for 20 days to start building your infoproduct marketing empire using a proven blueprint !!



Dear friend,

I have ONE question for you that I need you to answer truthfully right now. What will you do if you have $20,000 in your bank account right now? Will you :

Pay off all outstanding debts and loans that you have with friends, family or the bank and get yourself some peace of mind from all the monthly bill letters?

Pay off your house term loans to avoid the impending foreclosure?

Pay off the staggering college study loan that has been accumulating in interest?

Take a holiday alone or with your family in tow and enjoy the good times?

Quit your day job and spend more time with your loved ones while working on your online internet empire from the comfort of your home?

I am sure you will be glad to settle one of the above or maybe even clear all of the checklists right?

Well, I can help you with that. Let me show you how I can help you get you up and running to be financially free of any debt and burden by doing profitable infoproduct business online!

Can I Realistically Make $20,000 In 20 Days
Just Working From Home ?

Well, the answer is a resounding YES! ... And I will prove it to you in a moment.

ANYONE can make money easily with bare minimum “skills” of knowing how to operate a computer and surfing the internet. I can assure you that you don’t need no “techie” programming skills nor talent to be able to make money online. That is the real FACT!

As long as you have basic computer skills ( know how to surf and use facebook?) you are READY to start taking this challenge with us! (You can even do this part time for 3-4 hours daily for the 20 days you take the challenge with us.

You are also free to lengthen or shorten the timeframe if you want depending on your skill level as long as you complete the daily action plan that is custom made for you.

I am sure this sounds exciting so READ carefully what the 20 Days Challenge is all about and see for yourself how this program can potentially change your life for the better in just 20 days!


Let Me Tell You The Story Of My Life..

Just about 8 years ago, I was a starry eyed 18 years old high school certificate holder who was working in a grueling 7am-3pm job at a gas station in the classy work as a forecourt attendant.

Now, the "name of the job position" is just a nice way of putting that my daily work is to clean windscreen and apply tyre shines on cars that comes in to the station day in day out! Everyday, I will be awake at the crack of dawn, take a cold shower (I had no water heater then in the rented house), and cycle (yes, cycle!) up and down hills and slopes while being chased by stray dogs to get to my workplace that were 4 miles away.

Then, I need to prepare myself to face the wrath of the witch-boss that I used to work for. Honest to god, working with her felt like I was working with the satan himself (or in my case: "herself"). And to rub it in, the worst thing about the job is the fact that I work for 30 FULL days to earn a nett salary of RM500.00 (About USD150 per month!) .

I am dead serious when I say that only God knows how I got through with my life back then. I will normally be broke 2 weeks before my salary comes out and I will then try to survive on eating instant noodles and the rejected food from the food aisle in the store (when nobody is looking at the pantry area).

This IS REAL as it gets, and if you have been in this situation before,
you know how MISERABLE and CRUEL life can be!

At that crucial point in my life, I took a vow to correct all the wrongs that were happening in my life. Then, I discovered a way to make money by selling informational products online.. I gritted my teeth, and after work I started sitting in fron of my banged up computer and started taking action...

Today Everything Has Changed !

Let me fast forward and bring this story to its present moment. Today, I am one of those individuals who are now blessed to be able to work from home (or anywhere else for the matter) full time since the age of 21!

I earn thousands of dollars online; enough for me to live a comfortable and meaningful life only by selling informational based products on numerous websites online to a global audience.

TODAY- I don’t have a crazy boss anymore, I don’t have a work shift nor do I have to slave for anyone else for a few spare change of their cash.

More importantly, TODAY- I have the freedom to live my life as how I want to live it, while at the same time contribute meaningfully to my family, my loved ones, and also my community.

Just look at what the ex-gas station boy has accomplished:

Being able to travel to exotic places that i could never have done before

Bought my own BMW at age 21 !

Released marketing books which chronicles my experience in online marketing!

Being featured in numerous national newspaper publications for "Young Internet Millionaires"

Being featured in talkshows on national radio station to share my experience in making money online!

Created a syllabus for Malaysian Association Of The Blind to teach blind people internet marketing to equip them with skills to make money on their own. This is a first in the world !

Blaze new advancement in content development by going into mobile market!

