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Introducing The "How I Got Six Pack Abs" Ebook

[](http://www.howigotsixpackabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Erick-Salgado-Competing-In-Mens-Physique.jpg)I have spent over a decade attempting to get Ripped SIX PACK ABS. I made plenty of mistakes, wasted years are hard work following ineffective programs and spent a small fortune on useless products. Finally, after competing in various shows, and networking with the top fitness experts, I discovered How The Pro’s Get Ripped SIX PACK ABS!

Eventually, people began to ask me fitness advice and I began to think “What would I like to have known about getting SIX PACK ABS when I started?” As much as I love helping people get in great shape, I did not want to repeat the all details of SIX PACK ABS success over and over again, so I began to write a book. How I Got Six Pack Abs is the result of over a decade of failures and success which will help you save time and money on your journey to getting SIX PACK ABS!

How I Got SIX PACK ABS is a downloadable Ebook. In it I go into great detail about all the various aspects of training, dieting, and lifestyle that must be balanced to achieve SIX PACK ABS. THIS IS NOT A GET FIT QUICK SCAM! How I Got Six Pack Abs outlines the actual program and techniques I use to get competition and Photoshop ready.

Similar Ebook are available online and while many authors claim their ebooks provide the answer or truth about getting six pack abs, I found the content to be lacking. Most are filled with scientific hype and often refer to studies that “suggest” their technique is effective. In reality, many of these techniques do not prove to be as effective as these authors would lead you to believe, which is why many fitness models and competitors don’t use them. Oh, and most of the time you also have to use a special product that you can purchase from that author to get better results… Please. I have been in the Fitness Industry long enough to know when someone is trying to sell me snake oil and when someone is genuine.

How I Got Six Pack Abs gives you the simple hard truth about achieving SIX PACK ABS. No Fluff! No Empty Promises! No Special Products! Just REAL Advice from a National Fitness Athlete and Fitness Model.

[](http://www.howigotsixpackabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Erick-Salgado-Photo-Shoot-With-Jason-Ellis-2.jpg)Committed To Your Success,

Erick Salgado

Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness Model

National Men’s Physique Competitor

Owner of The Camp Boot Camp Riverside


Author of How I Got Six Pack Abs
See what other are saying…

“Getting Six Pack Abs can be difficult and frustrating. Erick has taken the proven strategies real fitness models use and explains them in a very easy to read format.”
Shaka Smith - Fitness Model

“I wish I  had the How I Got Six Pack Abs Ebook when I started training. I would have saved myself plenty of time and money.”
Scott Clifton - Pro Wrestler

“I wasn’t always fit. I struggled with my weight but I was able to get Six Pack Abs using the techniques Erick describes in the How I Got Six Pack Abs Ebook.”
Tim Roberts - National Men's Physique Competitor

“Finally! An Ebook about abs that tells it like it is. You will not find a bunch of empty promises and marketing fluff here, just the hard facts.”
Abbas Kahn -Personal Trainer

“How I Got Six Pack Abs is Great! It is refreshing to read a book about getting six pack abs from an author that actually knows what he is talking about. Must Read!”
Alim Shabazz - Owner of Grean Tea Hawaii

“Wow! Erick took what takes most people years to learn and put it in this awesome book. How I Got Six Pack Abs is a straight to the point, no B.S., fact verses fiction Ebook about getting Six Pack Abs. Don’t waste another workout…Read this Ebook!”
Tommy Reynolds -Personal Trainer

“The best investment you can make is in yourself. Learn from the Pros. The How I Got Six Pack Abs Ebook is a great read. Erick did and excellent job putting this information together.”
Adam Downs - Fitness Model

“How I Got Six Pack Abs is the only Ebook you need about getting abs. All other Ebooks fail in comparison. Having competed against Erick on the national stage, Its no wonder he wrote such a useful book. He outlines the truth about how to get ripped six pack abs.”
Bobby Ashhurst -IFBB Pro

“I met Erick while getting ready for my first Men’s Physique Competition.  He knows what he is talking about and his book tells it like it is. Get this book!”
Cecil Hill - National Men's Physique Competitor

