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Half Dozen Secrets to Bulletproof Your Health How a Half-Dozen
things that you are now doing,
accounts for over 80% of your health problems.

There are secrets being kept from you. When you learn these secrets
you will...

Bulletproof Your Health!

Discover the Half Dozen Secrets that are standing between YOU and
Vibrant Health!

The Half Dozen Health Secrets that are Secretly Killing YOU!

Why these 6 pieces of critical information are being hidden and
suppressed in America, but millions of people in every other country
on earth and thousands of doctors use these health "secrets" everyday
to achieve vibrant health without pharmaceuticals or expensive
procedures. Read how you can turn your health around almost instantly,
with costs ranging from zero to just a few dollars a month.

by Mark Davison __

Reading time: 12 minutes, 31 seconds.

What if... you lived in a world where you weren't always feeling
sick, or afraid of the cost of getting sick? What if you didn't have
to worry about getting bad news from your doctor -- or feel helpless
as someone that you love suffers with diabetes, cancer, heart disease
or Alzheimers? What if you knew the critical information that health
professionals aren't telling you?

Wouldn't you want to know the simple secrets used throughout the
world that prevent people from getting diabetes, Alzheimer's and
arthritis, being overweight and sick and stressed all of the time?

I'll bet that someone you know probably has one or more of the
following diseases that cause pain and suffering that is unnecessary.
Agreed? Want to check these off to see how many new "lifestyle"
diseases have become important to you? _Cancer_, Joint
problems/Arthritis_, Asthma_, Headaches_, Autism_, Alzheimer's_, Gum
disease_, Breast cancer_, Migraines_, Parkinson's disease_, Stomach
acid_, Kidney disease_, High blood pressure_, Elevated cholesterol_,
Excess water weight_, Obesity_, Crohn's disease_, Depression_, ADD_,
Shortness of breath_, Food allergies_, Low energy_, Difficulty
sleeping_ _

Imagine not having to worry about having allergies again, or getting
the flu, or having annoying headaches or having debilitating joint
pain ruin your plans.

What if you were able to stack the odds in your favor, against
getting any disease that seems to run in your family? What if you
could join the 3% of the US population that aren't dependent on the
Health Care System?

And what if all you had to do to turn your back on bad health, was to
learn and apply just a Half Dozen principles and ideas that are easy
to do and virtually free?

If you are like me, you are probably saying that this seems
impossible, that nothing that simple could have such far-reaching
effects. I can understand your feelings. I felt exactly the same way.
But I found that I was wrong, It is not only possible, it is simple.

So I'm going to ask you to take a leap of faith with me, just for a
moment, to leave behind some of what you "know" to be true. Let me
take you on a shortened journey that retraces my own steps in
discovering these Half Dozen things that you are probably doing
"wrong" right now, that are compromising your health. In a very real
sense, your own life might depend on your reading this information.

If you came so very close to learning a piece of information that
could turn your life and health around, but you stopped short and
didn't read about it, would you ever forgive yourself? What if one of
these Half Dozen things made the difference between you or a loved one
suffering with a chronic disease or living life in perfect health.
Wouldn't you want to be able to share that life saving information? Of
course you would. There is no cost to reading on for a few moments,
yet the information may be literally priceless.

If you take the short time to read this article from beginning to
end, I'll tell you more about...

+ a simple, _scientifically proven_ easy change that you can make in
two foods that you eat that will create a virtual force field in your
body, naturally protecting you from bacteria, viruses and most
diseases ever taking hold.. This simple change makes your body an
undesirable place for disease.

+ an incredibly toxic compound, that is listed by OSHA as a potent
neurotoxin and poison that you are using every day, that is taxing
your body's resources unecessarily and thwarting your efforts to stay
healthy, and voluntarily putting you at the mercy of the healthcare
system; and a no cost change that you can make to avoid it.

+ a safe and low cost, simple addition that you can make to your
food, just once a day, for under 5 cents, that will virtually cure
heartburn, and acid digestive diseases, without any medication.

If you... or someone you care about suffers from, or are _at risk_ of
acquiring, any_ _disease, this will be the most important information
that you'll ever read in your life. If you are sick and tired of
feeling sick and tired, and want to take charge of your own health
instead of being victimized by a broken health care system, this is
for you

With just the six simple changes outlined in this book, A Half Dozen
Secrets, you can "opt out" of being sick and dependent on the health
care system, and watch the gloomy news from the outside, knowing that
you are insulated and safe and healthy.

You'll discover information so secret, but so simple, that you'll
kick yourself for not realizing this sooner. Most other countries in
the world, that aren't suffering with the rising tide of ill health
that Americans face, have discovered the benefits of this powerful
knowledge. But something about these simple ideas that can help every
American bypass the profitable grips of the medical machine, is
meeting with resistance by all of the mainstream medical
establishment. Maybe they fear a tremendous loss of income if
Americans ever figured out a no-cost way to stay healthy. You may
never have thought of how profitable just one sick American is to the
health care system. This information could be banned at any time.
Time is of the essence, you need to put this information to work for
you and your family today, before it is too late. If just one of these
no-cost ideas could keep you out of the doctor's office, just once,
you can imagine the compound effect that this would have on medical
practictioners. With six such powerful tactics, the effect on the
"sickness treating system" would be devastating (to them). Think of
it, people actually keeping themselves healthy without doctors,
treatments or expensive drugs. This information is simple, but
extremely powerful to helping you to reclaim your own vibrant health,
locked inside of you. You can never know too much, and the Half Dozen
Secrets will forever change you. You know the saying, Knowledge is

Just one of these half a dozen things that you will learn, has been


In the 1920s... Russia was in a state of revolution with tens of
thousands of citizens held in prison for opposing the state. The
ruling government was looking for some way to quiet the angry
prisoners, so that they would stay passive and calm and not be
rebelious. They discovered that a substance that is sometimes found in
natural soil, perfectly fit the bill. It is tasteless in small
quantities and yet it alters the centers of the brain that control
free-will and assertiveness. (These, coincidentally, are the same
parts of the brain that are influenced by hypnosis.) They added it to
the water of the prison population and it worked perfectly. It easily
and economically kept the prisoner's mood in check. Years later, in
America, whether by intention or just bad luck, we are now exposed to
this same passifying, mind numbing additive in things that we eat and

Aside from keeping a massive group of citizens permanently "under
the weather", this compound has found its way into "health products"
in concentrations high enough to cause actual brain damage. In the
1930s, the US Public Health Department declared the removal of this
poison as the highest priority of ensuring the health of our citizens.
Today, it remains just as toxic, but its use is commonplace, yet so
easy to avoid when you have the facts and a full understanding of the
ways that it can be used against your everyday good health. Removing
this poison from your life is one of the Half Dozen secrets that I'll
share with you. You won't believe how "well" you feel just by
employing this one secret in your life.

