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Dr Jenny Mackenzie has over 20 years of medical experience and
wants to share some information that could change your life

What every cancer patient should know; find out what these Medical Experts have to
tell you about using a holistic, integrative approach to manage chemo side effects

Some People Would Rather Die Than Face Another Round of
Chemotherapy Treatment

They Don’t Know How a Holistic Approach Can Help

Find Out What You Can Safely Do To Improve
Your Health During Chemo and Learn What
You Need to Avoid

Here are a few of the reasons why this information is so powerful…

You discover how herbs and supplements can really improve your health and how you can prove it to yourself and your oncologist Some herbs and supplements can interfere with your chemo; DON’T RISK Taking ANY Supplements during chemo until you’ve read what these experts have to say and checked out the bonuses How you can reduce or even eliminate some of the dreaded side effects of chemotherapy A recent study found that 2/3 of cancer patients take supplements, mostly without telling their oncologist. This Can Be Dangerous! Find out what herbs you must never, ever take during chemo, and why. The vitamin that can help you in so many ways, and why you need to discuss it with your oncologist first  Does YOUR chemo cause Heart or Kidney Damage? Some little-known herbs and supplements can help protect your heart and kidneys from chemotherapy damage, and it’s been proven on studies! You get taught how to research evidence-based, scientific articles to empower yourself about your own health (Bonus article) 
And let me tell you, these experts really know what they are talking about; let me introduce them 

Professor Pamela Smith MD, is an Internal Medicine Physician who specializes in Metabolic and Functional Medicine, and is the author of a number of books. She is the founder and Director of The Fellowship in Metabolic, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine, as well as the Director of the Master’s Program in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. 

Professor Ian Brighthope MD, pioneered the first post-graduate medical course in nutrition in Australia, and has lectured in Australia and overseas for many years. He also has decades of hands-on clinical experience in treating cancer patients using a holisitic approach. 

Dr Mark Rosenberg MD, has for the past 15 years integrated modern medicine with nutrition, exercise, and physiology to create a natural program for healthier living. He has spent much of his time over the last few years studying and treating cancer, and has founded the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute and is Director of the Fellowship in Integrative Cancer Therapy. 

Dr Daniel Weber PhD, has a PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Master of Science in Chinese Herbal Medicine. He is the author of a number of books, two of them relating to integrative oncology. He is an international lecturer, and has been treating cancer patients for many years. 


To: All cancer patients and those who love them, who are looking for ways to make life more bearable during chemotherapy.

First off, let me tell you about myself. My name is Dr Jenny Mackenzie and I’m a family medical doctor in Australia. I graduated in the late ‘80s, so I’ve got a fair bit of experience in caring for cancer patients.

It’s pretty gut-wrenching for all concerned when you have to give someone the “you’ve got cancer” news, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to help my patients, and maybe soften the blow.

Fact is, cancer’s downright scary to get diagnosed with, and the chemotherapy treatments can be frightening as well.

Now, chemo and the standard western treatments will generally prolong your life and can even cure the cancer sometimes, so we all know it’s CRUCIAL to get the treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

What can be a MAJOR concern are the
Side Effects of the chemotherapy

While these vary from patient to patient, the list is fearfully long, and includes 
prolonged NAUSEA and VOMITING that is so draining DIARRHEA, also exhausting severe FATIGUE and lethargy can be debilitating neuropathic (nerve) PAIN that can make life a misery cognitive problems (CHEMO-BRAIN) can cause real distress for the patient and the carer  ANEMIA can increase your fatigue and put added strain on your heart  Tendency for BLEEDING due to low platelets  Low white cell count that increases the risk of INFECTIONS Potentially life-threatening HEART OR KIDNEY DAMAGE
Over the years I’ve found, of course, that cancer patients vary enormously in how they approach their chemo treatments. Some just grit their teeth and put up with everything they need to.

Others, especially after a bout of dreadful side effects from a chemotherapy course, can be so fearful of the side effects that they REFUSE life-saving chemotherapy. This is upsetting for all concerned, the patient, their family, and their treating doctors.

Sometimes these side effects can be little or none, but sometimes they can be truly awful and even life-threatening in themselves.

You see, some of the chemo agents used can seriously damage critical organs such as kidneys or the heart. This can mean that the chemotherapy can make you sick in a whole new way

It can also mean that because of the damage you mightn’t be able to tolerate the full course of chemo, and so miss out on the best cancer-killing effect. Worse case scenario is that the damage is severe enough to endanger your life and even cause death.

It’s been proven on studies that there are supplements and herbs that can help reduce this damage. This means that the cancer patient may then be able to receive the full course of potentially life-saving chemotherapy.

Well, I’m sure you can understand my excitement when I learnt about these herbs and supplements that can help with the side effects of chemo.

So Herbs and Supplements CAN help with the side effects?

I had to know more…

However, first things first – I had to know they were safe. Was it safe for cancer patients to take them? Would it affect their chemo treatments, and how? I knew that oncology (cancer) doctors are usually quite against their patients taking these kinds of things, they are worried that their patients will put themselves at risk, and believe me, those risks are real.