“So many people make fitness mistakes that prevent them from getting the results they want. Professional Guidance helps people avoid making these costly mistakes and accelerates their progress. Do yourself a favor and get the How I Got Six Pack Abs Ebook. You wont regret it.”
Craig Kastning - Owner of Chi Town Boot Camps

“Having meet Erick at a national competition, I can assure you that he is honest and professional. His Ebook,  How I Got Six Pack Abs, is a perfect example of his dedication to helping people get in great shape. If you are motivated to get real results, get How I Got Six Pack Abs.”
Cris Villa - Fitness Model

“What can I say that has not already been said? Erick is the real deal. He knows what he is talking about because he practices what he preaches. How I Got Six Pack Abs is a great resource to anyone looking to get six pack abs because it is based on real experience.  I highly recommend How I Got Six Pack Abs.”
Erik Mara - Fitness Coach

“Many books are designed to sell. How I Got Six Pack Abs was designed to get your results. Erick does not hold back. he reveals the truth about getting six pack abs whether you like it or not.”
Craig Capruso - IFBB Pro

“Lets be completely honest. There are plenty of get fit quick programs out there. This is not one of them. When Erick wrote How I Got Six Pack Abs, he wanted to help people get long lasting results and learn how the pros get ripped six pack abs. I give it my stamp of approval.”
Adam Lamb -Fitness Model

“Unfortunately, many people buy into fitness scams. With so many empty promises being made by fitness companies, no wonder many people are skeptical. How I Got Six Pack Abs delivers honest advice from a real fitness professional. Get this book if you are serious about getting shredded.”
Kelly Bautista - National Bodybuilder

“Erick’s book is a refreshing read about how we get prepped for photo shoots and competitions. How I Got Six Pack Abs delivers results because it reveals the truth.”
Ian Lauer - Fitness Model/ Actor

Do you want RIPPED SIX PACK ABS like these?


You could spend hours doing research, talking to various fitness experts, spend a small fortune on an array of different fitness products, only to still find yourself confused. Maybe you have already wasted some time and money. You just want some real answers about how to get six pack abs.

I know exactly what you are going through. I have spent years doing research, and know the top fitness experts in the industry. I have spent thousands of dollars on various fitness products and at times, I was completely lost. But after years of searching and thousands of dollars invested, I finally figured out how to fit all the pieces together. That is the reason I developed this site.

Check Out My Transformation Below.


“after years of searching and thousands of dollars invested I finally figured how to fit all the pieces together.”

I want to share with you what I have learned so you do not have to make the same mistakes I have made, saving you time and money. I want to share with you How I Got Six Pack Abs.

Now, this site is not for everyone. If you are Committed, you will benefit greatly from the knowledge I am about to share with you. You will save lots of time and money. But if you are inconsistent this is a bad investment. You see I can show you exactly How I Got Six Pack Abs but if you do not give 100% of your effort, you will fall short. I am good, but I cannot work miracles here. Now, before I describe what you will find in How I Got Six Pack Abs, let me go over what you will not find.

You Will NOT Find:
Get fit quick scams The magic pill that instantly give you the perfect body Insane promises that you will get unrealistic results

You Will Find:
Proven Diet Strategies Effective Weight Lifting Tips Sound Cardio Advice Life Style Guidance Supplements Recommendations My Exact Blue Print to get Extreme Abs And Much More!!!

[](http://www.howigotsixpackabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Erick-Salgado-The-Ab-Pro.jpg)How I Got Six Pack Abs contains all of the information I have obtained over my years of experience. Many people spend $500 a month working with a fitness professional to obtain this information.

But, How I Got Six Pack Abs does NOT cost $500

Many people waste Thousands of dollars on get fit quick scams and useless products.

How I Got Six Pack Abs dispels the myths saving you time and money.

Worst of all, many people seek advice from mass media resources which are more concerned with profit than your results.

How I Got Six Pack Abs was written to help you get the results you want.

Act Now and get How I Got Six Pack Abs for…

Only $47!
Plus You Are Covered By Our Gaurantee

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
I want you to be 100% satisfied with How I Got Six Pack Abs, and I am confident you will be. But just to remove all doubt out of your mind I want to offer this incredible guarantee.
If you’re not thoroughly convinced that the information I provided for you is not worth every single penny that your invested, just let us know and we will refund your money.

Do we have a deal?

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Real Success Stories!

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