I'll bet... you know someone close to you who could use to "lose a
few pounds". Weight loss is a common concern in America, and obesity
is at the root of so many "lifestyle" diseases that seem to be
increasing around us each year. In chapter four I'll explain how just
becoming conscious of this one health risk secret will give you the
'keys to the castle'' to understanding and reversing weight gain.

Is there a family history of disease in your past? Good news. That
genetic history just represents the possibility that disease will
occur, not the inevitability. Our genes and DNA give all of us
different "chances" of contracting disease, but this no longer
condemns us to having the disease any more than having bank-robbers
for parents will make their children be criminals. In order to get a
disease that might be coded in our genes, the genetic code needs to be
expressed. It requires some "perfect storm" of events to occur in
order for the evil genie to leave the bottle. Knowing the Half Dozen
Secrets will help you to keep the lid on disease in your life, even
(especially) hereditary ones. If you have disease in your family, you
absolutely need to read this information, because it will make you
bulletproof from most diseases.

You know people who have diabetes. The reason that I can make that
claim with certainty is that, with almost three trillion dollars of
medical research and funding, we have managed to increase the rate of
diabetes tenfold during the past thirty years. Put four people in a
room, and statistically, one has diabetes. I hate to say this, but
diabetes (and cancer and arthritis and heart disease) are big
business. And the our health care machine isn't interested in curing
anything, but in treating symptoms. I certainly didn't want to believe
that this is true, but the facts don't lie. Let me say it one more
time. Big business isn't interested in curing anything! The simple
information that you'll discover in the Half Dozen Secrets will help
you to re-understand the root causes of these diseases and conditions,
and not just indefinitely treat the symptoms. Information can be
truly powerful when it is taken out of hiding and put into the hands
of everyday people to empower them and revitalize their health.

There are many countries and areas of the world that have nearly
perfect health, and their language doesn't even contain the words to
describe diabetes or heart disease. This is not because they are
primitive or ignorant, this is because they don't have these diseases.
Zero. Non issue. No need for the word. They just have health. They
would look at you with a funny, puzzled face if you tried to describe
the idea of cancer or heart disease. And we can learn from them. There
are some well documented practices that these people do, to ensure
that they keep great distance from these diseases. I'll help you
understand them and easily apply these to your life, starting today.

Vibrant good health is normal, and is our birthright. We forget what
great health feels like. The decline of health in America is shameful
in such a wonderful country with so many positive qualities. The sad
part (at least to me) is that this powerful and often simple
information is being kept from us in America, almost as though the
"system" would rather have us be sick. Before it is too late, and this
information is forever banned, I encourage you to read about the Half
Dozen things that you can do to bulletproof your health.




Feeling a little stressed... and struggling just to stay afloat?
We're just a few paychecks from being out on the street, a few
cholesterol points from having a massive cardiac disaster, and a candy
bar away from becoming an insulin-dependent diabetic for life. How did
we get here, in the wealthiest country on earth? Just a few
generations ago, it seems that we ate the same food, drank the same
water and lived the same lives, without the overwhelming risk of
disease that we now face. How did things get so bad in such a short

The answer can be found in a simple statement that I didn't want to
believe, but now feel is sadly true: America's bad health is highly
profitable. Let me rephrase that. It is in the best interest of the
health care business for us to be sick.

Understand this simple statement, and the world around us begins to
look different, and gradually, things begin to make more sense. We
realize that we cannot foolishly and blindly depend on anyone,
especially the health care system, to keep us healthy. That sounds
scary, but it really has never been true that our own health comes
from others. Good health always radiates from within ourselves.
Health isn't in a pill, or a treatment or an office visit; good health
comes from getting out of our own way to let our bodies heal and
repair. There is a wisdom that our bodies have that will, and has
always, caused healing from within. There are a Half Dozen things that
we are now doing wrong, that are holding us back from doing that
self-healing. Together, I'll show you how to reverse these critical
factors, and unleash the God-given capacity that we have, to always be
well. The problem is - you'll probably never stumble on these Half
Dozen things on your own. They are buried and hidden and, frankly, the
health care establishment doesn't have much interest in telling you
these secrets and losing you as a profitable patient.

You know that I can't stop you from stubbing your toe, skinning your
knee or even taking an unfortunate fall. That's not what we're talking
about here. What you will learn, though, is a means to ensure that
good vibrant health is the natural, normal state of your being, not
aches and pains and arthritis and diabetes and heart disease and

I was thinking back. My grandparents were simple people. They
probably couldn't expect to live quite as long as we do today, but the
general health that they experienced, far surpasses the quality of
life that we are seeing today in America. There have been some quantum
breakthroughs in surgery, with antibiotics and in our understanding of
disease. In the past fifty years, there are also dozens of things
that have drifted off course, but there are a Half Dozen things that
you can do to change and improve your health permanently, without
drugs, prescriptions and expensive treatments. And these don't require
weird science either. You don't have to meditate or do yoga on your
head or anything like that. This is easy stuff that anyone can
understand; that everyone can do. Simple secrets that stand between
you and vibrant health. Until now, no one stepped forward to tell you.
Each year in the United States, there is over One Trillion Dollars
($1,000,000,000,000.00) of earnings tied to keeping these Half Dozen
Secrets locked away. You'll never hear about them in a magazine, on a
talk show or from your doctor. I want to see as many people as
possible declare a War of Independence from lifetime medications, from
feeling sick and tired, and from being a magnet for disease. There is
no need for it. With a few simple steps you can cure the source of
your fatigue and stress and obesity, instead of dancing around the
symptoms. We can all stop focusing on treating diabetes or cancer or
heart disease and set up our bodies as a fortress against even the
idea of any of these conditions. It is simple. I have adopted a
saying, though. It is easy to do, but easy not to do.

