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Attention Ulcerative Colitis Sufferer: This Could Be The Most Important Message You Ever Read!!!

This Natural Treatment Method Significantly Reduces the Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis & Improves Quality of Life!

There is no reason to rely on dangerous medications to manage your symptoms. This highly-effective treatment method puts you in control of your condition, and helps to minimize flare-ups and reduces the severity of flare-ups when they occur.
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From the desk of Brenda Thompson


Dear Friend,

Dealing with the pain and embarrassment of ulcerative colitis (UC) is never easy. For some, just working up the nerve to talk with the doctor about the symptoms takes months or even years.

Meanwhile, they suffer in silence -- the pain, the frequent bowel movements, and the constant worry that the condition may be "serious".

Even though you have managed to speak with your doctor and get a diagnosis, the news is far from good -- because there is no known cause for the condition, there is also no known cure. The best you can hope for when you go to the doctor is that he or she will give you prescription medication to treat the symptoms.

Unfortunately, these prescriptions don't work for everyone. And they come with the trade-off of annoying and sometimes downright dangerous side-effects.

If you're already taking medications for another condition, the chance of negative side-effects increases drastically...

It's no wonder that many people who suffer from UC resign themselves to suffering in silence.

But this has consequences too, and many sufferers find themselves giving up activities they once enjoyed due to the pain and embarrassment associated with the flare ups.

Fortunately, you don't have to throw your arms up in resignation and just "deal with it". There are truly effective ways of managing your colitis that I have discovered in my own ongoing research. And what's wonderful about these methods is that they draw upon natural remedies that still show incredible results.

As a medical researcher, my interest in UC began close to home. My daughter, Samantha, was diagnosed when she was 17.

In the early days, before the doctors managed to pinpoint the problem, I was underneath a mountain of stress...

Watching my daughter miss out on school activities because of the pain, or having her decide that she couldn't risk going out because a flare-up might mean having an embarrassing accident in front of her friends was devastating for both her and for me as well. 

Once we had a diagnosis, things got a little better, but the side-effects from her prescription medication meant frequent sinus infections and other issues???

Desperate to find some relief for my daughter, I started reading medical journals, research reports, and anything else I could get my hands on. 

I wasn't looking for another prescription drug -- I was looking for a safe natural way for my daughter to have the life she deserved.

As I've told many people in the past, prescription medications are not a one-size-fits-all solution. While they can work great with some people, some of the time, they will not work for everyone.

And for those who have the most severe side-effects, the trade-off may not be worth it.  

That was the point we'd gotten to with Samantha, and why I was so thrilled and relieved once I started finding the information I was looking for.

The results were dramatic:  Within a week of putting into practice the information I discovered, Samantha was already starting to feel better.

Then two weeks went by without a flare-up. And then two months, six months... 

My daughter blossomed into the most wonderful, outgoing teenager and even went to her prom without the stress of worrying about having another "accident".

Everyone was amazed at the transformation -- her friends, her teachers, and our family as well. 

Now, three years later, Samantha is practically symptom-free and we owe it all to this treatment method that includes absolutely NO prescription medications of any kind.

After seeing how much this method helped my daughter, I was determined to get the information into the hands of others who needed it as quick as I possibly could.

And that's why I put together this guide and partnered with Clinical Nutrition Publishing in order to get the message out there:

There IS a Safe, Effective Way to Manage Your Ulcerative Colitis Symptoms

With this simple-to-follow diet and treatment method, you will be able to:

Reduce the Frequency and Severity of Flare-ups
Eliminate Abdominal Pain
Stop Diarrhea and Rectal Bleeding
Prevent Related Anemia and Joint Pain
Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Feel Better Without Taking Potentially Dangerous Prescription Medications

Clinical Nutrition Publishing Presents --
The Ulcerative Colitis Diet: A Self-Help Treatment Method™

Written by Brenda Thompson

This book represents years of research into natural and holistic methods of managing UC. You'll discover a simple, yet effective method to reduce your symptoms and enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle. 

I cover all of these essential topics in my book:

Foods to Avoid - Certain foods can cause painful and embarrassing flare-ups. Learn which foods you need to avoid in order to stop those seemingly random flare-ups from happening. 

Which Foods you SHOULD Eat - I don't just stop at a list of "forbidden" foods, I also give you insight as to which foods are beneficial in keeping your symptoms to a bare minimum.

Reduce the Cramping - One of the most painful aspects of UC is the cramping that occurs during flare-ups. There are many natural ways to reduce this cramping and I will share with you the most effective methods. 

