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Once, only taught in mystery schools hidden in the far east...
...And known only to the greatest lovers in the world...
These Secrets Are Now Available To You!

"Now Revealed: The Secrets of Sexual Power!"

Introducing The World's Greatest Sexual Power Workout Method!

Friday, 5:21 PM
From The Windiest of Cities - Chicago!

Hey Guys,

* Are you not quite the person in bed you know you could be?
* Is your stamina leaving your partner unsatisfied?
* Do you feel like you feel like you can perform better but don’t know how?
* Do you wish you could feel sexually fulfilled?
* Do you sense other people are having great sex, and you’re not?

Maybe you decided long ago sex just wasn’t worth all the effort and aging is part of life. Maybe you just know you can’t really “do it” or like you used to. Maybe the dissatisfied looks and comments from potential lovers just have you turned off.

Well maybe that has been true... Up until now...


My name is William Jaster. (Though, everyone calls me “Big Bill”.) I am the creator of Sexual Power. I have put tons of work in research and devoted thousands of hours into making attracting lovers to me an effortless part of my day. And, I have to say that this "BREAKTHROUGH" sexual workout method is the greatest most effective collection of sexual tune up exercises to date.

Let me tell you why...

I was once on the bottom looking up. My social life hit rock-bottom. I couldn’t go any lower. I was experiencing unnecessary psychological pain and suffering. I had pretty much resigned myself to accepting that I was getting too old, too fat, too insecure and just too ugly to have a good loving relationship.

I even began to wonder if I had blown it in all the years I spent studying in school and had missed out on  being cool and going after dates back when I was more young and vital. I was just an average guy looking for “anyone” I could date... and I became desperate.

I spent thousands of dollars and tried almost every “pick up“ product on the market. These systems, while informative and fascinating, basically taught me effective flirting, confident attitudes and good lines to say.

These were pretty good at getting someone to initially talk to me. But the problem was that once I got past that initial barrier of breaking the ice, my lack of confidence about my “performance” soon reared it’s ugly head in my “nice guy” attitudes.

I had nothing to back up the next new line or the bad-boy attitude. In other words, I had no physical performance to match the high powered words!

So, while I now had some novel ways to approach dates, I still didn’t have any way to hold their attention file:///media/8765-4321/Secret%20Power%20Project/index.html
and make them truly desire to be with me again and again. My lack of self respect was sabotaging me with nagging self doubts.

The result: a couple of dates here and there sometimes even with people I would not want anyone to know I was with. And even as pathetic as that was I was I usually was still often going home alone at the end of the night.

After several years of floundering around with mild success with dating sites and buying “secret verbal formulas”, I still was not really having easy or consistent success with dating.

You see, the situation I had to face was that while I found it easy to talk to women I never seemed to have many “dates”. The problem was... I had more girl “friends” than lovers.

Because of my fears of my own failed sexual prowess I was afraid of going for it! I was really missing female companionship and I was willing to try anything.

I knew I had to find a way to feel good about the person that I was. But I was not there yet!

One day, miraculously, I finally got a woman to come over. She was everything I had hoped for. Perky breasts, a nice butt and a deep willingness to make love. It had been a while for me and I was nervous as I could be. I knew I just wanted to have someone to make love to.

Well, time had taken its toll, because after about 15 minutes, I found myself breathing heavy, my muscles hurting and when I looked into the mirror next to my bed I was shocked.


Who was that loser guy? And what was worse after 10 minutes or so the lady I was with kept asking me if I was all right. I had no skills, no power. Nothing I did was getting her going. I had no endurance either. The look on her face was unforgettable.

But still in the midst of this, the biggest issue nagging me wasn’t her look or sad attention. It was me.

I knew that I didn’t have the form or stamina to really satisfy a woman totally. Had I always been like this? My sexual age  (which isn’t based on how old you are!) and poor skills were really nagging at me. I felt like a sexual geezer!  As you can probably guess, my interest in meeting women slumped again as I began to pick my brain and kick my ass.

One thing that was affecting me is the same thing that many people feel - the “lucky ones” were getting all the attention, while I was quickly being passed over.

I quickly became disillusioned with the whole prospect of really having a lover interested in being with me. What were the physical cues that all these sexy people had over me?

The very next day I went to the mall. There were hundreds of beautiful people there. I began to notice that those hot ones were “checking out” each other. It was like a game happening. It was the looks, the smiles, or even the feigned indifference, but they all had the same thing in common. The hot ones all had a certain way of walking and carrying their body.

What was this magic they had?  Despite their ages or body types something about them was different.


Then it dawned on me. Those who are giving and getting a lot of great sex show it. Fantastic sexual experiences just changed them. They were good and looked for those just as good! It was like a secret communication going on. I even saw this guy who had to be in his mid 60’s making the ladies’ heads turn.

