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Welcome To Dominate RIFT. A website where we strive to provide as many, artifact re-spawn locations in the MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) game of RIFT.

Looking for artifacts in the game of RIFT can be extremely time consuming and very difficult to find.

All of our members get full access to:
Easy To Understand Coordinates Specific Area Locations Within Zones (if available) Level Requirements for the Zone Detailed Descriptions of Location Area In-Game Images of the Location Area Lifetime of Updates
Also you get updates every time we update our list so you will never be out of the loop when it comes to finding artifacts.

There are a lot of websites claiming that they can tell you exactly where to find a certain artifact. The bad thing is that RIFT does not have certain artifacts re-spawn at only one location. Artifacts re-spawn randomly throughout the zones and cannot be determined which artifact you will find at the locations.

Certain artifact locations will be located within viewing distance of any road while other locations will be in areas where some players will never go. As a member, we provide you with coordinates from the easiest re-spawn locations to even the wildest locations in the game. Yes, Certain artifacts do only re-spawn in certain zones, this is just to make sure you have to search the whole world to find all the artifacts.


Now, some people would ask, how our website is different from other artifact information website. Here are the reasons why we are different from other websites.
We provide EXACT coordinates as if you were standing right on the artifact. We are striving to make sure every confirmed re-spawn location has an in-game image for our members to view so they can have a better understanding on where the re-spawn location is at. We confirm coordinates. This means, if we haven’t personally seen the artifact location in the game, then we do not call it confirmed. We are constantly updating our lists to make sure our members have the most up to date information we can possibly give them. As the game progresses and they add more artifacts, we will do our best to stay on top of the newest information. We only charge a one-time membership fee. NO MONTHLY or YEARLY payments.

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ONLY $24.99! Lifetime Membership


Just to make sure you don’t think we are kidding, here are 2 sets of coordinates for you to try out for FREE!
Please remember that these coordinates may not be there when you check the first time. We urge you to keep checking them.

X-Axis Y-Axis Zone Name Area Name Description Confirmed? 6665 3471 Silverwood Sunken Marsh In Small Building Next To Water Yes 7087 5793 Freemarch Savage Hill On Wall, On Tip of Peak Yes


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