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WARNING: This System is NOT for the Faint of Heart!

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only $77

Let’s face it. Millions of people LOSE PLAYING BLACKJACK


It’s time I finally teach you HOW to WIN!

You will LEAN TO COUNT CARDS, but more importantly

I’ve beaten BLACKJACK. It’s not the same game of chance that it was when I started – it’s easy now. Sure, it’s a way to make money, but it’s not the same GAME I started playing over twenty years ago. I’ve WON playing BLACKJACK and I’ve lost – NOW I ONLY WIN. In truth, I’ve always been a good BlackJack player. I lost more on my last divorce than I ever did over my twenty-year gambling career and I’ve known how to count cards since I was eleven.

It was just five short years ago, that I learned the SECRETS that put me over the top. Right after that, that I won more money than I had in probably 10 years before… in less than three months. Who would have known that after casually playing with an elderly well-to-do gentleman from Manchester, England, I would be given what was virtually a PRICELESS GIFT. I was having the time of my life while making…

$213,000 in 3 months!

Sure, while trying to get what I had just learned down to a science, I was kicked out of FIVE casinos (more about that later), but there are literally hundreds more that I still play at. What did I care. I was making money and having fun. But, in all seriousness, I could be banned from EVERY casino on the planet, for the rest of my life…
Just for what I am about to SHOW you!
(Don’t worry, I’ve taken precautions to hiding my identity, until I get to know you.)


Very few people know ALL of what I am going to show you. Sure, some know pieces of this or that, like the basics of card counting, or how to properly play with team mates. But very few people KNOW and APPLY all of the information you will learn with my system.

So, why have I decided to finally let the SECRETS OF WINNING BLACKJACK out to everyone?

Truth be told, I’m pissed! That’s right! I am MAD! I’m mad at the fact that the banking industry has practically defrauded every person in this country. I’m mad that the economy has gone down the crapper and a lot of my friends and family are suffering the consequences for the schemes some of these Wall Street folks pulled. And here we are, years after the financial “meltdown” and the same problems that caused the catastrophe in 2008 still exist. There is no way the housing market will recover in the next 5 years, in fact it’s going to get worse.

Before you get into this to deep, let me tell you that you can lose your life savings gambling. So don’t be a loser and go off gambling money you don’t have, or money your family needs to live on. If you are an obsessive gambler, then this is not for you!

This is for people who are headed out of town for the weekend and want to WIN. I’m not really looking to make professional gamblers out of the lot of you. I already have privately coached many on these techniques, and while it’s great to see them make money hand over fist, it sucks to see what people do with their lives when they BECOME RICH FOR THE FIRST TIME.

That’s why I rarely give private face-to-face tutoring any more. I did a lot the first couple of years, now like maybe one or two a year. That’s it!

Like I said earlier, I have had to take some precautions to hide my identity, until I get to know you. So, this is how this works.
Click on the “Get Instant Access” button. Pay for your membership You will get an email with login information and a link to MY CONFIDENTIAL MEMBERSHIP SITE, In the Membership Site, you will find the answers to any and all questions you have about how to win at BlackJack.

It’s no joke. I lived at Harrah’s for 6 months FREE, had a suite over looking Lake Tahoe, went skiing in the morning and gambled at night.

I was hitting up every casino I could find! I even won a $5,000 Royal Flush Hand on Video Poker.

Things were really going my way, until that fateful day…

When I finally got kicked out of my first casino, it was at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe. I had just sat down to the table for the first time that day. It wasn’t 5 minutes later that the Casino Manger came down to the floor and asked to speak with me. Wow, was I in shock! Let me tell you that he was very nice, as were all the dealers and staff I met at Harrah’s. They were all very nice to me during my entire stay.

He simply pulled me aside and said, “We going to have to ask you not to play Black Jack at Harrah’s any more.”

Of course I asked “Why Not?” And this is exactly what he said next…

“It’s obvious that you know this game better than anyone here. We have been watching you to see if you were playing with anyone else and it doesn’t appear that you are. Are you?”

I hadn’t been so of course I said, “I’m not!” He acknowledged that fact and said I was welcome to play any other game at the casino, just not Black Jack. I was CRUSHED!

Just like I state in my video I was kicked out of 5 casinos in 3 weeks for card counting.   I was definitely doing something wrong!   But what???

Well I finally figured it out and you will learn this secret in my exclusive BlackJack Card Counting membership site.



Let me tell you a little story that might explain some of this…

It wasn’t but a year later I showed up at a different property owned by Harrah’s, and you won’t believe what happened. After playing for about a half hour, THE SAME CASINO MANAGER came up to me with his two femaie assistants. WOW! Really? Again, he was very nice, and I won’t tell you his name, but he was at an entirely different property this time.  He asked me to come over and speak with him away from everyone else.

Again, I was told that Harrah’s didn’t want me playing Black Jack at ANY OF THEIR PROPERTIES. I queried him, asked him “WHY?”, and gave me a somewhat stern look and said, “You know exactly WHY!”… and of course I DID!

Then something amazing happened…

Like I said, he was a really nice guy. He walked back over the to table where I was playing, sat down and motioned me to sit as well.  At that point everyone else had be scared away.   We started talking briefly about the casino.  This dealers eyes were wider than saucers!   She was staring at her boss’s, boss’s, boss’s boss having this conversation with me, kicking me out of the casino and being nice about it.  Later, she approached me on her way to break and I found out she was half scared out of her mind. There were no other players around when he we were chatting.

Then all of the sudden he leaned over and said this to me…
“You’re going to have to cool it off for a while.   I’ll let you come back and play, as long as you’re not making any trouble.   I’m going to have to get it approved from corporate, but it will be on one condition.
“You’ll only be allowed to make one bet each hand, never increasing or decreasing your wager from hand to hand.“

And there you have it.  With those words, I was officially done playing BLACK JACK at every HARRAH’s casino for the rest of my life.

Now some of you are going to think that you already know the secrets I am about to share in my membership site based on the HINTS I have given you. But, let me assure you…


that I make available on BlackJackCrusher.com and the training tools on counting cards, that I offer there are second to none available on the internet.

At the time of this writing, I estimate there  may be 5,000 people on the planet who know what I teach at BlackJackCrusher.com.

Half of them work for the Casinos and the other half are BANNED from them.

BlackJackCrusher.com is a complete system including 2 KEY SECRETS that I learned for not getting caught and banned from the casino. AND TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU… THIS WORKS!

And in closing, just for fun, I will give you some more clues about THREE of the SECRETS here…
There is a formula to determine how much you should WAGER on each hand. The DECK COUNT does dictate EXACTLY how much you wager. You must learn to OBSERVE other KEY FACTORS along with your DECK COUNT.

I could tell you so much more about me, or even more about my Blackjack Secrets, but…


Get Instant Access to my Exclusive Membership NOW for

only $77

[ ](http://1.bjsecrets.pay.clickbank.net)

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