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Lay UK horses to lose. UK Horse racing tips.
Make money from UK race horses losing.
Tel: +44 208 133 0195

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Make Money from UK Race Horses Losing

Elite Live Racing we have a team of lay tipsters working for us who has vast experience with over 10 years in finding and making money from UK Race Horses losing.

Our success rate is over 98%

We Average Over 32 Points Per Months NET PROFIT

We at Horses 2 Lose make it so SIMPLE for you

- We find the bets to lose
- We email you the bets
- You place the bets through Betfair
- You pick up the winnings
- Simple

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[CLICK TO VIEW £99 FOR THREE MONTHS](http://www.eliteliveracing.com/49month.html)

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We have upgraded our money making service and offering 1 to 2 lay bet's per day sending emails before 12 noon Monday to Saturday, No bets on Sunday, Odds ranging from 3 to 11 Our success is extremely high.

Once you have joined within 24 hours you will start receiving emails with our lay bets.

Any question please fill free to contact us during UK Office hours on 0208 133 0195 Calling from abroad 00 44 208 133 0195

Phone UK Office: 0208 133 0195
From abroad: 00 44 208 133 0195

Email me at [elite@eliteliveracing.com](mailto:elite@eliteliveracing.com) and we will send you bank details.

This can't be used if you live in USA or any other countries who don't allow online gambling

Email: [elite@eliteliveracing.com](mailto:elite@eliteliveracing.com)
Phone: 0208 133 0195
From abroad:+44 208 133 0195

[Home](index.html) | [Q & A](horse-laying-questions.html) | [Results](results.html) | [UK Race Courses](uk-race-courses.html) | [Testimonials](testimonials.html) | [Contact](contact-us.html)
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