This stuff and these half dozen things are easy to understand, life
changing and easy to do. But it is important to understand that it is
easy not to do. You can just as easily choose to stay in the dark, to
never discover the secrets that others are keeping from you that are
holding you hostage. Sometimes it is easier not to know. To be
ignorant. If that is the case for you, I understand the urge to be
skeptical, but I beg you to at least read one chapter, put just one of
these techiniques into play in your life, and see for yourself how
much better you feel. Once you feel and discover your power and the
vitality of good health, there will be no stopping you. That is why I
am willing to stand behind my words and let you decide for yourself.

Here is an exercise. Humor me for a minute. Together, lets figure out
what being in the dark and not discovering these secrets might be
costing you.

Take a look at your close family, and see how many people are
affected by the chronic, bad health that surrounds us. I'm not talking
about the pain in your shoulder from the bicycle accident when you
were eight. I mean the chronic gnawing blur of obesity and diabetes
and heart disease and high blood pressure and stress and depression
and cancer and Alzheimers and autism and allergies that surround us
and leave us with less ability to enjoy life. From any one of these,
there are days and evenings where we are just too tired to live life
and laugh and be with friends and family. There are health challenges
that prevent us from joining in with others as they walk and climb and
hike. There are places that we don't go because we are worried about
our health. We lose valuable moments of vitality with friends and
family. The constant cloud of fear and stress steal our energy and our
desire. Gradually life gets smaller, and our world starts to close in
on us. We look up and suddenly, we aren't living life anymore, we are
dulled and depressed and dependent and a part of us is dead, going
through the motions of living. This is not life, but this is all that
we get to look forward to if we don't take our own health into our

I'm telling you, there are a just a Half Dozen things standing
between the way things are now and reclaiming your health back from
the system. You can do it. It isn't expensive, difficult, or even time
consuming. Some of you will try this stuff out, make a few changes and
forever be a different person with more choices. And then, some of you
will cross your arms, believe everything that you read in People
Magazine, and never realize how good and vibrant and strong you could
be feeling, a few days or weeks from now. Your choice. Feeling weak
today? In chapter 7 of my book, I'll show you why this might be, and
a way that you can rid your body of this health-weakening poison that
you are probably using in your home right now. In fact, you probably
used some today, ensuring that you will continue to feel weak. I'm
talking about something that you get all over your skin, that is a
contact poison, and that OSHA warns empoyees in the workplace to avoid
touching, that you just dosed yourself with, ensuring some future
doctor visit. Wouldn't you want to help yourself and your family to
avoid being contaminated with something in your home right now that is
so poisonous that it is impossible to touch without harm to your skin
and body?

My life turned around from this one single, simple change.
A reader speaks about using one of the Half Dozen ideas in her life:

I was living in a haze, it seemed. I was stuck in a rut at work, with
my social life tanking and my weight getting out of control. I just
didn't have any energy or motivation to focus on moving forward, I was
distracted by TV, Facebook, and everything but what was important.
Just stuck in a rut.

I read Mr. Davison's book and it seemed to give me a new confidence.
His science and suggestions made sense and I made a commitment to
change the first thing on his list to "take back my health." Actually,
it was easy and took no more than a few minutes to rethink what I was
doing and to make some small but very important changes.

Just a week later, I noticed that I was thinking with greater
clarity, and had less patience for distractions and a greater interest
in improving myself. I got organized and began a simple exercise
program, and I started looking for options at work. Attitude is
something that is difficult to describe, but I didn't realized how
depressed and unmotivated I was until I made this small positive
change in my health. My mind became clearer and, although my situation
didn't change, my world went from one of gloom to great possibility.

Thank you for the kick start that I needed to start taking control of
my life, and for helping me to lose the baggage that I was carrying

I'm Ready to Order the Half Dozen Secrets


I've been involved with both the field of science as well as natural
health for the past 30 years. My training is in biology and chemistry,
and I have a graduate degree in biochemistry. I've worked in
laboratories and I've taught at medical schools, so I have a pretty
solid base in understanding the scientific method ,human biology and
health care. On the other hand, I have always been intrigued with
complementary and alternative medicine and practices that have been
used throughout the world for thousands of years. I practice Reiki,
the art of hands-on healing, and have dozens of peers that are
involved in the complementary healing arts. It seems to me that there
is great wisdom in these practices, that might even supercede what we
know from our so called "advanced" science. I have one foot in each of
these worlds. Combining the logic and science of modern medicine with
the innate wisdom of time honored health practices seems like a
powerful combination. In America, if we took the benefits of modern
science and merged this with the proven remedies of centuries past, we
should have a world of perfect health, quite different than the
declining state of disease that we find today. What went wrong?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that modern Western Medicine has any
interest in learning from those who came before us in other cultures.
It is as though the newer disciplines of techonology and science have
overrun the, often intuitive wisdom of traditional healing arts. A lot
of those home remedies were simple, cheap and worked perfectly. Some
things that are working and not broken, don't need to be fixed. I walk
on both sides of the holistic/scientific fence, with no favorites, but
the bottom line proof of whether science works without acknolowedging
time tested natural health practices lies in the results that we see
in society. Medical science has progressed at breakneck speed
throughout the 20th and 21st century, but the health of Americans is
on a fast decline. That makes me furious to see a broken health care
system that is too stubborn and set in its ways to learn from others,
yet keeps delivering mediocre results. Our health care system only
seems to care about feeding itself.

