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You are no different than the next job candidate! (more on this later..)

You fear interviews; You cannot write captivating resumes nor eye-catching cover letters! (many of you don’t even know what cover letters are!)

You do not realize the gravity of the job problem today!

The world is going through a SECOND round of the dreaded recession >>> Jobs are drying up FAST!

And finally; You are a Rat! (more on this later..)

Dear Job Seeker,

And to get the job YOU want, this page is going to be the
most important piece of text you will ever read!

I am about to share some of my closely guarded ‘Ninja Job Getting‘ Secrets with You,
but I am keeping this page online for a very short time [you will know why soon]


But first, DO YOU KNOW THIS?
In 2012, a total of 120,000 people are due to get sacked in USA and Europe alone! Since mid-2010, the scarcity of jobs in 27 states of the USA has reached alarming proportions! For every job opening world over, employers are actually getting 1000′s of applications! If YOU are scared of interviews, if you cannot write a magnetic resume, if you do not know what cover letters are, if you are simply not doing anything that differentiates YOU from the competition…

You do not have a job today.

You did not have a job yesterday.

You will very well, NOT have a job tomorrow!

“New” Job Openings are NOT “Opening” For A Long While Now! Which Means…


And So… To that effect…

Let me make an announcement now…

[drum roll please]…

With NO FEAR of Interviews With NO FEAR of the Competition Without NO FEAR of the Recession, or Fear of Rejections With FULL CONFIDENCE of Writing Your Resumes With FULL CONFIDENCE of Writing Your Cover Letter

Let me ask you something…
If you could choose just 1 option, would you choose to:-
Get a job offer fast, and I mean like in days! Super Fast!

Write a killer resume that employers literally drool over!

Write a mesmerizing Cover Letter that pulls eyeballs like a magnet!

Beat the cr** out of your Interview Fears, Job Search Doubts, Anxieties or…

Become the most preferred choice for that dream job?

Hmmm… You Like ALL 5, Don’t You!?

Ok, then what if you could start doing ALL 5 things, in the next 5 minutes!?

My name is Peter Harper, and I am a Career Guidance Coach, working ‘in the field’ for the last 18 years!

But unlike the typical coaches who offer career guidance @ exorbitant hourly rates…
… I create solutions that enable everyone to get their dream job, no matter what!!



In fact, here’s what Michael, one of my first YOU ARE HIRED™ client has to say…

After completing his graduation… he started job hunting.

How? Like this:

He applied to several job openings at various companies, just like you.

He got few interview calls, nothing spectacular.

He went to interviews with little or no preparation.

He got rejected by most of the companies.

Whatever little offers he did get were not worth chasing.

He started searching Google for “job interview tips” and “resume writing tips”!

Now comes the bizarre part…

He applied to several job openings at various companies, just like you.

He got few interview calls, nothing spectacular.

He went to interviews with little or no preparation.


Did you see something odd? Aren’t the last 3 things exactly the first 3 things!?


Michael kept repeating the same things over and over and over!

And it’s not much different than what YOU have been doing, right?!

You surely remember me calling you a rat earlier, of course you do!
Do you know why I called you that? Well, no offense my friend, but like Michael,
You are doing exactly what rats do in a maze…

And that’s what most job seekers do!

That’s what YOU are doing!

And that’s what Michael did!

Yes. He had a degree from a ‘super-reputed’ university. Yes. He was qualified and should have got a great job. Yes. He was an honest, enthusiastic individual who would been a great colleague to work with…

..But NONE of this was happening! Nope, and you know why? BECAUSE OF 5 WORDS

Yes, just 5 words were preventing him from changing his life..

But NOW, in YOUR case, those 5 words will CHANGE your life!

The 5 Words Are:

Did you just get that? I said…

Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes!

You want a job now, you actually need a job now, but you are not changing a thing,
not doing anything different than your thousand competitors!


The truth is much too far from what you believe!

Job openings are drying up like a desert, and job candidates are circling like vultures to grab every job opportunity there is!

You need To Get a job now. Not tomorrow, not next month, you have to get a good job
NOW before your competing candidates suck every last opportunity you’ve got!

And to get that job, you have to put up a fight!

Well not literally of course, but what I mean is, YOU have to differentiate yourself from these competing vultures!

And That…. is exactly what MICHAEL DID!

Michael quickly learned my covert job getting tricks.
Result = He became the most desired candidate!

… and now he is still holding tight at the job, in fact, last I heard, he is due for a nice fat pay raise!