And having the opportunity to be on stage and teach people from all walks of life the real strategies of internet marketing every single month!

It is not my intention to brag or show off to you (far from it)- but I just want to prove that that internet marketing is a REAL business when it is done right, and can truly help change your life for the better!

Let me get back to my question:

Do You Want To Make $20,000 In 20 Days From Now?

Are you sure?
Because, if you are serious, then that's GREAT - becouse I really can help point you out in the right direction that you need to take to change your life from today !

I can show you how you can work in front of your computer (from the comfort of your home) for 2-3 hours on average everyday for 20 days and generate more cold hard cash than your friends who are slogging away at their 9 to 5 job (that is if they still have one in this economy!)


Let Me Introduce You To
The $20K In 20 Days Challenge Program !


The ultimate mentor program from infoproduct domination expert, Suthan M will reveal to you the EXACT method to make upwards to $20,000 In 20 Days from now !
-- Or guaranteed every single penny of your money back ! --

I am sure you are wondering how my program will help you realize your first $20,000 In 20 Days challenge, right? Well, this is SOME of what you will be learning in this esteemed challenge program:

The CORRECT and most effective strategy in creating sizzling products that is IN DEMAND in the market before you even go about in creating them. Creating a product is just a small part in the strategy, but creating a bestseller is the ONLY way to go in making your infoproduct empire succeed. Find out what why some product simply remain "un-sellable" and why my products are in demand for years !

Right after that, learn the exact step to the T that I use to dominate and create a buzz in the industry using proven product launch strategy. Find out the "tried and tested" approach and follow the daily "day to day" hotsheet to replicate my product launch strategy for your product!

Learn the simple strategy to create products in few simple hours without even picking up the pen or typing a single word on your computer. Here's a HINT: You don't even have to create a product to have a product under your name !

Get EVERYTHING that you need to start the $20,000 in 20 days challenge without ever needing to buy any third party program. Unlike other programs, there is no hidden fees, or any other extra charge to work the entire challenge program from start to finish! (NOTE: Your domain name, and hosting is the only thing not included in this program)

How to create an expert and authoritative branding in your market the right way. If you have problem building and carving a market segment in your industry, learn the tricks to create instant reputation!

The challenge is created to be done by any individual part time over a 20 days period at any point of the year. At the same time, we also made it flexible for you to shorten or lengthen the time period to suit your schedule. This is perfect even if you are working on a 9 to 5 job at the moment while building your internet empire!

Best of all, you will realize that the whole system helps you to build a long term sustainable passive income. You will be making money even after the 20 days period without having to do a single extra work. Let your infoproduct busines run, maintain it from time to time, and let it dump cold hard cash into your bank account automatically as you go on building your NEXT income stream with the program.

And most importantly, once you finish with the $20,000 in 20 days challenge, you will have the cash in your bank (or Paypal) to spend on anything that you want; as how you wish. All the cash you made during the challenge belongs to you. It is your money. Use it to pay off your debts, your house loan, go for a holiday or even use it as an investment to buy gold and silver bullion. The choice is yours!

And the coolest thing about the whole challenge is that you can TAKE the whole program again and re-start it in a different to "copy and paste" your way to success. Make 2x, 3x, even 10x the return by simply following the proven infoproduct marketing strategy to create your business empire on the internet!

Superb Program By A Respected IMer !

$20,000 In 20 Days is a coaching program that teaches how to build a succesful business on the evergreen infoproduct marketing niche.

If you ask me why I say this method is SUPERB- well, it is mainly due to the fact that this method is proven and guaranteed to work- and anyone can follow the easy to follow blueprint to make money online using the system laid out in the blueprint.

You don't need to be an expert in programming!
You don't need to be an expert in website design!
You don't need to be an expert copywriter!

All you have to do is read the main blueprint, watch the step by step videos, keep about $200 capital (buying domain name, hosting etc) and follow the daily task laid out for you for the next 20 days and finish it until the end.

20K20Days.com is a valuable investment for those who want to learn a proven method to make money online -based on the experience and tips from a veteran pro like Suthan. That said, if you don't plan to "take action" or are looking for "magic button" programs, I suggest that you look elsewhere.