When I was 22, my mom died of ovarian cancer that had rapidly spread
thoughout her body. I watched her endure radiation and chemotherapy
treatments that postponed her death by only a few months, but that
weakened her body and spirit into someone that I barely knew. She was
transformed from a vibrant powerful person into a dependent and weak
state, partially by her disease, partially by her treatments. Other
family members also succombed to cancer, heart disease, and a host of
lifestyle illnesses that progressively weakened them, compromised
their health and spirit and finally overtook their life. It struck me
that the health of everyone around me was changing for the worse, and
the medical system was gearing up to treat an ever increasing array of
disease with zeal and vigor. What didn't seem to be moving forward was
any effort to improve the health of Americans, and to reverse the
rapid acceleration of diseases such as cancer, heart disease,
diabetes, Alzheimers and many more. Something was terribly wrong and
broken with the system, advanced treatments but also tolerating
advancing disease. To me, the health care system is very broken.. It
doesn't serve us well. More bluntly, it is killing us. Once I
identified that the system doesn't work and is broken, I decided to
explore a way to salvage the parts of the system that work, and to
find alternatives for the elements that are just plain broken. As I
mention in my book, if your car is broken and you need to get to an
appointment, your focus can't dwell on why it broke or what is wrong,
but instead on getting where you need to go. That is the basis of this
book, not an opportunity to place blame or to fix a complex broken
system, but to find simple ways to empower ourselves in the midst of a
bad situation, to take back power and control of our personal well
being and health.

Since the medical establishment seemed mostly focused on treatments
instead of causes and cures, I put on my science hat and began a
closer examination of elements around us that are contradictions.
Things that we use and eat and do that appear safe but are eroding our
health. One of my business mentors taught me that, in managing any
situation, there are probably just a Half Dozen things to keep an eye
on to ensure success. I applied the same principle here, to isolate
and identify the half dozen hazards and land mines around us that are
killing us and our loved ones, and to eliminate those worst things
from our lives to regain control of our health. I got the name of my
book from this powerful concept, that there are usually just a Half
Dozen things to focus on, not one hundred, just six..

You can read the whole story in my book, but the journey started as I
began making connections between what we are told is safe, and what we
know isn't. It isn't rocket science, it is just pure and simple clear
thinking. Street smarts that I know that you have. I don't want to
believe that the many government agencies that protect our health and
safety are not vigilent and on the ball at all times, but there are a
good many things that I found that certainly "slipped through the
cracks" in ensuring our wellbeing. That is the focus of this book, .

You will identify and eliminate the six most dangerous health hazards
around you.

I did it and it turned my life around. You can do it too. These are
simple things that we unknowingly do, that are eroding and weakening
us each day, that we need to immediately put a stop to.


My first realization was that I had seen the ingredients of a
rodenticide, a rat poison, many years ago and filed it away in the
back of my brain. More recently, I noticed that a very similar
ingredient was being used as a medical treatment and in food products.
I know that I can't be the only one who has seen this, and I started
asking a simple question. How can something that is poison find its
way into a doctors office as a treatment, into a food product, and how
can we be allowed to put such a thing in our mouths? It didn't make
any sense, so I researched and dug and read and asked and I found
that, indeed, it is a poison.

OSHA, the Occupational Health safety people, have mandatory
requirements to post in the workplace when hazardous chemicals are
used. This particular poison was one listed as dangerous, corrosive
and poisonous by OSHA. Coincidentally, it is also listed as a
"Generally Safe" food additive. Am I going crazy? How can something be
poison at one moment and safe another. It is one of those,
slip-through-the-cracks, things. And the side effects of this happened
to be dulled thinking, weak bones, liver disease, kidney disease,
excess stomach acid. Any of this starting to sound familiar? Have you
noticed a lot more mention of osteoporosis lately, or a flood of
antacids in the marketplace. And the list goes on. Wouldn't it take
"dull thinking" to approve such a poison for general use.

Bottom line, if you were able to identify and eliminate something
that was weakening your health, wouldn't you want to throw that right
out of your life? I did, and I wrote my Half Dozen Secrets book to
help people like you to take back control of your own good health, in
spite of having to work around a broken system. With just these Half
Dozen things on your radar, you can radically improve your health,
keep a host of diseases at bay, and just plain stay healthy. There are
certainly more than a six "wrongs" in our society, but I guaranty to
you that every one of these items will make such a powerful and
positive change in your health, that each will be worth its weight in
gold for you. Remember, we are talking about a Half Dozen extremely
powerful, easy changes that can be the root cause of: Cancer_ Joint
problems/Arthritis_ Asthma_ Headaches_ Autism_ Alzheimer's_ Gum
disease_ Breast cancer_ Migraines_ Parkinson's disease_ Stomach acid_
Kidney disease_ High blood pressure_ Elevated cholesterol_ Excess
water weight_ Obesity_ Crohn's disease_ Depression_ ADD_ Shortness of
breath_ Food allergies_ Low energy_ Difficulty sleeping_


To be honest, the world that we live in, and the whole idea of health
is extraordinarily complex. Like many of you, I felt that my own
health, and that of those around me, was beginning to spiral downward
and out of my own control. I listen to the same ads that you hear, and
the talk show advice and the magazine and Internet articles. There are
seemingly so many variables, so many things that could be wrong, that
I was overwhelmed, and from this feeling, I became action-paralyzed.
The health care system was broken, I was looking at a lifetime ahead
of needing more of it, and I was frustrated.

What rescued me was that phrase that my mentor had spoken to me,
years ago, about always looking for the Half Dozen things. I took a
fresh look at my health, and what I could do about, with that phrase
in mind - not focusing on all that was wrong, but instead on just
discovering the half dozen things. One simple fact stood out for me.
If I didn't do anything, I was going to continue to feel lousy and
become a candidate for a whole clinic full of diseases that we as
Americans are all waiting in line for. It was important that I do
something, move forward somehow in the right direction. So I set out
to dig and research, and, looking back, the half dozen things that I
identified that I'll share with you, were almost obvious. I just never
took the time to think things through.

