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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of chasing opportunity after opportunity only to see the door slammed in your face? If you want to put an end to your job search and get hired, you've come to the right place. I'm Brad Justice and I've spent the last 29 years of my career learning how to get businesses and government entities to hire me. During that time, I've pursued well over 1,000 opportunities and tried dozens of different techniques for getting hired. Most of them not only didn't work, but actually hurt my chances of getting hired. As the years went by, I continued to learn and test different skills until I eventually found 12 incredibly simple things that consistently helped me find great opportunities, win projects and get hired. Most of these things are the direct opposite of what the "experts" are telling you to do. These 12 simple things make up The Art of Getting Hired.

During the great recession, I've watched many friends and business associates struggle through extended periods of unemployment. I've seen what this pain and stress does to marriages and families. Late last year, I'd seen enough and decided to share all my most effective secrets to getting hired with the world. The Art of Getting Hired includes the 12 most effective strategies and tactics I know to getting hired. The Art of Getting Hired is a simple, 12 step process that you can learn and immediately apply to your job search. You'll not only learn how to get hired, you'll learn how to find a better job - the ones that never make it to the classifieds -  and do it in the least amount of time possible. Each step is 100 % FREE and extremely easy to do. 

If you're tired of posting resumes, leaving messages that never get returned and receiving letters that start out with the words..."We'd like to thank you for your interest..." It's time you learn the secrets of getting hired from a sales expert with 29 years experience selling to some of America's biggest and best organizations.

When it comes to getting hired, who would you rather listen to someone who has spent most of their career interviewing people, or someone who has spent their entire career on the other side of the desk, trying to get someone to hire them - a person with 100 % of their earnings tied to that hiring decision. That person is me and let me tell you, I know exactly how it feels to have everything riding on one hiring decision. If that sounds familiar - you better learn how to persuade people to hire you and now you can with the The Art of Getting Hired.


Read The Art of Getting Hired and learn how the old ways of searching for a job is probably sabotaging your chances of getting hired. 


 Why responding to ads is often a waste of time:
 Why most job "openings" aren't open at all.  What's more important to include in your initial response than a resume.  Why there's a 66 % chance you're speaking a completely different language than the person   reading your resume.  How you're actually telling your prospects to not respond.  The single BIGGEST MISTAKE 98 % of all applicants make during interviews.
 Read The Art of Getting Hired and you'll learn:


 How to create your own job opportunities:
 Only respond to the opportunities you have a good chance of getting.  Build strong relationships quickly with prospects.  Get your calls returned.  Get past the gatekeepers.  How to use subliminal messages to get hired.  How to do one simple thing during interviews that will double your chances of getting hired.
 [Buy The Art of Getting Hired NOW ](http://www.howtofindwork.us/buy-the-book.php)and you'll receive a FREE copy of the same cover letter I use with all my responses - the same one that's helped me get hired dozens of times by some of the biggest organizations in America.

 It's the definition of insanity to continue doing the same things that haven't helped you get hired for weeks or months and expect a different result. It's time to learn a new way of getting hired - it's time to learn The Art of Getting Hired.

 [Buy it now for only $7.99! ](http://www.howtofindwork.us/buy-the-book.php)If you read this book and apply the knowledge, I personally guarantee you'll be delighted with the results. My only goal is to help you get hired as soon as possible. It took me 29 years to learn how to get hired and you'll get it for less than $8.00 dollars and a few of hours of reading.



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