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Online Dating Safety Kit
STOP! Looking for love in all the wrong
places! Save yourself time and money by choosing the right site for
STOP! Making the same mistakes that so many other people are
making and start making safer and smarter decisions to avoid the
dangers of online dating!
STOP! Chasing away your prospects for love by saying the wrong
thing. Learn how to FLIRT and COMMUNICATE more effectively!
STOP! Drifting through the online maze of internet dating sites
and leaving yourself vunerable to predators and scammers!
START! Enjoying your online experience with the proper tools to
remain safe from predators and scams!
START! Living the fairy tale romance that you deserve!
START! Dating with more self confidence!
START! Using online dating services to your advantage instead of
being just another customer!
Welcome to the World of Online Dating,

Online dating has become so popular that you need a tour guide to
navigate your way through all of the sites. Sites now cater to just
about any objective or group, from religious beliefs to sexual

The same things that make online dating convenient make it dangerous.
With so many people looking to make a connection online, Predators and
Scammers are making a good living off of the people who do not protect

The internet is full of horror stories about people who have fallen
victim to these con artists. From emotional and financial victims to
unimaginable physical abuses, the journey of finding your ideal match
can be a dangerous undertaking.

Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting... and it can be if you
have the proper tools to defend against the not so honest people that
are waiting to take advantage of you.

The Emotional Self Defense Group has put together an A-Z program to
help make online dating fun and safe for the online daters.
The Online Dating Survival Kit was developed in co-operation
with experts in many fields. It is the goal of The Emotional Self
Defense Group to make online dating a safe and fun environment for all
of those who wish to take advantage of developing an online meeting
and transforming it into a rewarding relationship. From seasoned
online daters to the online newbies, The Online Dating Survival Kit
offers the key to online dating success.

Using the right form of communication at the right time can make the
difference in having a second date or even a second conversation. In
The Online Dating Survival Kit you will learn the key to communicating
effectively with a new friend or within a relationship.

A relationship holds a delicate balance of actions and reactions.
Knowing when to give and when to take is crucial to a successful
relationship, whether it is long term or short term. Using the tools
in The Online Dating Survival Kit, you will increase your chances of
beginning a new, or continuing an existing relationship successfully.

With the assistance of a former online predator, we will show you the
best safe guards against scams and how to avoid becoming a victim.
WARNING: Research has shown that Online Daters can spend up to
2 years and thousands of dollars, running around in circles looking
for the right match.
The Online Dating Safety Kit can reduce your costs and the
frustration of wasted time and money while searching for your happily
ever after online.

Everyday people invest money to protect themselves
buy purchasing insurance policies that they hope they never have to

Car Insurance $1,200/yearly
House Insurance $750/yearly

Doesn't it just make sense to get yourself some emotional insurance
that you can use every single day to avoid a tragedy rather than
recover from one?

You wouldn't swim with the sharks without a shark cage.

Get your peace of mind and guide to success to protect yourself
emotionally as well as physically.
Module #1 - Survival Kit
When it comes to online dating many people seem to just jump in
without taking the proper precautions. The Online Dating Survival Kit
is designed to teach online daters how to find the happiness they are
looking for while remaining safe.
Module #2 - Getting Started
Mixing safety with common sense will greatly increase your chances to
avoid becoming an internet horror story. Online dating is an effective
way to meet new people and begin new relationships regardless of your
dating history. First timers, widows and widowers, divorced and
divorcee everything in between are finding their dream partners.
Module #3 - How to Create an Effective Profile
An effective profile is vital to online dating success. It is after
all the first impression others will have of you. Using these tools
will help you create an interesting yet effective and safe profile
while using the internet to find your ideal partner.
Module #4 - Dating Safety
Volume One
Protecting yourself from online scammers is a simple matter of common
sense and using the tools provided. Do not let your quest for
happiness end up causing you heartache or financial hardship.
Module #5 - Online Dating Safety
Volume Two
There are worse things than having your heart broken and your bank
account pilfered. Online predators pose a serious threat to those who
are seeking happiness online. Use these tools to prevent becoming a
victim of these monsters.
Module #7 - The Art of Flirting
Flirting is the key to attracting someone's attention There is a fine
line between flirting and being sleazy. Knowing where that line is can
mean the difference between clever and being rude.
Module #6 - Effective Communication
Many relationships fail for the wrong reason. Effective communication
can increase the odds of success by helping to avoid
Module # 8 - The First Date
The first date is important for many reasons. It is possible to have
an interesting first date while remaining safe. Getting your
relationship off on the right foot while avoiding dangerous encounters
is not as difficult as it seems.
Module #9(a) - Understanding Her
Module #9(b) - Understanding Him
No one will ever have a complete understanding of the opposite sex,
but having a better understanding will help you communicate more
effectively with your partner.
Module #10 - Making it Work
After all your hard work to find a new partner you want to give your
new relationship the best chance possible. Relationships are
constantly evolving. These tools will help you increase the odds of
making that relationship a success.
The Emotional Self Defense Group
The Online Dating Safety Kit
The Online Dating Safety Kit is the property of the
Emotional Self Defense group. For information on the Safety Kit or any
of our other products contact us at:
One Time Payment Only $97
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Entire Program For Only $97
This program took us years to develop, and cost us a small
fortune to produce. Using personal experiences from online daters,
professionals in various fields and even 1 former online player... But
we wanted to keep it affordable for everyone to benefit. So the price
is just $97.
Important Notice: You will need adobe and any media player
to view the videos and manuals.
*Instructions to access your complete product will delivered
to your email with complete download instructions with 1 hour of
confirmation of payment*
One Time Payment Only $97

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