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SC2 Training Course with 25 Pro Lessons Shows You Everything You Need To Know To Reach Masters!

Training Course Crafted by Valyrian, a 42nd Ranked Masters Player on NA

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“I’m Valyrian, a top ranking Masters player who will be giving you the knowledge needed to reach Masters and beyond!”

“Give my 25 Lesson Training Course a try and I guarantee you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your game!”


Module 1: Unit Comprehension

Lesson 1-3: Terran, Zerg, & Protoss Units
This lesson will show you highlights and the strengths of each individual Terran, Zerg, and Protoss unit as well as some secrets that will help you understand your race better than 90% of anyone you play against.
Lesson 4: Armor and Damage Types, Movement
This lesson will show you where to find the right information to understand the basic statistics of armor, damage, and movement speed for each Starcraft unit.


Module 2: Maps & Positioning

Lesson 5: Map Size & Map Position
Here you will learn about 2 critical concepts aiding your skill on maps. After learning this module you will not only improve your game on current ladder maps, but the theory applies to all maps, present and future.
Lesson 6: Terrain Utilization
This lesson takes you on a deep dive through the various aspects of map terrain, and how to use that to your advantage even when your army is smaller than your opponent’s!
Lesson 7: Map Control
Map control will give you the skills you need to dominate any player on any map through understanding how to manipulate your opponent’s movement using choke points, the middle of the map, and harass.


Module 3: Opponent Awareness

Lesson 8: Build Order Deduction
This lesson will show you how to look at Starcraft like a Chess player. You will master the art of figuring out your opponents next move by analyzing what he has already done so you can always stay one step ahead.
Lesson 9: Architecture
Learning Architecture will help you elevate your base building skills to combat any opponents army and help you overcome massive armies!
Lesson 10: Decision Making Technique & Planning Your Next Move
This lesson will show you how to think like a pro and what kind of thought process they have when making the big decisions like attacking, expanding, and harassing in a game of Starcraft.


Module 4:  Economy

Lesson 11-14: Economy
This lesson will show you the 100% best way to use economy in Starcraft and to do it better than 99% of all players by showing you secrets the pro’s hide from the masses.
Lesson 15: Expansion Techniques
Have you ever lost your expansion and thought, “What did I do wrong?” Use this lesson to never say that again by learning the expansion methods of the pros.


Module 5: Micro & Macro

Lesson 16-25: Micro & Macro
Ever wondered how the pros are able to do so many things faster than you? This module will give you the tools to match or even surpass 90% of all players by revealing the short cuts and secrets pro’s use to master their units, buildings, and the map!



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Limited Time Discount: $47



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