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Whatever it is that you want to achieve for your Wedding Day,
Hypnosis is one of the most Powerful techniques to help you attain
that Goal, easily and automatically.

You've spent probably tens of thousands of pounds on material things
for your wedding; the dress, the bridesmaids outfits, the venue, the
hair and make-up. Isn't it time you spent a few pounds ON YOU. Just a
few pounds on programming the_ CORRECT MIND SET_ to make the Perfect

Don't take the _RISK_ and leave it to _CHANCE_!  Program your
mind for SUCCESS! (Backed-up by a full money back guarantee!)

These recordings are complete, full length Hypnosis sessions. These
are available for immediate download in MP3 format. Simple click the
'_DOWNLOAD NOW_' button next to the products you'd like and instantly
start enjoying the benefits.

The structure of these recordings;
Each recording begins with an _Introduction_ explaining the
possible issues that you may have. This is followed by a _Hypnotic
Induction_ to induce yo into a relaxing enjoyable trance state. This
trance state will allow _mental visualisation_ to become more vivid
and the_commands_ to saturate your unconscious mind to help you relax
and enjoy the perfect wedding that you desire. Finally, you are
either _awoken_ to get on with your everyday living or allowed to
carry on into a nice _deep sleep_ until the morning if that is what
you intend on doing.


Bride Specific Goals and Motivations
Walk down the isle with grace and ease.
Feel confident
Speak clearly and confidently when saying your vows
All doubts and fears disappear
Sleep well
Deal with the unexpected calmly and confidently
Pre-programmed 'trigger keyword' for calming you down on the day
Relax and enjoy the whole day!
                         and much more… _

_ONLY £10.00_


Bridesmaid Specific Goals and Motivations
You know what to do, calm and confident, enjoy the moment
Support the Bride as much as you can
Look beautiful supporting the Bride
Be the person you wish to be
Everything is exactly as intended
You deal with the unexpected calmly and confidently
You are stress free and enjoy the whole day
Problem solve when you need to
Socialise with ease
Have a wonderful day
_                          and much more… _ ___ONLY

_ _


 Mother of the Bride Specific Motivations
Sleep well during wedding preperations and the night before!
Deal with conflict well
Don't sweat the small stuff
Organise with ease, be creative when you wish to
Good relationship with your son-in-law
Support your daughter in every way possible
Manage finances well
Don't stress the small stuff
Look amazing, feel confident and sexy!
     and much more… _

 ___ONLY £10.00_

WEDDING CONFIDENCE - _THE GROOM _(including speech confidence)

_GROOM SPECIFI_C Wedding Confidence
Say your Vows with clarity and Confidence
Calm and Cool Groom - everything in your stride!
Walk with confidence and purpose
Feel & look Confident
Relaxed and energetic giving your speech
Enjoy the whole experience
Support your Bride when you need to
Enjoy Socialising with everyone
Relaxed at the meal
Confident and Sexy for the Honeymoon!
Enjoy the whole experience
 and much more _  _ONLY £10.00_

 WEDDING CONFIDENCE -_THE BESTMAN_ (including speech confidence)

                            _BESTMAN SPECIFIC_
Motivations and issues
Enjoy your speech, relax
Comic timing is yours if you need it
Support the Groom with ease
Your organisational skills are superb
Deal with the stag night with ease
Confidence with your wedding day duties
Socialise with ease
Enjoy socialising at the meal
Deal with problems quickly and creativily
Nothing fazes you!
Relax and enjoy the whole experience
      and much more _  _ONLY £10.00_


'Father of the Bride' _SPECIFIC MOTIVATIONS_ and _ISSUES_
Proud to give your daughter away
Confidence that everything will be right for you daughter
Relaxed and at ease
Emotionally stable
Speak clearly and confidently during your speech
Socialise with ease
Reverse the 'fight or flight' mechanism that restricts your vocal
Look good, feel even better
Enjoy the whole experience!
_                                      and much

___ONLY £10.00_


_BRIDE SPECIFIC_ Weight Loss Motivation and Powerful Mental
Only one chance to look your best
Selecting the correct food to help attain your goals
Motivations for your wedding day
Enjoy your food even more than before
Feeling good about yourself, feel much more Sexier!
Increase Calorific activity naturally and enjoyably
Lose cravings for foods that make you fat without the sense of loss
You’ll attain your ideal weight for your Wedding and retain it!
 and much more…_  _ONLY £12.00_


_BRIDESMAID SPECIFIC_ Weight Loss Motivations and Goals
Be Proud that you will support and compliment the Bride
Lose cravings for foods that make you fat without the sense of loss
Be Proud that you will support and compliment the Bride
Enjoy your food more
Automatically choose foods that support you goals whilst still
enjoying your food
       and much more_

___ONLY £12.00_


Motivated to look your best for your wedding day
Only one chance to look good
Burn fat and build muscle consistently
Weight loss actually becomes enjoyable for you
Unconsciously know which foods your body needs
Use your stored fat to supply energy to your body and melt fat
The ability to Enjoy your food even more than before
Lose cravings for foods that make you fat without the sense of loss
Pre-programmed for Success
Focus on whats important to you
You become motivated to exercise and enjoy it more than ever before
Make sure you look good and feel _SEXY_ for your Honeymoon!!
You gain control over your entire life
          and much more!_

 _ONLY £12.00_

_You can contact us at Steve@WeddingJitters.co.uk _

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Listen to a shorten Introduction for our Jitters and Confidence

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