If I can confide a bit in you, thinking is a big part of what I was
missing, and that you may be missing also. There is an aspect of our
culture that seeks to tell us how things are and what to do and where
to shop and how to live, and we can easily slip into the rut of not
thinking. Once I started clearing some of the harmful poisons and
negative health factors out of my life, I suddenly felt as though I
had come alive. Frankly, doing the half dozen things is easy, it won't
make your life crazy, and you won't find yourself doing anything
weird. What you will find, though, is how quickly you realize all of
the zest of life that you've been missing. For me, it was almost like
I was drugged and in the dark, and someone came along and showed me
the sunlight. Just a few changes made that much difference. In only
one week, I knew that I was on to something important from my
increased energy, motivation and improved attitude. I felt as though a
dark cloud was lifted.

So, it is not about changing your whole life in a radical way, it is
about focusing your attention on a Half Dozen things that are so
powerful and important, that you feel the difference almost


When you read the news or listen to advertisements, you can see how
we've come to expect that a pill or a treatment will make the pain go
away. The problem is that the pain is the warning, our body's alert
system. It isn't the problem, it is the alarm bell. When a fire alarm
goes off, we don't try to disable the source of all that noise, we
look deeper to find the fire. Putting a piece of electrical tape over
the "Oil Warning" light on your dashboard won't help the source
problem in your engine. There is a phrase, "don't shoot the
messenger", but that is what we have been doing in a health care
system that focuses on symptoms instead of the source of the problem.
Look carefully, though, and you'll see (as I did) that what we are
doing is making the symptoms vanish without ever addressing the cause.
In a very straightforward and almost simplistic way, we forget that
getting rid of the disease itself, will end the process of always
having to come back to the medical community for more pain relief. We
are so focused on symptoms, that we rarely ever hear the word "cure"
anymore. But, what I discovered, and what you will find, is that
eliminating the cause of a disease, curing it, is far easier (and
cheaper) than signing on to a lifetime of treatments and
pharamceuticals. Being in a state of ill health is just plain
profitable for many large companies, and represents a financial and
lifestyle disaster to us. Cures are cheap and easy, treatments are
long and slow and expensive. I found out that a round of cancer
treatments, on average, costs over $175,000.00. The 20% portion of
this that insurance won't cover is the greatest source of personal
bankruptcy in America. Good news, the cost of this information is
probably less than the "co-pay" on one medical visit!

My dad used to say that the thing about insurance is that you hope
you never need it. It is certainly that way about life insurance, I'd
much rather be stuck paying premiums than to be dead. I suggest that
it is the same with health insurance, better to know it is there but
to be outside the system, outside the hospital at all times. The most
powerful thing that we can do about our good health is to take it out
of the hands of others, who may have different motives than us, and to
put it into our own hands. My Half Dozen things will decisively put
you in control of your good health, and you will find yourself quickly
separating yourself from the masses of people who are dependent on
drugs and treatments to stop feeling lousy. You will start feeling
great, filled with more energy, a sparkle in your eye, feelings of
possibility instead of depression, and a will to move forward instead
of being paralysed by stress.

Let me share my own story. After a week of just one simple change,
the first item on the Half Dozen list, I began feeling extra energy.
It wasn't as difficult working a few hours longer, or working on some
projects around the house that I enjoy, without feeling depleted. When
I addressed the second item on my list, I found that my appetite
control restored, and I wasn't always hungry. I began to walk around
the block for the first time in a while, and I found that, within
about 30 days, I lost 7 pounds without dieting or any special drinks
or shakes or pills. It was just my inner healthy body finally coming
to life after being suppressed, and steering me towards health.



Let me introduce you to a powerful healer.

Mankind has been struggling with disease for thousands of years, and
over time, has found some amazing solutions to disease. Consider this,

In most countries of the world, good health is the standard, and
physicians are rarely needed or even available. Our costly
pharmaceuticals, medicines and treatments aren't available and would
be too expensive to afford. The health of the country is stable and
most people who have enough basic food and water are healthy.

Doesn't it strike you as odd that people in Third World countries,
without all of the "benefits" of physicians and treatments and
pharmaceuticals, live a much healthier life than us, free from heart
disease, cancer, diabetes, and allergies. There clearly is something
that we are doing to ourselves to cause these "lifestyle diseases".

I read that there was a doctor's strike many years ago In Israel,
where the "healers" walked out for about two weeks. Surprisingly (or
maybe not) the health of the nation improved markedly during that

The secret to vibrant health lies in our way of thinking. The
greatest healer of all is the innate wisdom of our own bodies. I call
it "Doctor U". If we could just get out of the way of perfect health,
it would be easy to achieve and natural for our bodies to maintain.

My Half Dozen book will show you how to put aside the overload and
the battery of insults in our daily life that stand between you and
great vibrant health. It is that simple, we need to get out of our own

Order the Half Dozen Secrets book - instant download.


During the last 40 years, the health of Americans has been on a
steady decline, despite increased funding, research dollars, and
rising costs of insurance. There is a secret that is being kept from
you, until now. That secret is that treating the symptoms of lifetime
diseases is big business and very profitable. I'm not going to go out
and say that large companies have no conscience and caring about our
health. But it is entirely possible that when they have a board
meeting to discuss the idea of curing a disease that is racking up
millions of dollars of sales for them at the treatment end, well, they
just might turn a deaf ear to a cure that would eliminate the need for
their product. When the issue at hand is the health of some unnamed,
anonymous person like you or me, instead of the very real and
firsthand profits from turning a deaf ear, could you imagine that the
promise of that new car or summer home or vacation seems a bit more
important to an executive than some general concept like global
health. After all, isn't it the job of the corporations, medical
establishment and pharmaceutical houses to earn a decent profit.

Profits are important and motivating, but we seem to have lost the
regulation and "conscience" supposedly provided to us by government
agencies who sometimes can be inclined or convinced to turn the other
way. The system, alas, is broken, and we will die waiting until it is
fixed, so we have to make other arrangements. A Half Dozen Secrets is
a killer start to turbocharge your health back into shape. The secret
be told, our own bodies are our number one best "physician and
healer", and it is time that we cleared the air and gave our own
natural resources some breathing room to go out and get to the task of
getting us and keeping us well. The FDA isn't going to do it, our
physicians aren't going to do it, and the drug companies aren't going
to do it. We, alone, are responsible and powerful.

