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Discover The Seven Biggest Secrets of Personal and Spiritual
Development That Could Change Your Life

"Discover The Seven Biggest Secrets
of Personal and Spiritual Development
That Could Just Change Your Life..."


Hi there Dale here, and I want to tell you a story...

I wish I could tell you an intriguing tale about how I found an
ancient manuscript written in a forgotten language, hidden in a dusty
old attic that held the unknown secrets to the universe!

I wish I could reveal to you an amazing yarn about how I searched
for years to find the only language expert in the world who could
reveal these secrets to me, and how my life changed instantly when I
grasped the hidden treasure trove of knowledge that the ancient words

I wish I could amaze you with the story of untold wealth that
suddenly appeared in my life, the health, the success and the
lifestyle that started to cascade into my experience as soon as I
discovered these secrets!


My story begins in the fall of 1991 when I picked up a book by
Napoleon Hill.

That book was called "Think And Grow Rich" and my life certainly
changed for the better... but it wasn't an instant flash of
inspiration that immediately made my life perfect!

There were no fanfares of heavenly trumpets, no immediate lightening
strikes of creative brilliance, nor were there any cascades of success
that came from nowhere to fill my previously mediocre life with
abundance and prosperity!

There was however awakened within me a thirst - a yearning for more
knowledge, a desire to learn everything I could about this most
amazing of subjects...


Over the years that followed I devoured every bit of information I
could get my hands on: I read books; Attended seminars; Bought tapes
and videos; Anything and everything I could get hold of... I became a
student of personal development.

There certainly were many _"AHA!"_ moments as each newly discovered
piece of the jigsaw fell into place, but the journey was long and
arduous, fraught with disappointment, discouragement and

Each time I thought that I had the whole picture, something else
would come along and make me realise that I had a long way to go, and
much, _ MUCH_ more to learn!

I soon realised that my journey was never going to have a
destination, but the actual process of taking each step was the
reward; enjoying the journey was the purpose, not reaching the

The success I was to experience manifested as the person I started
to become as a result of my studies. But my success wasn't through
business, finances or the shrewd manipulation of others.

The success I garnered from my years of study lived within me, my
attitude, my inner awareness, my inner peace (still working on this
today, although I am a lot closer that I used to be!)

The attitudes of my mind slowly began to change: -

The feelings inside me started to become more positive (although I
still have my down days - I am still only human!)

My experiences started to take on new meanings for me.

My life would never be the same again!

I can no longer rely on the luxury of being a victim! For I realised
a long time ago that my life must be just that: MY LIFE and no one

The only power we have is the power to control our thoughts, and by
being a victim, that power is given away to someone else!

I can no longer watch a movie or read a story without applying the
principles I have learned over the years to the characters and
situations within the story!

I am totally immersed in these principles, they have become part of
me... they are entrenched within my psyche to such a degree that I am
now completely unable to think, live, breath, feel or exist outside of

I have eaten from the tree of knowledge and my life has improved
vastly because of this!


In 1998 I started to write my ideas down in order to understand them
better... my own individual perspective has given me a unique slant on
the much told tale of personal and spiritual development...

Through the years I have added to these ideas, and eventually I came
to the conclusion that I MUST publish them in order to share my
perspective with other people who might be interested... fellow
students who might take some solace from the fact that there is at
least one other like themselves who is also searching, and someone who
has found his own personal answer to the questions haunting us all.


Who are we?


Where do we come from?



My journey has brought me to you.

You are here today because you too are searching.

You are here today because you too want to know the truth!

I wish I could give you the whole truth! But I only have my own
truth to give...

My own truth has given me a better grasp on my life, it has made the
inner turmoil easier to calm, it has made the journey that much more
enjoyable, more hopeful and far more exciting.

My desires are now fuelled far more by positive attitudes, and far
less held down by the baggage of negativity that I used to harness as
my emotional ground of being.

When I have my down days, I no longer allow myself the luxury of
consistent self pity... but after a small snuffle... I wipe away the
tears, get myself up, dust myself off and start all over again!
Sometimes with a heavy heart, but always with the knowledge that
forward is where life is at, moving on, working towards that goal...

Without the knowledge I have digested, personal tragedies like the
loss of my parents would have TOTALLY devastated me... don't get me
wrong, it was still like being hit by a freight train, but my recovery
was far quicker and more positive, I had the strength of character
already within me to hold me up against the pain! I really don't know
how I would have coped without this knowledge! In that one instance
alone, I stared death in the face and he lost!

I'm sure that my life has been saved by my truth!

I know that my existence now has meaning, purpose and I have a
definite place in the world!

And I would like to share my 20 year journey with you.

Today I am giving you the chance to share in my truth in the shape
of my book:

"The Seven Biggest Secrets of
Personal and Spiritual Development Success."

You see although my journey started out as personal development, not
long into my adventure I realised that the power of spirit is
intertwined with everything that we do.

In fact without spirit there can be no life!

Mind is the source of all thought, and spirit is the seat of the

Your brain is merely the communication tool that your mind uses to
interact with the physical environment we have created as our world -
our universe!

There is nothing but thought, imagination, ideas and concepts!

And your mind holds the power of all these, because the only
principle that mind has to work with is thought!

Thoughts are things and things are thoughts.

Thoughts become things because we are the creative energy that
brings everything into existence!

Observation brings everything into existence through something the
quantum physicists call "collapsing the wave function", where energy
actually changes into matter simply because we are looking at it! Mind
over matter is NOT where it's at: -


If you would like to share in my journey, then CLICK HERE NOW to get
hold of my truth in _"THE 7 SECRETS"_ for just $17-77.

You get the condensed essence of EVERYTHING I've learned throughout
my journey over the past 20 years. And no need to wait to get your
hands on this treasure - it's instantly downloadable straight to your
hard drive!

I have left nothing out... remember, I wrote all this down to make
sense of my lessons, to give myself an idea of how far my journey has
taken me ... you get the whole 20 year adventure edited into 125 pages
that you can have immediate access to right now...

You get my unique perspective on the whole subject... and remember,
perspective makes everything look different, change your viewpoint of
something and you might not even recognise it!


Take a coin and hold it in the palm of your hand.

Look down at the disc from above.

See how it fills the centre of your palm.

Now take this coin between your thumb and forefinger. Hold it at
arms length, edge on, in line with your eyes.

The same coin now looks like a slender line, but...


Nothing has changed but your view point... you are looking at
exactly the same coin from a totally different perspective, and it
looks NOTHING like it did when it was in your palm!

If my book _ "THE 7 SECRETS"_ can help you look at your life from a
different angle, then everything might look totally different for you.

Just a tiny little shift in perception can make a HUGE difference to
you life!

And that's exactly what you will get for $17-77 by



I want you to find out for yourself if these ideas can help you
change your life... that's why I am GUARANTEEING it for a FULL 60

Get hold of the book, read it, devour it, digest it, imbibe yourself
in the wisdom of its pages and if you don't feel it's helped you gain
a new perspective on your life, then you can have the knowledge for
NOTHING!!! It's on me!


It can only help you improve your life, and it will cost you nothing
to find out if it will work for you, because with my 100% Satisfaction
Guarantee I am giving you 60 whole days to check it out for yourself,
and if for any reason you don

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