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That’s what we are all after right? Search engines want to rank
your site too! So give them what they want and stop buying magic lists
that don't work. They are not targeted, they are a waste of your money
and most importantly your time. Give Google what they have been asking
for and get Google's love with Power SEO Ranker. Doing things the
white hat way builds you a successful and powerful online business. IT

You want to be on the first page. That is where all the traffic is.
Power SEO Ranker gives you the tools to get there. Power SEO Ranker
was developed to save time and money. No need to waste hours on
searching for relevant backlinks. No more entering secret footprints
into Google to find all the relevant Squidoo and Wikipedia pages
related to your niche.

Power SEO Ranker does it all for you. Just enter your keywords to
start scraping relevant pages for your niche and you will receive a
big list of results. Within seconds you’ve found them all. You now
have very high authority PR sites to quickly post and comment on.

In the past I used to search all over for backlinks from all
different sources. Now all I have to do is collect them with a few
easy steps. It has been made so easy and it's a no brainer to get
these relevant links for your websites. Add value to your websites by
building quality one way backlinks to your online business. Spam links
are only devaluing your website. You are able to search for blogs or
just plain search results. Enter your keywords and collect all the
websites ranking for specific keywords related to your niche. You are
then able to analyze the URL's and potentially contact the website
owner by email.

Power SEO Ranker gives you the power to find and build the banklinks
your competitors have. Match all of your competitors links and pass
them on the search engines. This will give your site more authority
making it a power house. Your competitors will be wondering where you
came from and how you’re doing your link building.

Dominate the Squidoo game and post to all the relevant lenses related
to your niche. With Power SEO Ranker you will be able to scrape
Squidoo pages by using the harvester. Once your results are delivered
you are then able to Analyze each lens to check the PR and weather the
page is accepting posts. This is huge when searching for relevant
backlinks for your niche. _THIS IS A PR BUILDING METHOD THAT NO ONE

Posting to relevant Wikipedia pages is a breeze now that you are
using Power SEO Ranker. Plugin your keywords into the harvester and
scrape. Once you collect a list of Wikipedia pages you are then able
to send those links to the analyzer and check to see if the page is
accepting links. If so you will then be able to add your website. You
will instantly start receiving refereed traffic and an additional


This is so important because I know of people who consistently buy
lists to post comments on. They are not relevant for 1 and some of
them cost $90 or more for some of the bigger lists out there. Knowing
that the list has been sold to 1000’s of other people posting to the
same blogs which eventually weakens the links pointing to your site.
Those links are being pounded with other website owners spamming over
and over again to the same list. And again they are not relevant!!!

There is no reason for wasting your time or money. NEVER BUY A LIST
AGAIN!!! . just type in the keywords related to your website or blog
and find all the people who have websites similar to your nice. You
will then be able to sort by PR and analyze if the blogs are accepting
comments. This will allow you to post a relevant comment in your sites

Looking for a better success rate on your comment postings? Use the
manual commenter to post relevant blog comments so that blog
moderators approve your comments. Simply navigate to each url within
our internal browser and click fill fields to fill in your name,
email, website, and comment. You also want to be sure that you add
something related to the article so your guaranteed an approved

Commenting has never been easier until now. You can make hundreds if
not thousands of blog comments in just a few minutes. All the links
you will be posting to will be relevant to your niche so that's more
power for you and your rankings. Once you have searched the keywords
within your niche. You would then scrape those links you have
harvested to go a step further to grab even more backlinks which are
helping other successful websites rank.

Once you have harvested and scraped you can then move onto the
analyzer and check the pagerank of the urls and pick out the sites
that are most valuable to you and help your site gain the most

The nice thing about Power SEO Ranker is once you first start up the
software you can navigate to the scheduler and create a schedule for
your website and click run. Once you run the scheduler. Power SEO
Ranker will have run through all of the tasks which you would normally
go through manually within the software.

Once your schedule is set things will be run on auto pilot for you.
You can harvest, scrape, analyze and comment on blogs with the click
of a button. This saves so much time if you have other money making
tasks to do. You can set up the scheduler and walk away for a few
hours while building backlinks to your websites.

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