Healthy Bacteria & Why You Need Them - A healthy probiotic balance can mean the difference between a manageable condition and continual agony. Find out how to keep the right balance of healthy bacteria in your digestive system and what to do if this balance is thrown off.

Protect Your Mucosa & Decrease Inflammation - The intestinal mucosal barrier is a first-line immune defense, allowing beneficial substances into the general circulation and keeping out those that are harmful. You will learn how to maintain a healthy            -          mucosa that functions properly, which is a key component in the management of UC.

Essential Nutrients - These are the substances you may not be getting enough of in your diet (even if you're eating healthy), and they can make a big difference in how you  feel from day to day. I'll let you know which ones are most crucial and why you need      .-..        them.

Discover Your Ideal Diet - Through a systematic process of reintroducing foods that you have previously been avoiding you will discover your own personalized diet plan...one that is optimal for you.

...and much more!

I also put together these special bonuses to help round out your health knowledge and to keep you living a happy and healthy lifestyle:

Understanding Ulcerative Colitis: Essentials for Both the Newly Diagnosed & Long-Time Sufferer

This guide will help you better understand UC by offering a comprehensive overview of the condition, giving key insight into treatment options, management issues, and other topics. 

Some of the topics covered include:



What Ulcerative Colitis actually is - A thorough explanation in layman's terms to help you understand what's really happening inside your body.

Possible Causes - Information on those things that may encourage the development of this painful condition, so that you can spot key changes you or others need to make in order to reduce the risk of developing this disease.

Symptoms and Signs - Not sure if what you have is actually UC? This will help you to pin down the symptoms to give you a better idea.

Diagnosis - Information on exactly what your doctor will be looking for in order to make the diagnosis, so you'll be prepared when you step into the doctor's office.

Complications - Learn of the many complications that can arise as a result of having ulcerative colitis. For example, did you know that nearly 5 percent of people with chronic UC develop colon cancer?! 

Medication - Drug therapy is intended to induce and maintain remission of UC symptoms. Learn about the several types of drugs available for this purpose, with the primary classes being aminosalicylates, corticosteroids and .                          immunomodulators.

Surgery - Unfortunately, approximately 25 to 40 percent of UC sufferers will ultimately have their colons removed due to massive bleeding, severe illness, rupture of the colon, or risk of cancer. Learn about the different types of

procedures performed.

Latest Research - Information on the latest research regarding new medicines and medical protocols, and imaging and surgical techniques.


*A $19.00 value, yours FREE!*


Medications Misunderstood:         What Doctors Don't Always Tell Patients

While medical doctors often do all in their power to help us get better, there are a lot of things that doctors just don't tell their patients.

This report will teach you the truth behind many common medications (some of which you may be taking right now) and procedures.

Some of the shocking facts you'll learn include: 


Nearly 80% of the procedures we are asked to trust to improve our health have never been put through proper testing.

One study found that antibiotics were regularly given for throat, nose or viral ear issues when the illness at hand was simply thrush (a yeast infection), which does not respond to antibiotics! Often it is just the opposite -- antibiotics can CAUSE thrush to occur or worsen existing symptoms.

Doctors that treat immune disorders consistently blame the repetitive use of antibiotics for blocking normal, immunological defenses to certain conditions.

Diuretics are regarded as the safest of the blood pressure medications, yet they have been shown to cause a considerable increase in risk of developing diabetes. 

Another class of medication, ACE inhibitor, has the potentially fatal side effect of acute renal injury (kidney damage).

Still another class, beta-blocker, is linked to certain types of cancer, as well as are believed to have a detrimental effect on fetal circulation leading to fetal growth retardation.

...and this is just the tip of the iceberg! The sooner you find out the truth behind these medications, the safer and healthier you'll be!


*A $14.00 value, yours FREE!* 


Healthy For Life: Improve Yourself by Living Healthy

Because the holistic approach almost always works better than just trying to treat isolated symptoms, I've included this ebook as well.

It's full of helpful tips and advice on how to improve your overall health, as well as key insight on common heath problems that you may be suffering from right now.

This book will show you just what to do to improve yourself through healthy living, whether it's losing weight, fighting the effects of aging, or dealing with conditions such as diabetes and asthma:

Healthy Lifestyle Choices - Learn how to make positive changes in the way you live that will directly affect your health. Essential nutrition topics are covered so that you know exactly what your body needs to maintain optimal health.

