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AppEnlightenment - Apps for a better Life

Welcome to Appenlightenment - We are proud to present this amazing
collection of Apps & WebTools for Spirituality, Self-Help, Holistic
Practice, Meditation , LOA, Affirmations, Peak Performance & More.
Each of the recommended Apps & Web-Tools shown here - are powerful
tools for your daily practice. These apps and tools provide: Great
Brain Entrainment technologies and meditations, Tools for adding
subliminal affirmations to your favorite music and meditative audio.
All of our recommended apps and tools have been extensively used by us
and we love them - we hope you will too.


Downloadable Tools:

Stress! It factors into almost 90% of all doctor visits. It is a
leading cause of most disease. Heart disease is the leading killer of
all people world-wide. This shows that we don't pay good attention to
our hearts. how to meditate with heart eCourse It doesn't feel good
does it? Sometimes a stress trigger like that can keep you feeling
lousy for hours, sometimes days or weeks! Stress is so hard on your
heart. Over time, if you don't listen to your heart, your heart will
find other ways to get your attention. You don't want your heart to
have to go to extreme measures do you?


Web Based Tools:

A great new webservice. This new Web Audio tool allows you to
easily create your own positive affirmations and add them as
subliminals to a great selection of Brain entrainment audio medtation
tracks that we have created for you to choose from. We have created
several powerful and successful meditation and affirmation apps for
Iphone and Android - and are now proud to offer these technologies as
a web-based tool.


Iphone & Android Apps:

AACSpeechBuddy was created to quickly & easily create custom PECS
Speech Sets Online which could be loaded on one or many mobile devices
as well as our FREE Desktop AACSpeechBuddy Application. The
AACSpeechBuddy solution allows users to quickly and easily create
customized PECS Speech Sets using their own photos ar collected
images, or using images from the AACSpeech.com image repository. Users
can also share content with each other , allowing Teachers & Parents
to create and share PECS Speech Sets - that can be loaded onto the
AACSpeechBuddy APP or the AACSpeeckBuddy Destop Application (which can
be downloaded for free and runs on Mac/PC/Linux) - allowing the speech
sets to be used on any desktop or laptop computer. Teachers & Parents
can create and group PECS speech sets into profiles - which allow the
sets to load on ANY AACSpeechBuddy Application.

Theta and Alpha Inducing - Isochronic Tones, Binaural Beats
Solffegio Frequencies - Brain entrainment meditations using subtle
stereo theta wave inducing Binaural Beats set to base Solfeggio
Frequencies - with Alpha Pulse Isochronic tones, along with digital
stereo live nature recordings and rich deep synthesized tracks - and
enhanced with digital sound loops and effects.

Audio Brain entrainment meditations using subtle stereo theta
wave inducing Binaural Beats set to base Solfeggio Frequencies along
with digital stereo live nature recordings and rich deep synthesized
tracks - and enhanced with digital sound loops and effects. Stereo
Ambient Live Recorded Nature Tracks from California's Lost Coast &
Ancient redwood forests.

The power of subliminal affirmations and/or healing and relaxing
Solfeggio Frequencies, while you listen to your favorite Itunes Music
or Audio. Easily queue up music or audio from your Iphone Itunes
library - choose your Subliminal(s) and/or Solfeggio Theta Binaural
beats - and presto! The power of your mind will be working for you
while you enjoy your favorite Music or Audio.


Harness the Power of your Alpha brain waves with AlphaMind. Alpha
brain waves improve our ability to focus and concentrate. Alpha brain
waves make you use both hemispheres of your brain instead of relying
on your dominant side for concentration. When you are able to access
the Alpha Wave Brain state, both hemispheres of your brain are able to
work together.

CodeDimensions is Proud to present MindEnvirons in colaboration
with world renound composer and musician - Richard Bone. For full
information about Richard Bone, including his back catalogue, please
visit his official website www.richardbone.com Richard has created 3
Distinct and Rich audio Environments for Alpha , Theta & Delta
Brainwave Entrainment.

Bring the power of Positive Affirmations and the Power of your
Alpha brain waves together with Alpha Weight Loss. We have created a
custom set of over 30 Affirmations designed for weight control - body
image - health - and emotional release, blended with our specially
designed Alpha inducing Isochronic Tones. Alpha Weight Loss becomes
your supportive inner voice inspiring your postitive behaviour,
choices and emotions.

(Download high quality Audio Mp3 and Streaming Audio Versions)



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For help , advice or comments. email:

Copyright (c) 2010 code::Dimensions codeDimensions.com, Humboldt
County CA All rights reserved.

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