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17 years ago, it entered my mind that to be successful I needed to be thin. After eating my dinner, I ran outside, hid behind the lucky bean tree and threw up...
I was only 8 years old.

On that day I began a journey that took me to hell and all the way back again.

A journey that saw me starving myself to the point of fainting, then feasting to the point of popping. A journey that saw years of compulsive eating followed by compulsive purging.

It was a journey that almost broke me...

But - it didn’t!

After being bulimic for over 10 years, I managed to recover... And by using the same techniques I did, I believe that YOU can recover too!

Introducing The Bulimia Recovery Program
Over the past 17 years I've had a lot of experience with bulimia, including...
My 10 year bulimia ordeal My year of recovery The 6 years I have been learning about bulimia since I recovered The countless books that I have read on different recovery techniques The two years that I've been working passionately with bulimics on my website your-bulimia-recovery.com
And from that experience, I have put together a comprehensive program which takes you step-by-step through your journey of bulimia recovery.

It includes everything that I wished I'd had when I was recovering from bulimia. Such as...


The Bulimia Recovery Program e-book
Containing all you need to know to recover from bulimia - broken down into 7 easy to follow steps. I’ll teach you how to overcome those powerful binge urges, how to heal your body and mind, how to restore your metabolism back to what it once was - and so much more!

The Bulimia Recovery Program e-book forms the foundation of your successful bulimia recovery and beautiful new life!

Access to the online bulimia recovery community
Never be alone again! The Bulimia Recovery Community has a growing number of recovery focused people walking the same journey as you! Give support and receive support in return!

Here, we all ‘get’ each other - and together we’ll reach recovery!

Pro recovery focused forums
A safe place for you to ask the questions you’ve been bottling up for so long - and to get answers from other members who have ‘been there, done that!’

Your Own Recovery Blog
Share your feelings, fears, discoveries and recovery triumphs. Get supportive comments, advice and inspiration from other members on the same journey as you!

Inspirational Distraction Tool
Distract yourself from binge urges using the Inspirational Distraction Tool. It’ll provide you with inspirational articles, stories and videos that turn your urge into a motivation to recover!

Normal Eating Tools
Reduce your binges by planning your meals in advance using the online meal-planner.

Help spot what's triggering your binges by tracking them on the binge tracker tool.

View your progress over time using the automatic binge frequency and intensity graphs.

Having been bulimic in the past, I understand the importance of privacy. That's why the community is completely private and only accessible by members. It's a place where you can feel safe.

Look how The Bulimia Recovery Program is helping other people beat bulimia...

"I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without The Bulimia Recovery Program....

When I started on the journey of recovery I felt so incredibly alone. I felt like no one would ever understand where I was or how I felt or what I was going through. I began searching online for someone or something that could help me, that could offer me hope. What I found was the greatest community of people and the largest support network I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. The people in the community build each other up, show each other love and encourage the positive behaviors that have helped me each day on this recovery journey.

I can say, without a doubt, that I'm am further along in my recovery as a result of being a part of this program. I am so thankful that Shaye has created this family that has allowed me to receive the support I would have never had if I had continued on my own.

I'm looking forward to each new day and each step forward as I continue to grow and beat bulimia for good!!"
- Laci

"The Bulimia Recovery Program has truly been a blessing in my life in SO many ways...

I was always too afraid or embarrassed to see an actual therapist for my disorder, but Shaye has created a safe haven in which I was truly able to take those first steps towards recovery.

First off, I must say that Shaye is an absolute angel! She is so kind, compassionate, and thoughtful and she genuinely cares about EVERYONE’S recovery! She does such an amazing job with encouraging us all and helping guide everybody through the difficult times towards healing and helping us get back on track when relapses occur. However, Shaye is only one person, so you must also do your part to work towards recovery. But don’t worry, it’s not as challenging or scary as you may think!

Shaye gives you SO many tools to help make the whole process as easy as possible with a deeply insightful recovery guide, structured eating plans, distraction tools, binge trackers, and a whole private community of other people also battling bulimia that you can lean on for support!

