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Learn Why Your Martial Arts Training (Or NO Training) Will Get You KILLED In A Real Violent Attack

If you’ll give me just a few minutes, I’ll explain why…


Dear Friend,

Let me start by saying that I am not going to sit here and start this talk about how awesome I am or how Amazing my self defense system is like MOST of the other martial artists out there. That really erks me when I see that so I am not going to do that to you.


Let Me Tell You What’s In This Self Defense eBook For YOU!


You are going to get all of the information that your local martial art / self defense instructor has not told you about self defense. In fact, MOST martial art instructors don’t even KNOW this information.

You are about to discover and learn what most martial artists and even self defense students and teachers WISH they knew.

You are about to learn:

1. Why the Mental side of Self Defense Is the Absolute Most Important Area!

This is the most critical area of all self defense study. We will talk about why it is the most important area and go over what most martial artists train and why.

2. Learn Why If You Use Your Self Defense “Skills”, You Will Go To JAIL!

Most people don’t even realize that if they get into a fight, even if it really is self defense, they can go to Jail. That is not a place you want to end up just for protecting yourself. If you don’t get the information in this book, I have only one piece of advice for you, Don’t Drop The Soap!

3. You will learn, the 4 things that any attacker wants from you!

There really are just 4 things that an attacker could want. Learn what they are and how to STOP them from getting them.

4. Also Learn the 3 Things An Attacker DOESN’T Want!

Learn what these 3 things are and how you can take advantage of them.

5. How To Render Your Attacker Useless in Seconds!

Learn how 1 little thing can stop an attack even before it starts.

6.Understand the Differences Between Martial Arts and Self Defense!

Almost the whole world except a small portion understand the differences between the two.

7. Why Attackers Do What They Do!

There are a lot of twisted people out there, plain and simple. Understand a bit more about their reasoning behind attacking.

8. Learn about the 2 Main Types of Attacks

These are the 2 types that make up 99% of all attacks. There are just two main types of attacks. Learn how to recognize the two and how to put an end to them FAST!

9. Learn To Understand the Differences Between Escaping & Evading!

Most people think that the two are the same thing. They are not! Learn the differences and learn some tactics for both.

10. Learn That What You Say in Court To Defend Yourself Could Mean Jail Time For You!

That’s right! After a violent confrontation you will end up in a court room to explain yourself and your actions. Say the wrong thing and you are up the creek.

11. Learn the Top 10 Most Common Attacks!

There is no point in training for attacks and outcomes that will never happen in the real street. If you train these top 10, you will train for more than 98% of all attacks.

12. Learn the 3 Areas For Self Defense Training that You Need To Train In!

When training the physical side of combat most people only train in one or 2 of these areas at most. Learn what all three are and how you can use them in your training, Today!

And SO Much More…

“This is, in my opinion a great resource for self defense knowledge and incite.”
Dale Hancock


“Astounding how one person could think of all this stuff by themselves. It would have taken me 3 lifetimes to gather this much information and just to know what to research at that.”
Edwin Bernarde


“The information doesn’t even stop with this book. The book is really great, but what blew me away was the author continues to give you LOADS of amazing content through a special sign up. I look forward to it every week.”
Reymond Fleming


“My wife and I were attacked about 2 years ago at a local grocery. Since then my wife has been terrified just to leave the house. I bought this primarily for her and I am so happy I did. This seemed to give her the know-how to deal with a violent attack and has given her much more confidence. I have also read it and love the info.”
Lucas and Martha Freedberg


I have spent countless hours for you putting all of this together so that you could have the very best information and a detailed “Blueprint” of every Major aspect of self defense.

I would have loved it if someone gave me this information when I started my self defense / martial art training.

Domestic Violence Situation

Is This Ebook For Me?

The only thing I can say to that questions is:

Yes, Only if you don’t want to end up a victim, a crippled vegetable or in the morgue DEAD!

Look, you either want to have the best information to survive a gruesome and extremely violent attack, or you don’t. There is no middle ground here.

Like I said before MOST martial art and self defense schools don’t teach this stuff. Why? Because they simply do not KNOW this information. In Most schools you are taught to punch, block, and kick. Do some light or even maybe some moderate sparring. And maybe use some thousand year old weapons.

At almost no point do they teach you how violent attacks really happen. At no point do they give you the information you need for dealing with the situation After the attack. Like dealing with the cops & the courts.

The Personal Protection Blueprint Ebook!

ONLY $27


What You Will NOT Learn In This Ebook!

You will not learn:
How to survive in the middle of a jungle, desert, or Antarctica type place. Cool little wrist locks that will never work in a real life situation. So called “Secret” techniques that will magically make your opponent disappear into thin air. The 500 best jump spinning kicks that will make you fall flat on your face. How to tie a stupid Karate Belt properly. Or any other crap like that
Yes I am making a bit of fun at other stuff people try and sell you. Cause I am down right sick of it all.

