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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to live and breathe creativity, producing one beautiful project after another? Now you too can unlock your inner sewing goddess with the Bustle & Sew Magazine .... 

[](Privacy_Policy.html)                                All the photographs you see on this page are of Bustle & Sew patterns.

Dear Fellow Enthusiast

My name is Helen Dickson, and like you I love to make - spending my free time with fabric, yarn, thread and floss putting together unique designs for needlewomen (and men!) everywhere to enjoy.  

My online Bustle & Sew Magazine is all about loving handmade, whether it's knitting, sewing, crochet or embroidery - and every page offers inspiring ideas for you to create and fall in love with.

I began designing my own patterns many years ago as I had become bored with the mass-produced "samey" patterns which were all that were available at the time. For a long while, this was just a hobby and the patterns I created were just for myself and my family.  But people began to ask:

"Where did you get that lovely design?" and "How do I get hold of that great pattern?" so eventually I took the plunge and started my own online business, Bustle & Sew.  I began by selling individual patterns, then, due to demand, introduced the Bustle & Sew Magazine:

The Bustle & Sew Magazine is my independent, quirky, online magazine that contains a satisfying range of projects to help you include sewing, fabric and creativity in your everyday life.  Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced needlewoman, whether you want to make a gift for your granny or a welcome present for a new baby, you're sure to find a project you'll love in the Bustle & Sew Magazine. 

And as well as original Bustle & Sew patterns, the magazine includes contributions from other independent designers, feature articles, vintage knitting and crochet patterns plus much more. 

You'll never be stuck for ideas again!  And before you know it your fabric stash and your sewing machine will be put to good use in making some of these wonderful projects. Your friends and family will be queuing up to take possession of your creations!

But don't just take my word for it .... here's what other readers have to say about the Bustle & Sew Magazine:

"Hello Helen: I've just read the magazine. It's gorgeous! Well done. Regards, Jan"

"I LOVE the magazines!  You have been one of my favorite blogs and I love your patterns.  This magazine is such a treat and so inexpensive too!  Thank you! A HUGE FAN!!!  Maria"

"Hi Helen, every month I wait and wait for your next issue, and on the day of arrival I pour over each pattern and make my plans, always wishing that I would never reach the last page.  Imagine how delighted I was to find such a thick issue happily filled with your wonderful patterns!!!!  The new Rosie is so beautiful ... the circus just adorable ... are you sure that's not a real cake?  I love every single pattern as always!  Thank you for another wonderful magazine.  I'm already waiting for May!  Best wishes, Linda"

"Wow! You have out done yourself here! I can't believe it is issue 6 already. I had to look to make sure I had all of them...I do! I need to get to stitching here....LOL  I am loving the letters! I do remember getting hankies and I wish we still could give them...girls now would not be sure what to do with them. The beach wrap is awesome! Love "vintage " patterns. Guess I must be vintage...LOL Sounds better than antique I guess...LOL  Well, off to read the magazine again.  Great Work!!  Shelley"

What's in the Bustle & Sew Magazine?

Each month the magazine contains at least three, and sometimes four, original Bustle & Sew designs.  These will include hand and freestyle machine embroidery, applique, soft toys, bags and other projects for your home and family.  The magazine also offers vintage knitting and crochet patterns, projects from guest designers and feature articles and information.

Now I am able to offer you the first six issues of the Bustle & Sew Magazine as a single bundle for just $29.97.    



So why not start your collection of Bustle & Sew Magazines with this fantastic first six issues bundle offer?  You'll receive complete copies of the first six issues of the magazine, from its launch in late January 2011.

This represents a saving of more than 60% on purchasing the individual Bustle & Sew patterns alone!!

These six issues contain the following patterns:

Rosie & Bear:  April Flowers, May Blossom time, A Good Book, Royal Wedding, Summer Bedtime and Peg Bag.

(Note: Rosie & Bear is my series of patterns based on memories of my own daughter's childhood adventures always accompanied by her faithful friend Bear.)

Embroidery & Applique: Year of the Rabbit, 1930's sampler, Signals & Semaphore, Birds of a Feather, Country Gardens, Three Hares, Bowl of Nasturtiums, Circus Parade

Softies, Cosies & Bags: Baby Ben the Newfie puppy, Little Fishes, Little Geese, Duck & Dandelion Tea Cosy, Love & Marriage, Circus Height Chart, Dandelion Zipper Pouch, Envelope Clutch Bag, Country Gardens Applique Cushion.

Vintage Patterns:  Big Top Circus Knitting Patterns, Crochet Patchwork Quilt, Afternoon Tea Knitting pattern, Summer Days Crochet Throw, Crochet Elephant Toy, Fluffy Bunnies Knitting Pattern, Cherry Cherry Tea Cosy, Fergus the Knitted Fox. 

 Plus more contributions from guest designers, feature articles and information.

That's nearly $100 worth of patterns (if purchased individually) all bundled up for you at less than $30! 

 And loads more too - every page of the Bustle & Sew Magazine is packed with inspirational patterns, projects and features for you to enjoy... so don't delay ...

Download your Bustle & Sew Magazine Bundle today!

Your magazines will be delivered to you immediately upon payment (so no waiting around)
Remember - the Bustle & Sew Magazine is packed with patterns, articles and much more for you to enjoy. You will create wonderful bags, softies, cosies and more using the Bustle & Sew easy to follow patterns. Your friends and families will be delighted and amazed - everyone will want one of your creations for their next birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift!

 I'm confident you'll  adore your  Bustle & Sew Magazine Bundle .... so confident that you will be absolutely delighted with your purchase that I'm offering you a ZERO risk, unconditional money back guarantee

Either you love The Bustle & Sew Magazine Bundle or you get a full refund. No if's. No but's. No questions asked. No conditions to meet. Just a simple, honest guarantee from me to you.... if you aren't delighted by the Bustle & Sew Magazine Bundle for any reason whatsoever, then I'll give you a 100% refund. And I'll let you keep your bundle too.

Remember .. that's your Bustle & Sew Magazine Bundle delivered to your in-box for only $29.97! And a no-risk, total satisfaction guarantee with love from me to you ....

So, if you're ready to get started, then just click on the "Add to Cart" button below to purchase your own  Bustle & Sew Magazine Bundle....  




I am sure you'll enjoy reading the articles and creating  the designs from your  Bustle & Sew Magazines. It's so exciting when you realise you can confidently create all the projects you read about and how easy it is with my step by step fully illustrated patterns.

But remember, just in case, I'm backing up your purchase with a full money back guarantee. So if for any reason you feel The Bustle & Sew Magazine Bundle isn't for you, then send me an email within 60 days of purchase for your full refund.

Wishing you many happy years of stitching

Helen xx


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