Get this today and follow the blueprint and I am sure that you can make $20,000 in 20 days from now!

Tengku Faris

This Is It:
Selling Content Is The Goldrush Of This Year !

Lets's admit it:

You might have failed in doing a lot of those "magic button to online wealth" products before this. As you know by now, those products are nothing more than a big bunch of scam tactics that don't realistically work in the real online world.

Most are also just a general information without specific steps that you can follow to replicate their success. Without the steps, the product is just made to line the pockets of the product creators without any benefit for you.

The $20,000 In 20 Days challenge is made to correct what has been wrong in the industry for so long. That's my promise.

As you know by now, this challenge comes with it own "20 Days Daily Main Bluepirnt" that will teach you the exact steps that you need to take on a everyday basis to finish the task of the day.

In any case you are stuck, you can readily see the relevant coaching videos that has been made for each task that you will be taking for the next 20 days. Just click "PLAY" and see how I personally go about in doing the challenge myself !

NOTE: I can't really tell you EXACTLY how much you will make out of taking this challenge, as income projected is truly dependent on each individual's effort to finishing this challenge (If you just read and don't take action, how are you going to make a single red cent right? ) but as long as you follow the steps that I have made for you, expect an easy 4-5 income figure through your first challenge itself ! 

Wow, just wow! I have just looked at the $20,000 In 20 Days challenge and I could not believe how extensive the program is. Very glad with the investment I made so far.

Obviously, the content get A+ as it is well laid with step by step video tutorials, and awesome support from Suthan and his crew. I am right now at Day 6 of this challenge, I have made around $323.35 after Paypal fees to date (This might be a small sum for many, but this is my first online achievement!), and am looking forward to finishing this challenge .

Sharmila Gauker

What If I Have No Experience On Selling Online Nor Any Talent In Creating An Informational Product?

If you want to build a infoproduct empire on the internet, you need to have a line of infoproducts that you can sell online. There is no two-ways about it.

You don't necessarily need to write or create one to sell an information product online!

Well, there is thousands of "ready made" product that is DONE, that you simply need to take and re-package with your unique content and branding to make it yours. As long as you know how how to sell them, you are good to go !

Let Me Teach You How To Be A Succesful Info-preneur,
Without Having To Write A Single Line Yourself !

Now, you are not reading things wrong. You don't have to write a single line of content, nor a single line of programming skills to do this challenge. (In fact, I am still a technology dunce myself even though I have been an internet entrepreneur for the last 8 years!)

As i told you before this; i have thought out the whole process for you. For this challenge, I have even created a few "ready made products" that you can take, rebrand and get into any markets quickly to get your $20,000 In 20 Days challenge more easier.

Your work is to get into this challenge; learn the methods, follow the EXACT steps that I use personally, re-brand your products and sell for profits online! It is that easy !

This is definately the easiest business model that is proven to work like gangbusters!

Detailed And Step By Step !

$20,000 In 20 Days is a coaching program that teaches how to build a succesful business online. This is a very comprehensive package. Even the PDF blueprint by itself is 96 pages. The blueprint gives a day by day overview of what needed to be implemented, together with daily checklists of tasks to be carried out.

The real meat of the package is the extensive series of videos that details and expands on the pdf blueprint. I have not had a chance to go through all the videos yet, but they are extensive.

Will the system work? I have no doubt that the system will work if we take action. But what really makes this package stand out from a lot of other offers out there is the detailed step by step instructions given.

For the price, this package is a steal and I'd recommend this package to anyone truly interested in having their own product and marketing it successfully.

Can the steps be done in 20 days? Of course they can, but as Suthan has pointed out, you can stretch out the time scale if you want to. The key is to keep doing it and not abandon the project once you get started on it. All in all, I like the package. It's real value for money.


This Is The Only Blueprint Of Its Kind Using
Proven And Guaranteed Internet Marketing Strategy!

-Time for the nitty gritty details of this program to make sure you are serious!-

Watch the Video Tour of 20K20Days.com member's area!

The objective of this challenge is to show YOU that is is possible to make money online using a simple but effective marketing method online, and I have worked all this years to test every aspect of this program to make sure I fulfill my promises to you.

