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Ex-Janitor Turned Home Business Entrepreneur Freely Tells The Multimillionaire’s Secret To Aquiring Long-Term Wealth and Prosperity


The Award Pay Home Business Owner’s College



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Do you know why so many people who try to start working from home end up doing little more than treading water without making money until they drown in financial difficulties and quit?

Have you been told the secret to long-term wealth?


It’s no secret that in today’s economy, you can’t depend on what appears to be a rock-solid job to pay your bills and grant you a decent pension when you retire.

Sit back for a moment because I’m about to share the secret with you – completely free.


The game has changed…



The government has spent your social security money or caused Wall Street to crash, driving your investment money down the drain with no visible hope of recovery. The housing market has crashed and many people owe more money on their homes than they are currently worth.

However, despite all the ‘doom and gloom’, there are still plenty of people who are making good money from home, paying their bills, and enjoying all the freedoms that the government hasn’t ruined…yet.

Don’t you deserve the same after all your hard work?

It’s not fair that you should have to suffer because of the incompetence of the politicians who have blown your money on programs you probably don’t really agree with anyway.

Perhaps you have already even tried to start your own business. If you’ve tried to build a home-based business before and failed, it probably had more to do with the faults of your so-called ‘guru’ teachers than it did with your own capability.

You hear that it’s supposedly so easy to work from home over the internet and even see other people doing it and wonder

“What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do that too?“


The good news is that there isn’t anything wrong with you, but with the programs you were sold that were completely incompatible with your working style.

How many times were you promised big, delivered little, and that little that you were given didn’t even work properly?

Have you ever purchased software that promised to be the magic ‘red button‘ that spits out money for you time and time again only to watch it fail miserably?

If you’ll give me just a couple minutes of your time, I’ll share with you the story of a regular guy, who despite being a victim of all the schemes and scams, overcame it all and found the light of freedom by working a home-based business he enjoyed and ran with integrity, and I’ll show you how to do the same and start making money as soon as tomorrow.

As an aspiring college student, a young man who had always been taught to work hard for his money, took on two part-time jobs in addition to full time school because he recognized the value of money and knew that he had to work hard for it.

He started a home-based business with his family offering multimedia services, but to keep the bills paid he also worked the graveyard shifts as a janitor at the university where he studied.

While recording a video event for a wealthy individual, he couldn’t resist and asked a little about how this man had become a multimillionaire at such a young age. With a warm friendly smile, this generous man shared what he considered to be the secret to serious long term wealth.

Upon learning the secret, the young man began researching ‘make money’ opportunities in order to apply the wealthy man’s secret.

During this time, the young man joined a network marketing company, only to stumble and humiliate himself and lose credibility with his friends and family. If you’ve ever had the same experience, you probably remember how painful that is…

Not even investing $1500 into a top network marketing training program was able to help!

Abandoning the network marketing company that failed to train and support him, the young man turned to the internet, and found what promised to be a ‘turnkey’ system.  All he had to do was join a few monthly programs and he would receive a website built-for-him that would recruit and build his business for him.

When the new recruits and business failed to come in, he received a phone call offering ‘coaching’ services that would get his website countless hoards of visitors just waiting to throw their cash at him. All he would have to pay is $2000 to finally get some real help from a really successful person.

After four or five phone calls and no growth, the young man asked his ‘coach’ how much his own website made per month.  The ‘coach’ revealed that he was just an employee giving training he was trained to give, and that his own website was only making about $250 per month.


Wasn’t he supposed to get one-on-one help from the big money-making guru?

It was just more money lost…

By this time the young man was down well over $8,000 in his effort to apply the rich man’s secret.  He was seriously beginning to wonder if he was ever gonna climb out of the pit he was in, still working and studying constantly. The grind was wearing him down, and he was about ready to ‘throw in the towel’ forever and just live on a meager salary working his butt off day after day.

That probably sounds familiar to you.

And then something extraordinary happened…

In the midst of working his butt off, the young man managed to create a result.  A website he built was getting monstrous amounts of traffic all of a sudden and he was making sales.

It was then that he saw the wealthy man’s secret come to life.

And the multimillionaire’s secret was this:

“Live off your investments, and have fun with your earnings”

And what he meant was that you build automated streams of income that require minimal maintenance and have those pay your bills, then work doing whatever you like and spend that money however you like.

This sounds really simple, but people don’t do it. 

They don’t invest properly to build automated streams of income that pay now.

They burn all their earnings paying their bills.

They get loans for expensive trips, cars, homes and more, enslaving themselves to debt that the most assuredly don’t have financial conditions to take on.

And that’s why so many people fail to become rich.

But now you know the secret…

And now you know somebody who has applied that secret and enjoys incredible freedom.