As I learned more about body language about the physiology of people and the scientific truth behind what it takes to make someone feel an irresistible desire to want to chat with you, date you and even have sex with you one thing kept coming clear. All the desire in the world doesn’t mean squat if I cannot accept the challenge of being the best lover this person has ever had!

One of the biggest beliefs among less successful daters is that you have to be rich, good looking or a smooth talker to get a lover to desire you. Well that is false!

You can be balding, fat and broke and still have incredible success with dating as long as you have the unconscious body cues and the skills to back it up! I know because that balding, fat and broke guy was me! Do you follow me so far?


I determined that if these people had it, I could get it as well. Napoleon Hill wrote, "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it CAN ACHIEVE". (Of course, you have to work for it.)  

Suddenly, I was determined to understand what they had. The something that I use to have, and how to get it back even better. And “even better” was just the beginning.

I researched and tested several dozens of sexual exercises. And I really worked at them.
I have gone through all types of exercise systems and DVD’s and CD’s. Through my research I went from being flabby and awkward to being sexually fit and confident.  I am still working on my weight, but I found out that being overweight is not a huge “cock blocker”.  My weight loss now is for my health and not to capture lovers.  What a difference that perspective has made on my love life!  


Yes, as some have said, I now have a “bad boy” attitude with women,  But is is not about being mean or a jerk in bed.  What it means is that I now put my focus on what I want in a woman, not what I can be to please a woman to make her like me!  When I know that I can really please a woman sexually, it is just a matter of choosing which woman I decide to please and how I will please her.  Are you even aware how desperate women out there are for a “real deal” lover?

And, no, this is not about being selfish.  I take great pleasure in giving a woman pleasure.  Yes her pleasure is my pleasure!  But I now know something that even those many  selfish lovers do not. It is not just hot looks that can get you laid like a rock star.  I am still older,  I am still packing a few extra pounds, my hair is not going to magically grow back . But while I may desire those things for me,  I do not need those things to have sexual satisfaction.  Even the famous opera tenor weighed over 400 pounds and that boy got the ladies. Yes, it is something more.


Think about this,  before I only dreamed about hot lovers and I can now pick and choose! Today, I can now decide which voice messages to return and who to go out with on any given night.

Choice is outstanding, it helps the ego and yes, it is not always the most beautiful you will want in bed... but more on that later!

I not only learned the core physiology involved in satisfying lovers who before I thought were way out of my league, but I also learned the psychology behind building my confidence to all time highs.

Imagine pushing the hidden hot buttons in potential lovers and maintaining that attraction with them, with Sexual Power and knowing you can choose which one you know is more fun to take to dinner, who is the one you want in bed, having one just to be arm candy etc.


Unlike sexually toned and ready people, lesser men and women are rarely noticed while passing through a mall or into that room of potential lovers. Sexual Power will help you change very quickly and allow you to live a life of success.

Opportunity, success and love will follow you. It is true and that’s just a fraction of the invaluable knowledge and techniques you will gain and can implement immediately. Whether you already have a special someone in mind that you want to capture the heart of or if you have no prospects whatsoever, your life is about to change.


Here are just SOME of the secrets contained in SEXUAL POWER:
The 1000 Year Old Kissing Method To Highten Sexual Sensitivity The 9 Foundational Exercises to Rock Your Partners World One Exercise Proven to Make Your Partner Scream In Pleasure Like A Banshee The Secret to Long-Term Sexual Attraction To Your Partner How To Achieve Long-Term Sexual Satisfaction How To Obtain A Healthy Self-Image (The "Power" Image) Two Things You Need To Know For Increased Stamina The One Muscle Exercise You Should ALWAYS Do For Explosive Sexual Pleasure
Satisfy Your Parter With This One Move And Your Partner Will Be Loyal To You FOREVER Exercise This Group Of Muscles and Lose Weight While Having Sex!
...And Much, Much More!!
ONLY $37!!


“A cool guide...
to achieve your best potential!"

- Tommy C., Chicago, Illinois

“...Enthusiastic throughout. Big Bill' s sage wisdom on physical and sexual well being... is a boon to aspiring people the world over.”

- Mike Quarrato, Barrington, Illinois

ONLY $37!!


Remember, only order this if you are ready to really transform your life. Ask yourself if having a fulfilling dynamic sexual lifestyle is what you want. If you are ready to make that real core change in who you are... Sexual Power awaits you!

If you are ready to really transform your life with a fulfilling and dynamic sexual lifestyle. This is what you want. If you are ready to make that change in who you really are... get my system now. You won't be disappointed. ORDER NOW!

Best Regards,

- William "Big Bill" Jaster

I really need to put this warning here. When you first start out, you can keep your workout intensity low and work up to make it high-intensity, however, I need to say this:




There. I said it. You’re going to love this. Guaranteed.

ONLY $37!!


You can even read it on ANY of your favorite devices!

Still use a traditional computer?
Of course you can read it on your desktop, laptop and... many, many more!

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