No one cares as much about you as you, and that is as it should be.
While manufacturers and corporations are figuring out ways to make an
extra buck on the backs of our overburdened, sick and tired bodies, we
need to stand up, shed the baggage, and set our own course and

The Half Dozen simple things that I will teach you to avoid and to
do will empower your health. You will stop gambling with your own
health with the odds stacked against you and instead start investing
in your well being. That is the simple secret that the 3 trillion
dollar health care system doesn't want you to know. They want you to
go "all in" and be a part of the greatest decline in health that the
world has ever seen. It is a trillion dollar health casino that is
betting against your well-being and keeping you entertained enough to
never question the odds, which are highly stacked against you.

The health care gambling parlor has a house advantage, and the odds
are stacked up against the gambler ever winning. The thing about a
casino, is that it is based on odds and statistics. No one ever knows
who will win and who will lose, they just know that, over time most
people will lose. My advice - read this book and stop laying bets on
your life with the health care system, pull your money off the table
and start some sane and sober investing in your health. My book will
show you how to take back control of your health, and stop playing
roulette with your life.

Don't be a part of this statistic
This is based on research conducted in 2010

One of my Half Dozen Secrets involves a dangerous product that you
apply right on your skin, maybe even several times a day. A recent
study found that one of the questionably safe ingredients in this
product was actually the same chemical found inside thousands of
malignant tumors near this site on the body.

The FDA claims that this product might be safe, and the American
Cancer Society predictably says that more research is necessary. I
say, lets stop using dangerous ingredients that make their way into
cancerous tumors, and not wait for endless research to take the place
of simple common sense.

In Europe and most other civilized countries, they publish interim
reports on potential problems with products. A customer can have all
of the facts when choosing a to use something, even if the results are
not yet certain or conclusive. For some reason, in the US, until
people like you and me end up dying or contracting diseases, product
information is kept secret. I feel that we are being treated like
infants and "protected" from the truth. We (erroneously) assume health
products, foods, and procedures to be safe until it is very late and
things go terribly wrong. That is why these few simple changes that
you can easily make will have such a powerful impact on your health.
You will stop being a guinea pig with these questionable and overtly
harmful products and practices. You owe it to yourself to make these
Half Dozen changes NOW.

Can't wait?


The more that you read and understand about these Half Dozen things,
the more that you will be convinced of their value. These are
important facts for you, for your loved ones and for everyone that you
know. After years of research, I feel the need to get the word out and
to invite as many people as possible over to "our side" of the health
care process. We all can take charge of our own health and to shed the
baggage of illness, depression and despair that is running rampant.

Unfortunately, the medical industries and pharmaceutical companies
are not happy with this simple information getting out, because it
threatens their profits. These profits depend on the majority of
people becoming progressively sicker and increasingly dependent on
using expensive drugs and procedures. This book will be a wake-up call
for you to take back control of your health and to release the bond of
dependence to a very broken health care system.

The clock is ticking. Before they start strong-arming my publisher
to remove this book for sale because it will give away too much
powerful information for practically pennies, and erode and destroy
their base of dependent customers. You can understand how they might
feel if someone came along and pulled out the rug from their huge
earnings, over 3 trillion dollars last year. You are going to need to
read and implement this information quickly, and help me to distribute
it to others so that they can reclaim their own health and

It is sad, but true, that the medical establishment is able to
influence Congress and even government agencies like the FDA to look
the other way, or accept sloppy research in order to introduce a new
profitable drug or procedure. There are more than twice as many
lobbyists on Capital Hill as there are Congressmen. Because of this
unusually heavy handed clout, it is rare that pharmaceutical issues do
not go in favor of the industry, even if it adversely affects the
general health and well being of the American people. Money is just
more important than good health, it seems, despite the caring and warm
images the TV and print ads depict. The recent TV ads for
pharmaceuticals have even conditioned us to see people smile when they
look at us in the eye and tell us that "possible side effects include
death" in a matter of fact way, like we were hearing about the

Think about it. If some handful of simple, no cost, easy health
choices could help everyone in America to restore themselves to
independent good health, how would these big businesses feel? What if
arthritis and cancer and Alzheimer's and depression and allergies and
asthma were as insignificant as they were 80 years ago, before the
health machine grew so overwhelmingly strong and profitable on the
premise of treating these new diseases? It is actually in the charter
of the American Cancer Society that they will disband when the cure
for cancer is found. Think about this. Their holdings are currently
worth over 2 Billion dollars. You work for a living. Let me ask you,
how hard would you work for the collapse of your company? Is it
possible that the ACS is not working on a cure so that they can stay
in business? I believe so.

As a kid, I remember hearing ads on TV asking for support to "cure
cancer in this decade" (yes they had TV that long ago). Now it has
been four decades and trillions of dollars and the result is - more
cancer than ever. Ditto for arthritis, and for diabetes. Who ever
heard of breast cancer, or autism or peanut allergies just two
generations ago? No one! People, we are the cure, when we start to
think for ourselves and take some simple steps to reclaim our health
and control. You could be on your way to feeling better today!



Sometimes, a great idea comes along that makes so much sense that we
find ourselves wondering why we didn't think of the idea ourselves.
This Half Dozen Secrets book contains not one, but six outstanding,
logical, powerful such ideas that individually are both empowering and
easy to do. Collectively, they can be life (and health) changing, as
we discard unecessary and dangerous baggage from our lives and
experience freedom from dependence on a health care system gone bad.

THIS BOOK IS A GIFT TO MANKIND. The ideas presented in this book are
so universally powerful that I'm going to be like a missionary and
give a copy to everyone that I know and love - this is information
that has been kept secret for far too long, at too great a cost to our
good health.

READ IT BEFORE IT IS BANNED. There is important information in this
book that is just plain embarrasing to the medical and pharamaceutical
communities, and I doubt that they will sit still and let the truth be
heard for very long. Snatch this book up immediately, and get a copy
for anyone whose health you care about. I'm sure that there are plenty
of mainstream health professionals that would love to feature this
book in a book burning, just to save face.


