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Have you spent the last six months on a tropical island with the breeze in your face and sand between your toes?
Me either.
Well then you’ve probably heard the news stories…
How the Government Stimulus Plans haven’t really stimulated anything… 
Have you felt stimulated?
Me either.
Doesn’t it seem like they’ve already spent all of those stimulus dollars.
And now they need even more money for even more stimulation…
The truth is that they haven’t spent it all…
Not Yet.
They just kind of, well, decided where the money is GOING to be spent. It’s still hanging around in various “Government Programs” designed to Stimulate the Economy by creating jobs and opportunities for Americans.

So, Here’s the Deal.
Did You Know that  If You are an American Citizen
Between the ages of 18 and 75, You May Be Eligible to Apply
for a Number of Little-Known Government Programs
that have BILLIONS of Dollars They MUST Give Away?
Note: American citizens over the age of 18 are eligible to apply for many of these assistance programs. Individual programs have specific eligibility requirements (e.g., veteran’s or children’s assistance programs). No guarantee of assistance is either expressed or implied.
It’s TRUE.
Let Me Invite You to Tap Into This
Government Treasure Chest…
And Today I Want To Tell You About Some…
“Little-Known” Government Programs That Have BILLIONS they really MUST GIVE AWAY…

In fact, this may be one of the fastest and easiest sources to get money for your brand new internet business, and money for OTHER useful purposes as well…

Does This Sound Too Good To Be True?

Well, stick with me because I am about to open your eyes to a whole new world you may not have even known existed…

Let me ask you a question…

Do you remember hearing about this? I sure don’t…
“Obama Signs $858 Billion Tax-Cut to Revive Economy and Add Jobs”

Let me ask you a ANOTHER question…

Did you know there was a second stimulus that passed last December?
An additional $858 Billion in tax-cuts was passed that was designed to create jobs and revive the economy.
Did you ever hear about Stimulus #2?
Most people never did…
Stimulus #2. That’s $858 Billion Dollars.
(That’s Billions… Yep, Nine Zeros… $858,000,000,000)

Have you seen any of that stimulus money?

Well… THIS is the insider information that I wanted to Open your eyes to…

The recent stimulus bills have set aside billions that the government MUST spend.

Translation: They’ve Got To GIVE IT AWAY!

Trust me, I know how difficult it can be out there. Unemployment is at record levels,Even when we can find a job… Even a good one… The Cost of Living just keeps Rising. (Gas Prices, Groceries, Rent, Insurance Rates, Utility Bills…)

Unless you live in a bubble, you know what I’m talking about.

So, where is all of that stimulus money going?

Hmm, could that entire $858 billion already been used up by those Fat Cats on Wall Street?
Shouldn’t there be some of those stimulus dollars left over to Help out Regular Americans like Us?

Well, Here’s the good news.

There’s actually help out there for you.

But first, Let’s ask a few questions that we can help you find some answers to…

Are you are Out of work? Or are you looking for a Better Job? Are you starting a New Business or Would you like to Start a Business? Are you having problems with Rent/House Payments? Having problems paying Utility Bills? Want to go back to School? Could you use help with paying for Groceries? Car Repairs? What about help with paying for Health Care? Prescription Drugs?

Are You Ready? Well, Here it is…

The Free Cash Roadmap

The Free Cash Roadmap is loaded with information on the
Best Programs available to get you the FREE assistance you need…
Our “Free Cash” researchers are dedicated to helping You get your part of the FREE government funding that’s out there to make your life easier and better, and as an American citizen this is YOUR money.

All you have to do is claim it.

We have outlined our favorite 100 programs in the first part of the Free Cash Roadmap. We’ve also included a Special Report:  What’s Inside Obama’s Stimulus For You!


So, Here’s what you get in the Free Cash Roadmap – We’ve organized the sections according to your specific needs…

Chapter 1: Free Cash for YOU.  Which Includes…

Here are a few examples… How to Get Emergency Aid for Paying Utility Bills How to Get Tax Credits from the IRS How to Get Free Auto Repairs How to Find Free Summer Meals for Children

Chapter 2: Free Cash for Housing. Which Includes…

Here are a few examples… How to Get Assistance for Home Heating Bills How to Get Funding for Emergency Home Repairs How to Receive Discounts on Your Phone Bill How to Get Help to Pay Rent/Mortgage Payments

Chapter 3: Free Cash for Businesses. Which Includes…

Here are a few examples… How to Get Free Help Filling Out Forms for Your Business How to Get Tuition for Entrepreneur Training Courses How to Get Money to Become a Freelancer How to Get Funding  To Start a Woman’s First Business

