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                                                             THE HARMONIOUS WAY

Find Love and Marriage by Playing Your True Note

This E-book is a must read for all who desire to commit to a marital relationship, either now or in the future.  The Harmonious Way is an instructional tool for playing your true note and finding your true love.

This guide to selecting compatiable mates in love relationships poses soul-searching questions and suggests exercises that help readers evaluate themselves and others in selecting mates.  By following Dr. Turpeau's Harmonious Way principles, you'll learn to better demonstrate your warmth and richness and invite that special person into your life.

Be Your True Self and Find Your True Love

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"Given the disturbing number of failed relationships, this book is timely, pratical, thought provoking, and downright honest.  I loved it." 
Judge Glenda Hatchett,
 Host, nationally syndicated TV show-Judge Hatchet
Atlanta, GA

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"Turpeau's The Harmonious Way is a very effective method for improving your relationship with yourself and with others, and for providing deep and lasting emotional healing."
Therman Evans, M.D.

"The Harmonious Way will lift your spirits and force you to take a look inside your soul to bring forth the best you have to offer."
Black Elegance Magaine
New York, NY

"The Harmonious Way will help you evaluate your expectations of marriage to make sure they align with God's plan for husband and wife."
African American Pride Magazine
Detroit, MI

"Do you believe in magic? Do you see love relationships as a mystic power that is totally irresistible and impossible to control? If you do, and go into a relationship on that basis, the odds are high that it will at worst end in tragedy or be a tremendous disappointment. Dr. Turpeau's The Harmonious Way will help you to make intelligent choices when considering who will share your favor."
Chandler-White Publishing
Chicago, IL

The Harmonious Way:  Find Love and Marriage by Playing Your True Note

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Give this book to your daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, and all whom desire to be truly happy in love.


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