Looking Good & Feeling Better - Who doesn't want to lose that last 5 or 10 pounds? This section will give you the tools you need to get fit and maintain a healthy weight. It also dispels the myths of dieting, and why leading diet programs may get you thin but won't allow you to stay that way.

Knowing How to Fight Illness - Recognizing illnesses is the first step to treating them. This section covers some of the most common illnesses and what to do in order to manage the condition to help you feel your best.

Natural Healing & How it Can Help - Don't rely on prescription medications for every illness! There are many ways that a natural approach to healing can lead to positive results, without having to resort to medications that can cause serious side-effects and complications.

...and much more!


*A $19.00 value, yours FREE!* 

This is the most complete guide to managing ulcerative colitis naturally available anywhere today. Most people face three fundamental choices when they are faced with the diagnosis: 

1. Surgery

2. Medication

3. Continue to Suffer

But it doesn't have to be this way! The Ulcerative Colitis Diet  can change your entire outlook and prognosis.

Imagine being able to go from dreading the next flare-up to looking forward to what the day will bring, pain free, and enjoying your life the way you were meant to. 

And unlike the other options, the cost is not an issue. I was very determined to make sure that this guide would be affordable to everyone.

After seeing the dramatic change in my daughter's condition, I knew that I owed it to anyone else who might be suffering to get this information to them. So now you have four choices:
Treatment Benefits Disadvantages CostSurgery Eliminates the Symptoms Surgical Complications, Infection, Scarring, Pain Thousands of DollarsMedication Sometimes Eliminates the Symptoms Side-effects including nausea, infections, and other complications Monthly Prescription Costs (Thousands of Dollars over a lifetime)Do Nothing No Side-Effects or Surgical Risks You Continue to Suffer the same painful, embarrassing condition, month after month Emotional Cost and Loss of Physical Health Following The Ulcerative Colitis Diet Feel Better Naturally, Get Healthy and Continue to Enjoy Improved Health Without all the Risks None One Time Payment of ONLY $27!
After seeing how much my daughter improved, I know that there would be only one choice for me -- for less than the cost of most people's prescription drug copay, you can have a dramatic reduction in symptoms, feel better without the side-effects of prescription drugs, and avoid the dangers and costs associated with invasive surgery.

    "As One Who's Learned To Manage UC And Maintain Long-Term Remission,       I Highly Recommend It."  
The Ulcerative Colitis Diet is a great resource for those who wish to take a nutritional approach to managing ulerative colitis. Sadly, this valuable information is often not provided by gastroenterologists and sufferers are forced to seek it out on their own. Now, a thorough and concise overview is available in this one ebook. You'll learn what foods are generally helpful and what foods should be avoided. You'll also learn how nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies can reduce cramping and diarrhea, decrease inflammation and help heal the gut. As one who's learned to manage UC and maintain long-term remission, I highly recommend it.

-- Angela Sanchez, diagnosed with UC 1999    
    Little Rock, AR

"Brenda Thompson has provided the most comprehensive, easy to understand    guide to assist one in taking charge of their health."  
I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing The Ulcerative Colitis Diet and I highly recommend it for anyone suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) or any gastro-intestinal challenge. Brenda Thompson has provided the most comprehensive, easy to understand guide to assist one in taking charge of their health. In our modern society, we have moved away from common sense and have veered into the hands of the medical profession to provide all of the answers for us regarding our health and our bodies. Unfortunately, they do not have all of the answers and sometimes medications should be seen as a last resort after more health-friendly options and other healing modalities have been attempted.

Thompson masterfully takes us on a journey back toward self-discovery. She admonishes us to take the plunge and become our own self-researcher and become experts on our own bodies. We eliminate and reintroduce foods as a testing process to see what will and will not work for us. We are encouraged by the fact that our diet is not something that follows a cookie cutter plan but one that is designed by our own unique bodies and its specific needs. We are told ahead of time that we might relapse, that some foods may need to be completely eliminated, but we are empowered with the information that can change our lives for the better and help us on our path toward better health.

I searched to find more information about more natural ways of healing UC and all of ---what Thompson provides is out there but not all packaged and explained clearly in one place. Thompson provides this data beautifully and most importantly efficiently and clearing, giving us all something to learn and ponder. Although this e-book is for sufferers of UC, anyone with gastrointestinal issues can learn and take away something. It has been highly researched and thoughtfully compiled to give us up-to-date, natural and informative data that we can use to better our health. What can be better than that? I highly recommend this e-book and highly encourage all to read to discover how to become our own best scientist and researcher to discover what works and what does not for our own bodies!