Chapter 4: Free Cash for Education. Which Includes…

Here are a few examples… How to Get Grants for Student Tuition How to Get  Free Tutoring for Your Child How to Get Money to Repay Student Loans How to Get Help Assistance with Day Care Expenses

Chapter 5: Free Cash for Paying Bills. Including Medical and Legal Bills…

Here are a few examples… How to Get Free Medical Screenings for Those on Medicare How to Get Free Counseling on Health Insurance Issues How to Get Paid by Debt Collectors Who Mistreat You How to Get Help to Pay for Health Insurance

I know… You might be thinking…

“If every American is eligible for this Free Cash from the government,
Why would I really need the Free Cash Roadmap?”
Or Maybe…
“Couldn’t I just do it on my own?”
Sure You Could. But Don’t Forget Those Two Little Words.

Imagine these two options…

Option #1: You could spend Countless Hours clicking through government websites.

Doesn’t that sound like fun!

Or my personal favorite…

Option #2: Spending what could feel like days On-Hold waiting to speak to a friendly and helpful government employee.

Good Luck with that?
So, Even after searching and searching,

You might find a Great Program and the Correct Telephone Number.

BUT, Will the person that eventually answers the phone know about the latest forms of assistance that are available?

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

It really is right there inside the Free Cash Roadmap.
So, what do think this Free Cash information is going to cost?

But, before you answer, There’s More…
In addition to the Top 100 Programs,

We are throwing in a Bonus… Our Free Cash Directory
It’s our time-saving resource that’s created from hours and hours of research.

We’ve organized it all and placed it at your fingertips.

We all know how BIG the government is and how many programs are out there.

So, we couldn’t possibly include all of the programs in the Free Cash Roadmap.

We might not even be able to lift it.

We all know how BIG the government is and how many programs are out there.
So, Here are just a few of those Top 100 Programs that we have identified for you in the
Free Cash Roadmap…

Just to give you an idea of the cash that’s waiting to be claimed.

Take a Peek at These Programs.
How to Get Free Day Care and Car Fare When Training for a New Job How to Get Money to STOP Utility Cut Offs How to Get Free Treatment By Expert Doctors Who Get Government Grants How to Get a Grant To Pay Rent Or Mortgage
You can do the math. And that’s just 4 Programs!

So, Now what would you expect to pay for information on all of the programs?
Wait, Before you decide, There’s one more bonus

And it’s Huge…

We know how important it is to quickly apply for assistance as soon as new programs are created or updated.

First Come = First Served

So we’ve created a database of Government Resources and Programs to help people just like you to find the programs that are the best possible fit.

We simply call it… the FreeCashRoadmap.com Members’ Area.
It’s regularly updated with hot new programs and sources of assistance to help you in many areas of need.

Today, In addition to your copy of the Free Cash Roadmap,
We’ll also Give you 30 days of Full Access to the Members’ Area.
That’s a 30-day trial of our online database at no extra cost to you.
***All new members will be automatically directed to a easy-to-use form within the FreeCashRoadmap.com members’ area. You can quickly create your very own personal User ID and Password and start finding sources of assistance right away!

Please Note the DOWNLOAD Information below…
As soon as you create your account… You will be AUTOMATICALLY directed to the download page where the Latest Version of the FREE CASH ROADMAP is available.

Instant Access to The Free Cash Roadmap (Download) The Top 100 Programs Access to FreeCashRoadmap.com Members’ Area (Shhh. A paid membership cost $29/month)
Here the deal…
We’re not going to ask you to pay $397.
Not Even $197.
And Nope… It won’t even cost you $97.
Today, for Only $47 You Get Everything!

Hey, We all want a piece of the American Dream. So, we decided that a roadmap would make it easier to find… And we really want to help you get there…

Here is what you need to do RIGHT NOW to Get the “Free Cash Roadmap”.
Just Click the Big Orange “Add To Cart” Button Below
[Today, for Only $47 You Get Everything!](http://FCRM-CB-1.fcrm2011.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1316645786;clear=1" + target=")

And in case you don’t think that you deserve a piece of that $858,000,000,000 American Pie…You should know that you’re backed by our…

100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Satisfaction… 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
If for any reason what-so-ever, you are not happy with ANY aspect of  the Free Cash Roadmap, simply send me a quick email and I will refund 100% of your money, no-questions-asked!


And Remember… There are currently over 300,000,000 people in the United States. We Really don’t want you to be at the end of the line.
The Free Cash Roadmap will Help You Find Your Way to the Front of the Line!
[Today, for Only $47 You Get Everything!](http://FCRM-CB-1.fcrm2011.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1316645786;clear=1" + target=")


Your purchase will appear on your credit card or bank statement as either ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM.
(It will not appear as Free Cash Roadmap)

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