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       Is Your Information Safe On Your Computer?

Have You Been Browsing The Internet?

Is Your Computer Running Slow?

Are Your Applications Not Working Properly?


Even If These Are Not Your Symptoms Most Likely

Some Type Of Threat

Is Installed On Your Computer

How do I know this? I have been in the computer industry business since 1988. I have worked for major corporations and my primary task is computer security.

I protect computers from




There are many other threats which will damage your computer, steal your personal information and record your keystrokes to learn your private passwords.

If You Think Your Computer Virus Software

Is Doing The Job Then Think Again!!

Ask yourself the following questions.

When was the last time I scanned my computer for viruses?
When was the last time I scanned my computer for spyware?
When was the last time I scanned my computer for adware?
Did the scans find any threats and did the software remove them or heal them?
Are my virus, spyware and adware signatures up to date?

If you can’t answer any of these questions then the odds are you have a threat installed on your computer and it is running in the background and stealing your information.


How Does Your Computer Become Vulnerable?

You purchase a brand new computer and everyone is excited with their new purchase. All the software is pre-loaded and you plug it in and you are ready to run.

What everyone doesn’t realize is that most of the software is for a trial period, especially anti-virus software. What’s really upsetting is that the software needs to be configured properly to work optimally. A couple of months goes by and the trial ends, what does everyone do, nothing.

The trial expires and now the computer is unprotected and vulnerable to all threats. This is what mainly happens with my family, friends and most people I help.

There is no anti-virus software, no anti-spyware and no adware software, the computer is completely vulnerable.

What Can You Do To Protect Yourself Without

Spending Money On Software?


Be Proactive With

Free Reputable And Reliable Software!!

Virtually all Internet Security Software systems require
a monthly or yearly subscription fee

Why Pay These Fees?


Do not place all your eggs in one basket.  Using one application to protect you against viruses, spyware and adware is an approach which you should avoid.  I had to learn the hard way a couple of years ago. I received a new virus signature and the software downloaded it automatically, just like it was suppose to do, the only problem is the signature had a development bug which made the entire application unusable.

Now my computer was unprotected against all threats.  Ever since this incident I decided to use a multi-layer security model which uses 4 different applications to protect my computer.  Just like you diversify your portfolio you also need to diversify your security protection.

I have been protecting my friends and family for years and they all haven’t paid a dime for the software or subscription fees.

I Can Do The Same For You!!

I will give you all the necessary information to
download and install all of the free software.



 I understand that this is an electronic download
and no book will be shipped to my home.
I have read and accepted the [terms of service](/tos).

Let’s Take A Look Inside


Here is an excerpt from the eBook. I will show you step by step with graphical pictures, arrows and clearly to read instructions how to configure all the applications to optimally protect your computer and your information.




Do You Need To Be An Expert To Use This eBook?

Absolutely not, the eBook was written for people that know nothing about computers. The main objective of the eBook is to help you protect you from having your important and private information stolen right from under your nose. The software that is recommended is reliable, reputable and are among the best in the industry. I use this software on my computer, my parents and my friends computers. 

What happens if I need additional help with my computer?

Don’t worry because…

 There’s more!!

You will receive lifetime updates of the eBook so your computer is protected from all threats on the internet. 

You will be enrolled in our private Computer Geek Forum. The forum is a collection of computer users just like you who need help with their computer problems.


 I understand that this is an electronic download
and no book will be shipped to my home.
I have read and accepted the [terms of service](/tos).


You have nothing to lose or do you

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