Now it’s your turn to break free from all the external influences that are controlling your life, and take hold of a chance for freedom.

The young man that broke free was me, and I am now opening the floodgates of all my knowledge and experience so that you can finally GET PAID.

Hence the name AWARD PAY.  You’ve worked hard your entire life and you still don’t have freedom.

I’m here to show you multiple methods and systems you can use to finally make money for once.

It’s time for YOU to GET PAID.


But you have to know how to raise a farm in order to harvest the crops.  A wise man once said that you can only reap that which you have sown.

You won’t harvest bountiful profits and freedom unless you know how and where to cultivate it.

Forget the smoke screen of MISinformation you’ve been told about how to start and manage a home-based business, and let me show you what’s really going on from the inside, and not just sell you another product for your digital bookshelf of failed attempts.




The Award Pay Home Business Owner’s College



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The moment you take action and become a GOLD member,

This is what starts coming your way…


12 Module Intensive-Study Digital Video Course 


(This Picture Is A Representation Of The Digital Videos Available in the Members Section.)


Here’s A Peek At What You’ll Uncover:



Part 1-“Getting Started Online” What’s First -  Everyone needs to start somewhere and the last thing we want is confusion! Learn how to conquer making money online once and for all! Know what questions to ask yourself before you start up an online business and discover your answers. Learn and understand that the process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go with your business. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts.



“Part 2-“A Winning Mindset” Your Mind… Your Strongest Weapon! – You may think you have this one under control. Let me show you how this is the single biggest problem that keep so many people from ever getting the results they are really capable of getting, and how you can live in your greatness! You are about to discover a brand new way of thinking as you turn those “I Cant’s” into “I Can’s” Find out how to get in the right mindset and exercise it regularly

* Questions to ask before getting started

* Setting goals that will get results

* Overcoming your mind traffic




Passion to Profits “Niche Discovery” – Finding a niche seems easy right? So many struggle with this simple step and in this module you’ll learn how to find Niche Markets and know that your targeted market will be eager to buy your Niche targeted products that ensure you reaping the benefits. Learn how specializing your marketing efforts will actually bring you more business and higher conversions. Understand the market’s “hot buttons” and be prepared to communicate with the target market as an understanding member–not as an outsider.



“Your Backend Products to Create Lifetime Customers - Understand what your One Time Offer will be, learn how to create a down sell or up sell. Coming up with new products and services is a lot of work but it provides you with a great return on your investment; besides, if you don’t create new products and services for your customers, your competition will. You do not want to just think “let’s make a sale…You have to see the sale as the start of a relationship. You need to plan ahead and ask “What’s next?” “Where do I go from here?” We will get you thinking, supplementary products, Complementary Products, and Upgrades to existing products.



Setting up systems - Support, (finding a good system to use, what to look for, our favorites and the positives and negatives to them).



“The Irresistible Offer” Creating & Positioning Your Signature Product – Learn how to become the next hard hitting Info-preneur and easily dominate any red hot niche just by creating and selling information. Understand what makes a TOP quality Info Product and how YOU can achieve those elements in a zap!. Know how to “Make them an offer they can’t refuse” Know how proper relationships with your list will help you create the products they crave.

Interviewing the Guru “Transfer of Power & Credibility” - You need credibility and you need to establish yourself as the expert in your chosen Niche If you want people to believe and trust in you enough to buy from you. This one method allowed me to create a product in 3 weeks, generate over $100,000 in 30 days and build a list of over 10,000 subscribers and helped me become the expert in a Niche I knew nothing about.




Lucrative List Building “From Scratch to Millions” – Step-by-Step instructions explaining exactly what you need to do to START, BUILD and MANAGE your own opt-in mailing list. This e-mail course takes you by the hand and guides you thru the very basics of list building then unto some Advanced Business Models you can follow to build your list.




Traffic Secrets Revealed “Your Internet Traffic Jam” – You have built your website and waited for people to see your website, but your main problem is getting customers in the door. The very first step to making a sale is to let your customers know that you exist and letting them know where they can find you. Once you know how, where, when and why you should do things…You will begin to see amazing results




Email Relationship Mastery “Emails That Get Results” - You get the emails every day from marketers selling you on programs… there’s a method to the madness and a way to write that will get your emails opened and get you more sales with every email. Know how to properly start using Email to Reach Your Target Audience and build and manage strong customer relationships with your list of subscribers. Understand how to, and actually write your first follow-up “Autoresponder Message” so that you can send out to your list on autopilot. Start sending email to your entire list at the same time with the click of a mouse. You will walk away knowing why 2-way communication is a must with your list.




Joint Ventures “Nothing More Than A Win-Win” - JV’s (Joint Ventures) are always a source of discussion…The JV Partner is the secrets to generating thousands of the most qualified ”cash-in-hand” prospects. Find out what they want from you, how to contact them, and how persistence will pay off.