As you can see from the video above, the challenge is complete with actionable task that you can follow using our day to day main blueprint, and also comes ready and complete with detailed step by step coaching videos. You only have to follow the blueprint that have been laid out for you to realistically create your first infoproduct business online!
You can do this program part time, and even shorten or lengthen the time if you want to do it "easy".

There is no hidden cost to completing this program. All materials, softwares, plugins and anything else that you need is provided as part of the program itself.

On average daily task will take about 30 minutes to 2 hours to finish depending on you.
Please understand that small business investments such as buying your domain, getting your hosting and other profesional website rebranding cost is NOT included in this challenge. If you plan to "outsource" your daily task such as buying third party softwares-that is not part of this program as well. That said,this whole program can be done easily with a reasonable budget of $150 or less.

NOTE: I hope you understand that the cost of $150 is negligent if compared to the return you can make by completing this challenge. I am stating clearly that this is not one of those "magic button offers" nor one of those "free lunch" methods to online riches.

There is small cost involved to start a business (doesn't this tips even apply in the real world?) so if you are looking for those "free money" system, please skip this challenge.


Are you still with us? Awesome!
Let me recap, what else do you get in your $20,000 in 20 Days Challenge program today:

Complete tutorial for 20 days period on the same strategy I use to make 5 figure online income every month on the internet. (Cool thing is that you can even this to dominate local markets such as spanish, asia etc)

Find out why every single internet marketer NEED to have a infoproduct online, and why selling "content" has exploded in the recent years!

Learn how to create in demand quality product from start to finish using simple applications that is already installed on the computer that you are using right now.

How to create a full scale product launch that dominates your whole industry *using my buzz-worth 8 years internet marketing experience !

The exact "psychology nets" for your website sales copywriting skills to convert your prospects into sizzling customers.

BONUS: The strategy I use to get my products to stand out in front of hundreds of JV Partners to help promote my product launch

BONUS: The checklist that you need to complete to make it easier for your affiliates to help promote your product easily and effectively.

BONUS: How to protect and secure your content in the most easiest and efficient manner.

BONUS: Copy and paste my sizzling "email templates" that I use from contacting my partners to selling to my prospects. Get each and every single copy that I have wrote!

BONUS: What do you do once you have completed the 20 days of this challenge? Well, replicate it again, that's what! Learn the simple strategy that you can use for additional "4 Days" to make more money out of the challenge!

Your search for a proven and guaranteed mentor program has finally come to an end. The $20,000 in 20 Days Challenge is all that you need today to start making money online.

Let me help you to succeed in building a profitable infoproduct marketing business using a
realistic, proven and ethical internet marketing strategy!

20K20Days.com Is Dead Easy To Follow !

I am glad that I bought this and gone through to read your $20,000 in 20 Days challenge.

Your easy to follow "step by step daily task" surprised me and I know this will be my definitive newbie guide to IM success! Thanks for this Suthan!


Are You Ready To Take This Challenge?


Let me give you a tip before I reveal the cost of joining this challenge
that I personally think you 'ought to know:

First and foremost: This challenge will need you to "TAKE ACTION" on what you will learn to make money online (duh!) Buying this program does not guarantee you will get any result out of this. You need to put in effort to get a result out of the knowledge that you will learn in this challenge.

If you follow the exact strategy i used, you can make money out of this program in any market and any product that you create out of the knowledge that you got from this challenge. I can GUA-RAN-TEE that!

I would like to humbly tell you that I am not a genius, nor possess special talents, nor someone who has extraordinary skills to come to where I am today in my life. All I did was take action in what I know.

As long as you are willing to take action like me:
We can go about in realizing this $20,000 In 20 Days Challenge together!


Now, let's talk about the cost to do this challenge with me for the next 20 days.

As mentioned earlier, I would be mentoring you personally in this challenge to make $20,000 in 20 days from now selling informational products online using proven step by step blueprint. That said, you need to know about other factors of this challenge:

Once you have set-up your first product in 20 days, there is nothing stopping to start your second, and your third. And as you know, the income does not stop at Day #20. It would passively build as you become the owner of multiple infoproducts online.

You can literally "copy and paste" the same strategy to do launches and "re-launches" throughout the year. If on average you do 6 of this, we are talking about an easy 6 figure income business in a box right here.

