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ISBN 978-0-9769445-6-0

Ebook price $37  

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How do I select gold mining stocks? In which stage of mining should I invest: exploration, development, junior, mid-tier or major?  

What is the history of gold? Where is it found and who uses it?  

What is the significance of the gold standard? Should we return to it? What does that bode for the value of currencies? What is the role of central bankers?

Gold Thinkers answers all these questions and more. It is a contributory work; the product of extensive national research and a writing project that involved the work of some of America’s leading professors, economists, gold experts and financial writers. Their writings focus on the most important questions that prudent investors ask.

This book explains not only how to select investments in gold mining stocks, but it provides a historical analysis of why gold is such an enduring benchmark providing safety in times of uncertainty.  

Within these pages you will learn the differing viewpoints of learned economists on the history of the gold standard and the rationale for returning to it. 

It includes valuable references for the serious investor. 

Inside you’ll find:

How to identify good gold mining stocks before their big increase in value.

How to evaluate the exploration and development companies, the junior, mid-tier and major gold producers.

Gold in history.

A defense of the gold standard.

An evaluation of the contributions of Friedman, Mundell, Hayek, and Greenspan to monetary theory and in particular as it relates to the gold standard.

Competing currencies.

How the gold standard works in theory and in practice.

The best sources for gold coin retailers.

This book is your key to understanding how and why.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order Gold Thinkers today, and if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, simply request a no-hassle unconditional 60 day refund, and we'll refund your money. 

Ebook price $37  

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Gold Thinkers

 Ebook price $37

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