So is Nancy… here’s how Nancy got her first job [in early 2011] with ‘You are Hired™’….

Michael, Nancy, Amanda, Chris, Nitin, Susan, Adil and hundreds of other have got their dream jobs with this training.

In fact here’s how our inbox looks almost every single day!

Check it out…

These are emails our email support address gets almost every single day!

Our inbox is flooded with:
People mailing us to tell they got the job! People who found module 7 *outstanding*! People who just want to say “thanks”! People telling us how this course over-delivers compared to other courses! And many many, many other happy job stories!

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes, remember?

These people made that change, they have taken ACTION by accessing this course
and they literally seized their dream jobs.

In fact, Adil Banarjee, my new student in Singapore, calls this course, ninja job training!

This course has changed the lives of so many Adil’s that we have lost count now!

Here’s an overview of the entire course.

Please Note that Module 13 and 14 are currently FREE only for a limited time.




Wheeewwwwww… that’s a LOT of ‘Job Getting’ content!

And as you are reading this, people like Michael, Nancy, Adil are learning these techniques RIGHT NOW to beat their competition out of the interviewer’s office!


Will you learn techniques that can give you a ‘rocket hoist’ over your competition?


13 Things You Should do Before You Even apply for a job! 3 Things Employers want desperately, and how you can effortlessly deliver them! 7 Guerrilla Interview tactics YOU can use to kill the competition! 4 Things Never to do to actually ‘get’ an interview appointment! Know Your Best Friend! This one secret itself has landed few people their dream jobs! 20 phrases that literally make you the interviewer’s buddy! 22 Words NEVER to use in an interview! 10 hidden gestures that you should always control! 100’s of interview, resume and cover letter secrets that work now, in the 21st century, not in 1960! And much, much, well, so much more!

They got the job offer for Michael, Nancy, Leonard, Marissa, and hundreds of others just like YOU…

… when they thought they would never get a job!

In fact, I’m so sure that this course will get you a great job…

… that I’m going out of my way and giving you a 100% guarantee on that!

Yes, I am probably crazy to do this… But here’s my personal guarantee to you…

So there you have it, this amazing training course that has allowed hundreds all over the globe to get a great job,
could now be yours, and completely at my risk!

Now I know what you are thinking … what’s the catch? Why am I being so generous?

There’s NO catch, its quite simple actually.

I have a great family with 2 kids and possibly everything anyone could ask for…
So… It was finally time to help people… and what better than help young people like you to stand on their own feet!


Either way it’s vital that you understand what’s happening here today…

… While everyone else is busy searching Google for “interview tips” or “resume tips”!!

And I know you are intelligent to know when opportunity knocks on your door.

And you KNOW when to pounce on it! So when you come inside our elite group of ‘job getters’…

Join a revolution where people are using my ‘You Are Hired™’ course to swoop in undetected…
and potentially scoop up the best jobs of 2011!!

Just hit that Big Yellow button below, complete your order and
you can start the training in 5 minutes from now!

You have no risk at all, since you are guaranteed by my iron-clad,
60 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee!

Since these techniques are so powerful and they make getting a job so easy;
we WILL remove this page once we have sold all our 3000, 2243, 821, 434,
107 more copies!

Just like we STOPPED selling this in 2009, we WILL stop selling again to
prevent these Ninja Job Techniques from getting saturated!

If everyone starts using them, how will you be different?

You need a job today, but the scary thing is so does everyone else!

Like we said, jobs are getting sucked up every minute, while desperate job seekers are increasing by truck loads!

STOP doing the same thing as everyone else!

STOP living a job-seeker’s life!

STOP living like a rat!

YOU Are Different!

And what will differentiate you from hundreds of other job seeker’s are your Ninja Job Skills!

I want you to say the following with me…

“YES, Dr. Harper…
YES, I am going to learn covert Interview Skills! YES, I will write incredibly Professional Resumes! YES, I will write mesmerizing Cover Letters! YES, I will try, NO, I WILL BECOME the irresistible candidate for that job! YES, I will finally hear those words: YOU ARE HIRED!


I look forward to seeing you inside, with other people WHO GOT THEIR DREAM JOBS!

Carpe Diem [Sieze the day!],


P.S: If you want a job now, not next month or next year, you won’t find a better system for doing so, than this one. Stop wasting time… Let’s Do This Now!
P.P.S: Don’t forget you’re covered by my 100% Money Back Guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let’s Do It!
P.P.P.S: Remember, you can immediately download everything! Even if it’s 2.00 in the morning!

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