Psychology in marketing and the launch process - You’ll find out methods to pulling in more sales and getting prospects to say YES to you when it comes to pulling out their wallet and handing you money! Discover how to get your JV’s fighting to get out a promotion for you and driving massive traffic to your sites during the launch process. Find out what drives people to got to have when reading your sales pages… It is all in the psychology and getting inside the mind of the customer.




Affiliate Marketing Survival “Beating the Beast” - Your stop here will give you all the information you need to start making money online and give you the info you need to become a successful affiliate. Find out how those affiliate marketing experts are making millions of dollars online every year. When you know why they are highly successful, you can begin to replicate their success. Find out how you can get access to thousands of affiliate programs in your niche, and so much more.



At AWARD PAY, I’m giving you the opportunity to become a GOLD member and learn my best tricks and strategies for surviving as a home-based business for far less than I spent to discover it.


If we add up all the money I spent before I saw any success, it would total approximately $10,000.


I’m not going to even dream of asking anywhere near that much from you in order for you to catch up to guys like me who have been running a home-based business successfully for over five years and still going strong.


What if I said you could have all the best tips, strategies, and methods for starting and growing a home-based business for less than 1% of what it cost me to learn on my own?


If you prefer to spend the ten grand, be my guest, I wish you luck.


But for a limited time, I’m giving you the golden ticket to ‘download my brain‘ for a one-time fee of just $97.


That’s right, less than 1% of what it cost me. For just a one-time payment of $97 you will get all of the following and more:

The complete 12 module video course The Home Business Blueprint, the course which will show step by step the entire business model to be followed in order to launch a home-based business successfully for long-term survival.

The complete 9 lesson course Award Pay Copywriting Mastery, to know how to write in a way that will convince people to your way of thinking and make wise buying decisions.

The complete 50 lessons of the Award Pay Traffic School, which will show you at least 50 web traffic tactics you can use to drive targeted prospects to your home-based business’s offer on the internet on automatic pilot.

The complete Award Pay WordPress Domination course, which will show you how to get professional web designer results without knowing anything about web coding languages.


[ ](http://1.awardpay.pay.clickbank.net)

[Just a one-time payment of $97](http://1.awardpay.pay.clickbank.net)


In addition to these courses, I’ll include the following at no extra cost:

The Award Pay Home Business Quick Profits Guide – a downloadable training guide you can use to start making money as soon as tomorrow.

Access to The Award Pay Gold Member Coaching Forum – an interactive community where you will be able to ask questions and get real answers from folks who have already overcome your obstacle and can offer help…including from the likes of yours truly.

Numerous other bonus guides and updates so you never get left behind.


If to you personally, it isn’t worth paying less than 1% of what all that is worth, then I don’t want you to get an Award Pay Gold Membership.


Space is limited and I will only devote my time and energy to helping people who are really serious about making money from home and enjoying the liberty of making your own work hours, making more than you spend, making friends and family happy from all the time and attention you give them, and making yourself happy from the stress-free living that comes from home-based business success.


I can’t promise you’ll become a multimillionaire, but I can promise you’ll be completely satisfied with your Award Pay Gold membership.


In fact, if for any reason within the first 60 days of purchase you are not satisfied, all it takes is a quick message to the support staff and your purchase will be fully refunded. No questions asked, and more importantly, no hard feelings.


The whole purpose of the membership is so that you can succeed and make money, not lose more of it!


So, I’m giving you my best shot – all the course materials and bonuses for a one-time payment of just $97 (which is less than 1% of what they cost me to learn) and I’m backing it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


There is absolutely no risk to you!


So now’s the moment…


Are you ready to finally GET PAID as soon as tomorrow or would you rather keep fumbling it out on your own?


[To GET PAID, click on the order button to claim your limited time Gold Membership to Award Pay for a one-time payment of $97 now.](http://1.awardpay.pay.clickbank.net)

[ ](http://1.awardpay.pay.clickbank.net)


Tyler Ellison, Award Pay Administrator 


*P.S.  I’m only making this offer for a limited time, I can really only guarantee it will still be available today.  You’ve got my 100% satisfaction guarantee to cover you, so you have absolutely nothing to lose to become a Gold member of Award Pay today.

*P. P. S.  I’m always adding more guides and bonuses for Gold members, the price is $97 today but as I add more value to the membership the price will certainly increase.  Waiting today may mean a higher price tomorrow, plus you won’t get started making money with your home business as quickly. C’mon, let’s do this thing! 

* Every effort has been made to accurately represent this membership and its potential.  Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.  As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.  To get in contact, send an email to [support@awardpay.com](mailto:support@awardpay.com)


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