As I have personally went through in my life and as you witnessed the proof in this page, this system is proven to work AS LONG as you ACTUALLY work on it (get it?). I built my online empire with this exact strategy, and you can to as easily with the knowledge.

Surely, we can both agree that tapping into my 8 years experience and being able to get the knowledge to build a 6 figure business is invaluable !
(FYI: fresh degree holders make about $24,000 on average per year!)

At first, I planned to put a premium 4-figure pricetag on the challenge for those who wants to get into my challenge mentor program. I believe that is a valid pricepoint for the experience, and the knowledge I bring to the table.

But, I do understand the reality of the situation right now around us. With the economy tanking, and people are hurting badly everywhere around the world; it would be "obscene" of me to take advantage of the situation.

As I have been in dire situation before myself, I know PERSONALLY that it is my duty to help as many people who could benefit from the knowledge that I have.

So that said, here's a value added offer for YOU to take up my challenge today:


[Immediate Access To 20K20Days.com For Just One-Time Payment : $ 97.00

Why So Cheap?

Great question. As you already know, I don't have to charge you a premium to be able to help you (unlike others). At $97.00, I could help a lot of folks who are hurting in this economy to make their life better while at the same time have enough funds to provide full support and continuous value to all who joins me in this challenge.

All I ask is if this challenge helped to kickstart your online business, please leave me a note or testimonial so I can put it in this page. That's all.


60 Days "You-Are-The-Boss" Unique Guarantee !
-or every dollar of your money back, period-

The $20,000 In 20 Days is a proven Internet Marketing strategy to make money online using infoproduct marketing that is written from the sole experience of Suthan M.

I guarantee that you will 100% enjoy the effort that went into creating a full fledged challenge program such as this. This is my complete experience for all this years, and personally went through an extensive quality checking to make sure my work here will benefit you tremendously when you join us for this challenge.

You have a full 60 Days to test my 20 Days system from start to finish. In any case you took full action and not able make money online using my proven strategies, contact me and I will return every penny that you invested to get into our challenge today.


[lmmediate Access To 20K20Days.com For Just One-Time Payment : $97.00


BONUS: 1 Hour + 1 Microphone: $100 Strategy

Time to sweeten this deal for you...

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this page. If you get the "$20,000 In 20 Days" challenge today, I will throw in my secret "1 Hour + 1 Microphone: $100" strategy.

This is not "part off" the original challenge program. This is basically for those who want to make quick bucks to re-invest in making their challenge a success.

This particular method will reveal to you a EASY and LEGIT trick to making an easy $100 without having to do ANYTHING at all in just 1 hour.

Best- this is something that you can do regularly to make some extra side income while you work on the challenge with us.

Get the $20,000 In 20 Days challenge today, and I will have this bonus ready for you to download immediately.

DISCLAIMER: First time setup will take on average 2-3 days for a normal person!


[lmmediate Access To 20K20Days.com For Just One-Time Payment : $97.00](http://ideasiacentral.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb,2)


Yours For Success,

p/s- Making money online becomes easy when you follow the secrets of those who have succesfully made it themselves for real. After years of making money online, and after years of coaching people from all walks of life, including the disabled -[ I have the ability to help you make money online.](http://ideasiacentral.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb,2)

p.p.s- You don't have to buy anything extra to work this challenge. There is no hidden fees, and everything is given "as is" for you to start following my footsteps to make money online. Surely, you would have seen the value of this offer by now? [Just don't wait too long to take action](http://ideasiacentral.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb,2).


[lmmediate Access To 20K20Days.com For Just One-Time Payment : $97.00



Who Is Suthan M ?

Suthan M is a succesful internet marketer, paperbook writer, internet marketing speaker and also success intensive "B2B" online wealth coach who have coached numerous people from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore and many other places around the world to break free off the rat race.

Here are the quick links to my "[experience reference](http://20k20days.my/experience.php)", the "[smart buyer's guide](http://20k20days.my/smartbuyer.php)", "[contact me](http://20k20days.com/contact.php)" information and also the "[order](http://ideasiacentral.com/dlg/sell.php?prodData=cb,2)" link to join this challenge.



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