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Oct 24, 2011 [Uncategorized](http://blogzombies.com/members/category/uncategorized)

The blog-o-sphere has taken a dark turn. What used to be a fun, interesting place to meet people from around the world has become a sinister world filled with snarling, mouth-foamy, green-colored, zombies that are hungry for YOUR BRAINS. Don’t give in! This is your chance to become part of something really awesome in blogging – and chance to combine passion and profitability to create a blog that you’re proud to call your own.

[](http://blogzombies.com/members/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_1561-Copy.jpg)My name is Allison and I’ve been blogging since the late 1990s, before anyone ever realized that this blogging thing could become a business tool. I started blogging professionally (i.e. making money through blogging) in 2006 and never looked back. Today, blogging is a full-time income for me and I’m happy to say that since leaving college I’ve never had a “real” job. My friends still can’t believe that I make my own schedule, work from home, and make more money than they do without reporting to a boss.

But better yet, I love what I do. I know a lot of people out there are into passive income and the four-hour work week, but when I have free time, I love spending it working on my blog and connecting with friends I’ve made online.

To me, that’s what it’s all about – making money and loving what I do. I’m building a blog that I’ll be proud to have future generations read someday. I’m expressing opinions that I hope can change the world. I’m helping people make their dreams come true. Four hour work week? I wish there were more hours in a day so I could spend more time blogging!

That’s why I created Blog Zombies. I wanted a place where you could learn to be a better blogger using a standard that no one else out there uses – love. Sounds mushy, but stay with me.

Ask yourself: How much do you love your job as a blogger? If you don’t jump out of bed every morning with excitement to start working on your blog, you’re doing it wrong. Of course we all want to make money – and I don’t ignore that fact. Blog Zombies is set up to help you be profitable. But to me, that’s just the start of what it means to be a success.

Please join me. This is a membership that I think will knock your socks off, and the more people who join, the better we’ll be collectively. We need you on our zombie-wrangling team.


Are you on board? Have I convinced you? Awesome. That’s part of the can-do spirit Blog Zombies needs! Membership to Blog Zombies is just $14.99 per month $9.99 per month FOR A LIMITED TIME – it’s a STEAL with all the content you’ll find inside the membership area and the special deals you’ll get as an exclusive member. When you buy at the $9.99 price, which is only available until November 15, you’ll lock in this price as long as you stay a member. SO DO NOT DELAY! Just hit the buy button now to get started:


But if you’re someone who needs a little more info…hey, I don’t blame you. The Blog Zombies team needs some cautious members too. Let’s take a look at exactly what you’re going to get as a member of this community:
Access to ALL areas of the members site, including protected blog posts, tutorials, videos, and other content. Let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll find in the Blog Zombies World: The Survivors Camp: At the camp, you can read the profiles of all the leaders of the survivor team. Each survivor has qualities that you want to emulate as a blogger in order to be successful. The survivors all post quick tips to a bulletin board – think of it as Lifehacker for bloggers. The Hospital: This is where the “search for the cure” is happening. It is filled with tutorials (called quests), which are written in a choose-your-own-adventure style to make it more fun to work on your blog. The focus of each quest is to help your blog more profitable, and there are tracks for both beginners and advanced bloggers. The Zoo: We’ve collected many different species of zombies and put them in a zoo so you can learn more about their downfalls all while playing a scavenger hunt game to make your blog better. To “collect” each zombie, you have to write a post on your own blog. It’s like Pokemon for grown ups – the goal is to catch them all. Where the hospital is for the administrative of your blog, the zoo focuses on adding awesome content. Instant access to new features – here’s a sneak preview of what I have planned: The Library: This mini-blog will be filled with reviews of other blogging products such as membership sites, plugins, ebooks, and email courses. Before you spend your hard-earned dollars, find out from other members of Blog Zombies if the product is worth it. The Enchanted Forest: Coming soon, you’ll have access to the enchanted forest where you’ll meet mythical zombie creatures to help you learn about some of the biggest misconceptions in the blogging world. This area of the site will be full of videos and interviews with some of the best bloggers in the industry! The Clock Tower: Also coming very soon, you’ll have access to your own personal profile and mini social network. Don’t worry, it’s not another task you have to add to your daily list of things to do. Consider is a virtual yearbook of members. You just fill out your initial information once and then browse as much (or as little) as you want to find new awesome blogs, potential JV partners, cool people to follow in Twitter, and more. This is also where you’ll display your badges for completing quests and collecting zombies. The ability to post reviews in The Library, earning affiliate money and voicing your opinions Membership in the future Blog Zombie forums where you can share ideas with like-minded people (coming very soon) The One Prompt, One Product weekly newsletter – inspiration right to your inbox Special discounts on upcoming products And more !
And here’s my promise to you: There will be something new on Blog Zombies every single day. This isn’t one of those sites where you get all the content upfront and then wonder why you’re paying for it every month. Blog Zombies is always buzzing with new content. Who knows – you may even log in one day and find an entirely new section of the site, brimming with stuff to explore!

So what do you say? Want to join? Just hit the Buy Now button and you’ll get instant access to register with your log in information emailed directly to you. It’s only $9.99 per month, which is less than the cost of ordering pizza! And remember – this price is ONLY available until NOVEMBER 15 – after that, you’ll have to pay the full $14.99 per month for access. Come on – you owe it to yourself and your business to secure your membership RIGHT NOW.


Have more questions? I’m always available to answer them – just email me, Allison, at info@blogzombies.com or find me on Twitter @allison_boyer!

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