Fast, easy download. Direct to your Inbox.
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Try this book, risk free, and learn the hidden, secret information
that is standing between you and controlling your own health. You'll

* A major weight loss product that you are probably using, will be
exposed for what it truly does to your body, and how it actually
causes you to gain weight -- see chapter four
* How you can add two simple ingredients in your regular diet, to
virtually bulletproof your health against heart disease, diabetes,
acid reflux problems and even cancer -- in chapter five
* How making one change in the foods that you eat can provide
virtual insurance against Alzeheimers Disease -- all in chapter seven
* How easily ridding yourself of this dangerous chemical, can
completely reverse your feelings of hunger, and help you shed 5 pounds
or more in just a month, without dieting. -- in chapter four
* Why one of the Half Dozen things will strengthen your gums and
whiten your teeth, without expensive treatments or dental visits --
find this in chapter three
* How you can reclaim your willpower to resist addictive
substances, including smoking, alcohol and sweets. -- all in chapter
* How a change in these products in your home can help to build a
healthy immune system, giving you powerful natural immunity to colds,
viruses and the flu. -- revealed in chapter six
* A way to keep skin clean and free from disease without using
costly antibacterial wipes, soaps and lotions. -- also in chapter six
* A simple, no cost way to reverse the softening and weakening of
bones and osteoporosis, and actually reversing the "aging" process to
strengthen bones. -- in chapter three
* A simple, easy, free choice that you can make to dramatically
strengthen teeth, and a way to whiten them without expensive
treatments or special products. -- also in chapter three
* A way to increase the oxygen absorption in your blood, boosting
your energy level, lowering blood pressure and raising your natural
immunity to disease. -- detailed in chapter six
* That implementing just one of these Half Dozen things will
naturally decrease your levels of anxiety and stress, increase your
clarity of thinking and cause depression to fade away. -- in chapter
* How your pets can also benefit from these simple changes, to keep
them healthier, improve their vision and coat, and keep them free from
disease and expensive vet bills -- in chapter five

and so much more.

another reader sharing results.

I was increasingly getting painful stomach aches, and doctors
diganosed me with GERD, stomach acid reflux disease. I was nearly
always uncomfortable, especially during and after eating, and I began
avoiding social situations and parties that involved food (which was
all of them) because of my fear of being a bad guest and needing to
leave early.

I had constant symptoms of heartburn and stomach discomfort. I was
swallowing Tums and antacids like candy, but the symptoms kept getting
worse. I was determined not to have to submit to strong prescription
medications because of their side effects. Deep inside, I knew that
there must be a simpler, healthy solution to my condition.

Fortunately, I found the answer to my prayers in chapter three of the
Half Dozen Secrets book. I suddenly understood the ways that I was
literally causing my own problems with some food and health choices
that I was making, and I made the simple change immediately. Within a
few days, my symptoms lessened, and in about six weeks, I was
completely pain free and no longer dependent on any antacids.

I felt like I got my life back again without the constant
undercurrent of pain, and without continuously worrying about food and
embarrasing myself with others. I am forever indebted to the
information in this book for showing me the easy way out of the
one-way, dead-end street, that prescription drugs would have been. I
feel like I am reborn again with renewed health!

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It isn't often that something comes along that will be useful for
nearly everyone who takes the time to read and listen. This
information, though, is an exception. These Half Dozen strategies are
so important, and each so powerful, that you and I would be hard
pressed to find someone who couldn't benefit from them.

Ask yourself, do you know anyone who is fighting depression, who is
looking for better dental health, who is struggling with diabetes, low
metabolism, acid reflux disease, ADD and ADHD, heart disease,
allergies and even cancer? Of course you do, and each of these people
will benefit from the critically important information in this book.
Moreover, anyone who wants to help prevent the causes of these
diseases would be wise to arm themselves with these Half Dozen ways to
bulletproof their health. I can't overstate how simple these
strategies are, and how overwhelmingly powerful the results will be
for you, your family and those that you care about.

No one can make you specific promises for how this book and this
information will change your life. There is a reason for this. Only
approved drug treatments that have gone through expensive FDA
approvals costing 300-500 million dollars, can state facts about
curing symptoms or disease. Actually, we really never even hear about
any prescription drug (which is approved) curing anything, since that
would probably interfere with profits; instead they forever treat the
symptoms of disease. Because the facts in my book don't involve costly
treatments, or pharmaceutical products, and because it doesn't make
any sense to spend a half billion dollars to demonstrate something
that even a child can understand easily using just common sense, there
are no promises. There is a guaranty though, because I believe
strongly in the power of these Half Dozen things. The only thing that
really matters is whether these things will work for you, and I
challenge you to try them, give them a chance to work their magic in
your life, and to help empower you and your health. If you find that
they don't work for you, I'll refund your money. Plain and simple.
That is a guaranty that no prescription drug company or doctor would
make, but that I am willing to make to you. You have nothing to lose,
you be the judge.

Unless we take action, we're all going on a bumpy ride down a one way
street towards having more "lifetime medicines" in our life; at least
that is the stated goal of the drug industry. We need to get off of
this train and take back control of our own health.

Again, I have spent many years researching this information that has
been keep hidden from view. It is important that you read this now and
that it see the "light of day" and that you begin to empower yourself
to live a health life, without being dependent on a broken health care
system. It is too big and slow moving to fix, we need to work around
it. No risk, everything to gain. Read, try, and you be the judge. If
something that I say doesn't make sense to you, discard it. I'm not
your doctor and I'm not telling you what to do, just sharing what I
have found and what seems to make sense and works for me. I can't be
any more open and honest and straightforward than that. The results
will speak for themselves, and you will find that this book is worth a
hundred times its cost to you and your loved ones.

The incredibly easy to understand, and simple to try, strategies in a
Half Dozen Secrets, will restore the powerful natural healing
abilities of your own body. There is a wisdom inside each of us that
knows exactly what we need to achieve resiliant and vibrant health,
and freeing yourself from the Half Dozen things will help you to
discover the energy and health and vitality that you have probably
left behind years ago.