-- Denise B.    
    Chicago, IL

"I highly recommend this book if you're looking for an alternative way of  treating ulcerative colitis without going through painful surgery." 
The Ulcerative Colitis Diet: A Self-Help Treatment Method is a great read for anyone looking to better their health. Brenda Thompson walks you through an array of great topics including; foods to avoid, foods permitted, decrease cramping, protect mucosal lining and decrease inflammation, promoting healthy bacteria balance and more. I highly recommend this book if you're looking for an alternative way of treating ulcerative colitis without going through painful surgery. The book is very easy to read and you won't be questioning yourself on what foods you can and cannot eat. I highly recommend this book!

-- Derek Bess    
    N. Fort Myers, FL

"I believe that this is the book that can help." 
After much research and LOTS of reading I have found The Ulcerative Colitis Diet: A Self-Help Treatment Method to be the most comprehensive and thorough piece of literature among the 790 books I researched. While other books cover a wide range of areas, none really hone in on diet to this degree of detail regarding what one should be eating and what one should be avoiding…which are among two of the primary topics in this book. Many touch on this subject matter, but none so clearly and precisely on the exact foods. With each section I learned progressively more, and while I understood that there would be foods I should and shouldn’t be eating, I never thought about reintroducing foods that had been previously removed my diet…truly wonderful insight on the author’s part. Bacteria balance was something that really rang a bell. When I was first reading the table of contents and as I finally reached this section, I realized that although I had been hearing about this in other books, none of them really explained as clearly why we needed them and how they were working for us. This section cleared up a lot of my earlier readings and I was happy knowing that for the first time I was able to clearly understand just what was going on with bacteria. I found I was able to understand everything that was being talked about and didn’t need a medical dictionary sitting next to me to understand every other word. None of the other books out there cover the variety of topics in such detail as this one does. While others have bits and pieces of what is covered, none have them all in one resource as does The Ulcerative Colitis Diet: A Self-Help Treatment Method. This book is also extremely well-written, with clear explanations as you go along that can greatly benefit either someone that has the disease, or someone looking to educate themselves in an effort to help out a loved one. I believe that this is the book that can help.

-- Keiko H.    
    Daytona Beach, FL

I put together The Ulcerative Colitis Diet: A Self-Help Treatment Method™ in order to help as many people as possible to manage their symptoms without harsh side-effects and prescription medications.

And because I've put so much effort into making this a complete guide, I want you to feel completely confident in the quality and accuracy...

That's why my publisher, Clinical Nutrition Publishing, is offering a No-Hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Order today and get instant access to the guide, plus the three bonuses valued at just over $50.

Try it for 60 days, and if you aren't completely convinced that it helps your symptoms, your entire purchase price will be refunded. No hassles, no questions asked.


Getting relief shouldn't take thousands of dollars, or cause dangerous side-effects.

You CAN feel better by managing your ulcerative colitis naturally -- download and get instant access to The Ulcerative Colitis Diet  plus your 3 FREE bonuses right now for only $27!


Yours In Excellent Health,

Brenda Thompson                                                                                           Alternative Medicine Researcher                                                                                          creator, The Ulcerative Colitis Diet: A Self-Help Treatment Method™                                      Clinical Nutrition Publishing

P.S. Remember, you get instant access to both the book and the bonuses right away, so you can start to feel better and reduce flare-ups without having to wait for a package in the mail.

P.P.S. You can try it RISK-FREE for a full 60 days! If you don't see a difference, your entire cost will be refunded, guaranteed!

P.P.P.S. You owe it to yourself to take the next step. Feeling better and managing your symptoms without dangerous side-effects is just one click away.

Yes, Brenda, I want...
... to STOP the embarrassing symptoms of ulcerative colitis right now! Please rush me The Ulcerative Colitis Diet: A Self-Help Treatment Method™ right away!

I understand that by ordering today, I get not only the book but the three bonus guides as well, and that I gain instant access as soon as my order is processed, so I can start putting the naturally effective methods into practice today.

I want to be able to manage my symptoms, eliminate flare-ups, cramping, diarrhea, and the embarrassment that I've had to live with for so long. That's why I'm clicking the "Add To Cart" button above and filling in my order information right now!


NOTE: The Ulcerative Colitis Diet: A Self-Help Treatment Method™ is currently being offered as a downloadable eBook. No physical items will be shipped. Upon completing your order, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to download the product and all three bonuses. They are in Adobe PDF format, which can be viewed on your computer and will look exactly like the printed versions.   



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