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A Quick Introduction to The Ad Manual

Make Money On Facebook

The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising
Simple: Step by step instructions that anybody can follow Proven: Validated with hundreds of thousands of dollars in testing and Millions in revenue Valuable: The once safe-guarded secrets to success, finally in your hands


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What is The Ad Manual?

This Manual Contains Everything You Need to See Success with Facebook Advertising

You will unlock the immense potential of facebook in
3 Critical Steps:


Step 1: Build your Foundation


Step 2: Construct Correct Strategy


Step 3: Execute and Harvest


In Step 1, You Will Learn:

The Building Blocks of Success:

To truly leverage the power of facebook, you must understand what makes the facebook algorithm tick. To do that, you must first understand each input field and each option available to you. These are all tools you can leverage to build your business through facebook advertising. Never go to battle with an unfamiliar weapon.

Essential Vocabulary:

It is crucial to learn the deeper meanings of the words and lingo around online marketing and how they specifically relate to advertising on facebook. Although learning the essential vocabulary is especially important during step 1, you will benefit from simple, detailed explanations of the vocabulary you  need to know and master throughout the entire manual.

In Step 2, You Will Learn:

Your Correct Strategy:

Every business is unique, but there are formulas and processes you can follow to calculate what each customer is worth to you and to derive the most effective way to reach those most likely to become a customer.

How to Build Optimized Ad Campaigns:

Master the art and science of creating effective ad images,  writing compelling ad text,  and designing optimized landing pages. The effectiveness of each relies on the others, so you will also learn how to create an overall strategy that will connect each step of the process to maximize your ROI.

In Step 3, You Will Learn:

Reporting and Tracking to Ensure ROI

There are reports and tracking tools within the facebook platform that: A. Many people do not realize exist, and B. Most people do not fully understand how to utilize. You will learn how to use reports and other tracking tools to optimize your ad campaigns until they are achieving maximum results.

Secrets and Tips Only the Elite Facebook Marketer Knows:

Ever wondered what you should bid for clicks? Most just guess. With The Ad Manual, you don’t have to. Ever wondered how to pay the least amount for clicks and get new customers or fans for the least amount of money? With The Ad Manual, you will feel confident knowing you are being as efficient as possible with your resources.
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Who is The Ad Manual For?

Short Answer: Anybody.

I have no experience. Will The Ad Manual be too advanced for me?

No. This Manual was specifically designed so that any person can quickly understand the essential principles for facebook advertising success. This manual is extremely simple and thorough. There are many graphs, pictures, charts, screen shots, and full examples to ensure that you fully understand the lessons.

I’ve done some advertising on facebook before. Is The Ad Manual full of stuff I already know?

There may be some things that look familiar, but you will quickly find that the manual takes you much deeper than you realized was possible. You will find new strategies and tips that you were not previously utilizing that could be the key to your success.

The Ad Manual is Ideal for:
Small Business Owners Marketers in medium-big businesses Affiliate Marketers Entrepreneurs (Even if you haven’t actually started your business yet, The Ad Manual will become a crucial piece of your business plan and strategy) Business, marketing, or advertising students Anyone who wants to learn how to build a business and make money through facebook advertising
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Why is The Ad Manual Needed?

Advertisers are flocking to facebook Only a small percentage of advertisers make money on facebook You can become part of that handful…
According to data from comScore published in The Wall Street Journal, facebook displayed over 50 Billion ads per month during 2010. That total represents 16.2% of the total amount of banner ads displayed on the internet as a whole.

Ever Heard of the 80-20 Rule? Right now, less than 20% of all the advertisers on facebook are making more than 80% of the money. Why? Because there are only a select few facebook marketers that know and utilize the principles that The Ad Manual will teach you.

People and businesses are flocking to facebook ads thinking that they can figure it out on their own. Unfortunately, most find out quickly that they have lost significant money and need help. With The Ad Manual, you will avoid costly mistakes and you will be able to accelerate your learning process to achieve positive return on investment in the shortest time possible.
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How Long Does it Take to See Success?

[](http://www.theadmanual.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/facebook-clock.jpg)That all depends on how dedicated you are to achieving success. Without The Ad Manual, typical first-time advertisers on facebook will take anywhere from 6 months to well over a year (if ever) to really start figuring out how to build their business with facebook advertising.  And that is only if they dedicate nearly all of their time to managing their campaigns.

In addition, the typical first-time advertiser will need to spend several thousand dollars to figure out a successful formula. Chances are, you don’t want to waste thousands of dollars and you don’t have years to figure this stuff out. With The Ad Manual, you can learn what you need to know in a day or so, and literally save thousands of dollars in wasted ad spend, guaranteed.

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Have any questions? Please contact us at info@theadmanual.com.

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affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook, nor have they been reviewed
tested or certified by Facebook.

“If we didn’t have this manual, I have no doubt that we would have spent a lot of money learning the lessons on our own, the HARD way!”

Morgan, Business Owner, Utah.

“The Ad Manual is a thorough guide to help inundate new users thoroughly to the world that is Facebook Ad Promotion.”

Mindy, Online Affiliate Marketing, El Segundo California

If you are not 100% satisfied with The Ad Manual, you may receive a full refund for up to 60 days, no questions asked, GUARANTEED.

“The access to direct advice from facebook employees as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising spend and millions of dollars in revenue provided the perfect environment to compose the MOST complete, simple, accessible, and valuable manual for facebook advertising.”

– Brenan Klain, Author of The Ad Manual


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