Save 40%, only $24.95.
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All of the information in the Half Dozen Secrets book is well
researched and could have life changing benefits for you, as it has
for me and for other readers. I can offer you my risk-free guaranty,
so that you can take these ideas out for a test drive of your own, and
you be the judge for yourself of how powerful they can be in your own
life. As with anything new, it is easy to do, and easy not to do. I
encourage you to act now, and to fight the urge to do it later or to
postpone getting started. I promise you that you need to hear this
important information that has been kept secret from you. It will be
life changing.

Because I am a biochemist, a scientist, a researcher, but not a
licensed medical doctor, I need to go on record and tell you that
nothing that I say or suggest is intended in any way to stand between
your relationship with your doctor, and I am in no way attempting to
prescribe or cure or diagnose any illness for you. You have to make up
your own mind whether to make a change based on your independent
thought and the information that you have. I can only present my own
research and my own opinions and conclusions that work for me. As I
state many times in the book, you will need to be the judge of the
usefulness of this information in your own life. I cannot guaranty any
specific results. (After all, we've barely met.)

I can guaranty, however, that the information in the Half Dozen
Secrets book is well researched and thought provoking and about the
most empowering way that I know of to inexpensively take back control
of your own positive health. I've waded through thousands of pages of
reasearch and articles, and distilled it down to six simple ideas.
Here is my advice. Read the book, try the ideas out for yourself, and
if you aren't satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you have no
risk. Just request a refund within the first 60 days after your
purchase and we'll send it to you, no questions asked. Frankly,
refunding your money isn't my concern, I am confident that you will
find the book valuable well beyond the small investment, probably less
than your co-payment on a medical office visit. My concern is that you
might miss this critically important information, and stay stuck in
the rut of mediocre health for years, unecessarily. That would be a
tragedy, if the book was available and you had the chance, but you
didn't take the risk-free opportunity. That would truly be sad.

In this pre-release phase of publishing the book, I've agreed to
discount it 40% for those who purchase today. If you like saving money
as much as you like staying healthy, we'll be the best of friends.
With this discount, though, comes a catch, I'm going to ask you to
consider purchasing several copies for family, friends and loved ones.
It is that powerful. 40% savings. 60 day money back guarantee. No
risk, everything to gain.


Free Special Report!

A Special Free Report when you order A Half Dozen Secrets now.

"Cancer Can't Grow Here" This incredibly timely report contains
powerful information for anyone who wants to speed cancer recovery and
make themselves "off limits" to new cancer growth.

Learn how a famous doctor and Nobel Laureate stumbled on a group of
people outside of the United States who never get cancer and don't
even know what it is. He'll share his remarkable findings and tell you
how you can easily imitate their results.

Discover this common liquid that can inexpensively help you and your
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Find out which popular food should never be a part of your diet, what
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No one in this country has remained untouched by disease. Some have
suffered from disease themselves, and practically every person in
America has a loved one who is (or has been) a victim of a devastating
disease -- or has even died from it. Diseases as a whole have reached
epidemic proportions: * Every American has greater than a 40% chance
of developing cancer or dying from it;

* 4 million Americans suffer from Alzheimer's Disease; 360,000 people
develop the disease every year; and this figure is expected to
quadruple in the coming years;

* Twice every minute, a person in the U.S. dies from heart disease --
more than 2,500 Americans each day;

* One quarter, over 80 million people, will have diabetes or
beginning symptoms

Disease is all around us, and there isn't a chance that any one book
can change that. What can change though is your own health. With this
important information, you can put yourself on the "lucky" side of all
of these statistics, by nudging just a few critical things in your
life from the high risk into the safe category. You can create a
protective force field of health around you and your family that will
insulate you from becoming a negative statistic. The world around us
is, increasingly, filled with health challenges. Better to be wearing
a bulletproof vest to be safe, just in case some passing germ has your
name on it. When you own the Half Dozen book, you'll be armed with a
tool belt of strong weaponry to empower your body's own defenses.

A POWERFUL FINANCIAL INCENTIVE I almost forgot to mention one of the
most powerful reasons to take a no-risk look at the Half Dozen things.
It will easily pay for itself, many times over.

In addition to the health and wellness benefits of knowing these
important secrets, each of the Half Dozen things will save you money
when you implement them. Not only will you be leaving behind some
hazardous materials that you are now inadvertantly exposed to, an
added benefit is that you will save money by making the suggested
changes. For just that reason, this book is a must because it will
clean up your life and your health AND save money. What could be

On the same financial note, and who isn't interested in saving money
today, this book can be thought of as a kind of insurance policy. I
talked to you about the idea of insurance, and hoping to never need
it. Implementing just one of the ideas in the Half Dozen Secrets will
virtually guaranty good health? What is the cost savings of not
needing a lifetime prescription of anti-depression medication, or
diabetes treatments, or even the lost time from getting the flu? In
that context, the information in this book is priceless, and don't
forget, it is also risk free. However you look at it, doesn't it make
sense to find out this information that just might be standing between
you and vibrant health? Of course it does. You'll save 40% by ordering
now, you'll get the FREE Cancer Report and you can begin the journey
towards vibrant health right away. I'll look forward to continuing
this conversation with you in Chapter One.

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The Half Dozen Secrets book isn't about selling you anything, or
about converting you or any other agenda. It is just well researched,
fresh information that I think everyone needs to hear about. Things
that have been hidden and kept secret and covered up. There is no
price that one can put on being well informed and having all of the
facts. Each of the Half Dozen Secrets are powerful, but the underlying
information is the true gift of this book. It will forever change and
improve the way that you look at your health.

No Waiting, Instant Access. Fast, easy download. Direct to your
Saves Time and Postage.


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information, or practices described in this book. This information is
presented for educational purposes and does not seek to prescribe,
diagnose, prevent, treat or provide medical services in any way.
Please seek qualified medical advice from your health care
professional regarding any considered change in your routine, diet or
medication before you embark on a new program. This book does not
intend to replace or disrupt the patient/physician relationship in any
way, and it is the intention of this book to provide information and
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