No one wants to give you the real information that could save your live. Let me rephrase that. Most people don’t know the information to give you to save your life.

Time and time again I go to martial art schools (all over the world) to see what they teach and how they teach it. And time and time again I am extremely disappointed.

I have only come across one school (recently) that teaches the stuff I preach about. And you want to know why? Cause he is a member of my association. And I didn’t even realize it beforehand.

I was on a trip with my wife to the Detroit Michigan area and I had to go to the supermarket one day while I was up there. On my way back I noticed a “Karate” school. So I thought i would stop in and say hello.

When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was a sign that said something like “Know the mental and legal side of self defense OR Go To Jail!” Man, let me tell you, I was STUNNED!

I was not expecting to see that in a karate school. When the owner/head instructor walked out and greeted me I introduced myself and told him who I was and that I am also an instructor (not in karate).

When he heard my name, he froze for a second. And then he said “OMG, I am one of your students”! Now I was really stunned.

He told me how he had signed up for my self defense email blog and he had completely redesigned his whole curriculum based off of my teachings. I was honored.

To make a long story short

I found a school (that I was unaware of) that teaches the correct information you need for survival.

Abduction Situation


Get INSTANT Access!

When you purchase this ebook, you will not have to wait at all. It will be delivered to you within seconds. What a great thing the internet is, huh? The ebook is in pdf format and will require something like [Adobe Acrobat](http://adobe.com) to read it. For questions or comments you can send an email to us at [info@personalprotectionblueprint.com](mailto:info@personalprotectionblueprint.com)


“I am very fond of the approach that the author takes. And agree with most of what is covered in this book”
Chas Grisham


“Super informative! This ebook takes a look at sides of self defense I would have never thought about.”
Woodman Pauling


“As a woman, you are always worried about being attacked by someone. At least I am. This ebook gave me loads of things to think about and study. Glad I picked it up.”
Cordie Ando


“Today in the internet world, everything is available at the touch of a button. I am glad I clicked the button to purchase this book. It is some solid info.”
Adams Favara


“I was glad to see someone putting out a book on how to deal with a confrontation without having to be a big and strong man. Other’s information is useless for most women. This gives us an edge!”
Jen Goulden


Who Am I?

My Name is Kevin B. Smith and I have been in the martial art / self defense / personal protection arena for over 30 years now. I started out when I was just 4 years old and I have tried just about every type of art and system out there. I am personally certified in 15 different systems of self defense. And was even inducted into The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame when I was just 19 years old. What I have done is analyzed what martial arts and self defense systems teach and most importantly what they Don’t teach (but should).

I have put all the major areas in this ebook in a systematized way for you to study. This ebook took me months to put together and years and years of research and study. Now that you have this ebook, you will not have to go through all of the effort to get this information. I have prepared it for you.


So Let Me Summarize What You Will Learn in This Ebook.

You will learn…How Violent Attacks Actually Happen

You will learn…WHY attackers do what they do

You will learn…What attackers look for in a victim

You will learn…The Two Main Types of attacks

You will learn…The 4 Things Any Attacker Wants

You will learn…The 3 Things Any Attacker Doesn’t Want

You will learn…The Differences Between Escaping & Evading

You will learn…All About Awareness

You will learn…How You Can De-Escalate a potentially violent confrontation

You will learn…About the Use of Force scale and how this is applied

You will learn…What Force Justification is and how you could end up behind bars if you don’t know how to articulate your case in court.

You will learn…That even if you win in a Criminal court you can still loose in the Civil Courts.

You will also learn…The Top 10 violent attacks and how to train them.

Need I say more?

The Personal Protection Blueprint Ebook!


Regular Price was $47

That is a savings of $20


OMG, The information in this book has more than once saved my life. The information presented is a full outline of what you need to know to defend yourself properly.
- Sgt. Wayne L. Middleton (Arizona USA)

This ebook is the real deal! More than likely, 99% of martial art schools out there just don't teach this vital information
- Ryan Lee (UK)

Amazing, Just Amazing
- Joshua Mykal (UK)

Why wasn't I told of this information years ago? I feel like I have wasted the last 9 years of martial art training learning useless info. This book gives you the outline of everything you need in self defense. Wish I had this before I started my training.
- Maggie Noonan (Georgia USA)

Good book! Lots of knowledge.
- Ashvin Patel (India)

I am a very skeptical person when it comes to buying anything online. And was real hesitant to purchase this ebook. But man I am so glad I did. I found this book to be very very informative and a bit entertaining at the same time. I will buy from the author again for sure.
- Gavin Atwood (Chicago USA)

I like the book very much. It give good information on all areas of defense for protection. I like all the mental information.
- Priya Naivalu (Fiji)

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