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Child Support
Modification Workbook
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How to Reduce your Child Support

Do you want to modify your current child support order but don’t have the money for an attorney and are not sure how to do it yourself? Well, I am here to help. After completing this workbook, you will be able to file for your own motion for modification of child support. This workbook guides you step-by-step through the process including:

1. Common child support myths
2. How to file a motion for modification
3. Methods for minimizing child support
4. Child support worksheets
5. Court documents checklist
6. What to expect in the courtroom
7. Civil contempt & purge payments
8. Blank court forms

I created this workbook to navigate you through the process I personally used to reduce my child support by over 55%!

You may be asking yourself, "Why should I listen to this guy; he is not a lawyer or a judge." However, I am an advocate of fathers who has nearly ten years of personal experience with child support. I have two children by two different mothers who each live in different counties. All of these factors complicate my case far more than if you have two children with the same mother. With child support cases in different counties, I have had to deal with multiple judges, caseworkers, courtrooms, and countless forms, notices, motions, and worksheets. In this workbook I explain in great detail how I dealt with these various aspects of child support and how, you too, can use these same techniques to legally reduce your child support payments. In the workbook I prepare you for what to expect in court and explain all the documents needed to be prepared to present your case in court. You CAN file to modify and reduce your own child support payments just like I have at anytime. Do not delay! Do not wait for a three year review! Act now and stop adding more to your arrears because you are unable to pay your current child support court order.

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Author's Bio

Ethan Matthews is a father of two who has nearly 10 years of personal experience with child support. With his first hand knowledge you can learn how to modify and reduce your child support payment considerably depending on your situation. Throughout his experience, Ethan has faced extensive arrears , civil contempt charges, the Sherriff knocking on his door, and purge payments. He has dealt with all this without an attorney and even reduced his child support payments by over 55%. Do not continue to face this overwhelming experience in your life without help. Ethan empowers you with his knowledge and explains step by step what he has learned while dealing with the child support system.

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Copyright © 2011 Ethan Matthews

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