This program has made a huge impact in my life and I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful community and to have made friends with some pretty amazing people!"
-Sara, Colorado, USA

"The Bulimia Recovery Program has been an absolute blessing in my life! The support of the people here are amazing and have greatly helped me in my journey of recovering.

I have long been looking for a place of refuge, a place where I could feel safe, supported and encouraged-and this is the place! I feel I can open up freely and receive the emotional support I have long been waiting to find. Best of all, on the site you can be 'anonymous' and still feel welcome because everyone here understands your journey, having been down the same road.

The Guide, along with the support tools are awesome! Understanding bulimia, the cause of it, and the way out of it have opened my eyes to what I never understood before about the disorder!

The program as a whole is complete and encompasses the means of a way to recovery. I am in my third month of recovery and I never thought I would EVER get this far! One day used to seem impossible, now I know complete healing is possible.

Thank you Shaye, for creating this wonderful community, a place of warmth and refuge-an oasis in the desert. I am getting there day by day, and this recovery program is the shining light I have been waiting for!"
- Becky

What Does It Cost To Join The Bulimia Recovery Program?
Of course, a resource as helpful as this costs an arm and a leg to develop and maintain... And, because of this, it has to have a price tag attached... But, I've done everything I can to keep that price tag as low as possible...

The cost is only $1 per day... Or, $30 per month. Less than the price of a large binge!
BUT... The First 100 Members get Lifetime Access to The Bulimia Recovery program for 67% less...
That's just 30c a day!

Why am I offering it for this discounted price?
Well, the program is new and the community is still building up.

I also want your feedback on how I can improve the program even further

I want around 100 people (including you) to start off and test The Bulimia Recovery Program and community...

I figure that 100 brains are better than 1!

Help me make this program as awesome as possible so that you and potentially thousands of others can make a full recovery from bulimia

As the guide and tools are improved even further - and as more people join - you will still only be paying 30c a day!

It's a win-win situation :)

Once you've joined the bulimia recovery program, you'll be directed to a page where you can choose your login details. I'll then create an account for you and you'll be able to login right away.

Once you've logged in you'll be able to:
Download The Bulimia Recovery Guide in pdf format... Set up your profile page Start blogging... Begin making recovery buddies Begin using the helpful bulimia recovery tools.
The $9.95 monthly fee will be debited from your credit card automatically each month, and of course, you can close your account at any time.

If you have any questions about The Bulimia Recovery Program, please don't hesitate to [contact me here.](/site/contact)
Join below to become part of this new and exciting community to test drive The Bulimia Recovery Program... [](http://1.bulimiarec.pay.clickbank.net) Life Changing Information You’ll Learn In The Bulimia Recovery Program... Knowing what to expect in your bulimia recovery Eye opening knowledge on what caused my bulimia - and your bulimia too! (And how the same thing has also given healthy men bulimia!) How to figure out your natural set weight (what you'll stabilize at during / after recovery) How much food comes up when you vomit (This will amaze you!) How to re-gain your habit of normal eating (A simple step that works!) How to deal with the inevitable binge and purge urges Coping strategies and tips for recovery bloating How to re-wire your mind into a 'non-bulimic' mind How to love your body (Yes, it is possible!) How to heal your metabolism with specific eating styles and exercise How to be your own therapist and keep your recovery steaming ahead
Are You Ready To Start Living Again?
Don't waste another day in the dark trenches of bulimia...

Yes, recovery is a journey that will take time... But I promise you, being in recovery is a million times better than feeling lost in the hopelessness of bulimia...

In recovery you are moving forward... Towards that happiness... Towards that beautiful life of freedom!

Every baby step forward is a step in the right direction... And, even baby steps will get you there!

Never for a second think that you are any different from me.

I recovered and so can you!

So take charge! You are the captain of your ship and the creator of your destiny...

Here’s to bulimia recovery!


Shaye Boddington
P.S. There are only 100 spaces available in the test program. [So grab yours now...](http://1.bulimiarec.pay.clickbank.net)

P.P.S. In the scheme of things, what is $10/month? I would have easily spent more than that in a single binge. Once you've recovered you'll realise it was the best trade you've ever made.

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All Rights Reserved.

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