So what are the problems with these herbs and supplements, that so worry the oncologists? Well, it can be complicated. You see, there have been a lot of studies about them. Trouble is, not all of the studies agree on the result.

Upshot is, your oncologist hears or reads about some studies where some herbs or supplements have been shown to interfere or reduce chemotherapy effectiveness, and so tends to say ‘no’ to everything, even if they don’t know anything about it, just in case.

That bothers me, because there are some completely safe complementary medicines that can be of real benefit to the patient, and been shown to be safe on studies.

However you need to keep in mind that there are a number of herbs and supplements and vitamins that should not be taken with some chemotherapy agents.

Fact is, some have been shown on studies to reduce the effectiveness of chemo – not good! Some have been shown to INCREASE the effectiveness of chemo – this can be a good thing – you may be able to reduce the dose and tolerate it better, with fewer side effects(!) You can see why your oncologist needs to know what you are taking – your dose of chemo might need to be altered.

Take curcumin as an example, yes, the kitchen spice. There is evidence to suggest it supports the anticancer actions of 5-fluorouracil, but it can actually interfere with antitumor activity of cyclophosphamine.

So, good sometimes, but not others. See what I mean? A bit complicated.

But that can be a good thing…

Because each cancer patient has their own individual cancer, their own individual health history, their own particular treatments and their own response to that treatment, it’s crucial that they are individually assessed by their treating practitioners. Then, the various factors can be combined in a Holistic Way to come up with the BEST TREATMENT PLAN.

You can end up with so many questions…

What can I take to help my chemo symptoms or problems? Is it safe? What should I be avoiding? What about mind-body treatments? How can I go about doing some research of my own? How do I go about finding a doctor or practitioner who takes a holistic approach? 
So what’s a cancer patient like you supposed to do?

Most of us are not research scientists and find reading medical studies confusing. Most are, in fact willing to try complementary medicines, but now you know that on your own it’s a bit like Russian Roulette.

Your oncologist should really be told if you are taking something that may impact on your chemotherapy treatment, and may well tell you to stop whatever you’re taking, even if you think it makes you feel better. You want to be able to give your oncologist the information he or she needs, to be comfortable about you taking herbs and supplements.

You’ve probably already tried looking for help on the internet, and found an overwhelming amount of information that is either too technical, not helpful, or blatant sales pitches for some “miracle” treatment or other.

You probably ended up confused, frustrated, feeling powerless and worried about getting false hopes.

Maybe you’ve found a doctor or some other practitioner who is keen for you to try some complementary therapies. BUT, how do you know that they know what they’re doing? Can you trust them with your health? Will they give you the right advice and treatments?

What you need…is KNOWLEDGE. And you need to be able to TRUST the person giving you that knowledge. You need to have CLARITY in your mind regarding what can possibly help you, and be CONFIDENT in any choices you make. You need to feel that you KNOW where to seek help, and know how to RESEARCH knowledge for yourself.

That’s why I put together this ebook. 


This ebook is about INFORMATION

It’s about EMPOWERING you to help you find your own individual way to get through chemotherapy the best you possibly can. It’s about GAINING KNOWLEDGE and from that, hope. It’s about finding out about CHOICES AND OPTIONS that you didn’t know existed, that you can combine with chemo to make you feel better. It’s about GAINING THE CONFIDENCE to seek out a more holistic approach, and how to go about that. It’s about discovering where to go looking for INTEGRATIVE PRACTITIONERS, and lots, lots more…
If you have cancer or care for someone who has cancer and is having chemotherapy, I know that you’ll want to have this information.

I’ve interviewed four top world experts, all specialists in their fields, all using a holistic approach, and I’ve picked their brains on their approaches to helping the side effects of chemo, and even got some details

What you’ll discover is a whole world of
help to access, that you probably
didn’t even know existed!

Quick preview of the eye-opening information you’ll have at your fingertips:

Complete transcripts of interviews with

Prof. Pamela Smith, MD
Prof. Ian Brighthope, MD
Dr. Mark Rosenberg, MD
Dr. Daniel Weber, PhD MSc

All of these interviews are very different, all are interesting, and all of them have information I’m certain that you’ll want to know. They give great advice and share their ideas on what they think are the most important treatment considerations. 

Fascinating stuff. 

Armed with this new information, you’ll have more options and help during your chemo than you would’ve thought possible.


But that’s not all

These BONUSES may be able to help you as much or even more…

Free Bonus # 1 

Informative Article 

Article written by me, Dr Jenny Mackenzie, firstly detailing some treatment modalities with well known and documented benefits, so you can think about including them in your get-well routine.

Next, I list some useful websites, to help you find information on practitioners and on research.

Lastly, I give you some great hints on how to go about researching medical articles and studies to get you started if you want to, but are not sure how. Try to find this information anywhere else!

The information in this is worth at least $20.00 

But it’s Yours FREE

Free Bonus # 2 

Meditation: A Basic Guide 

This ebook gives you some information on what meditation is all about, why you might like to try it, and leads you through a few simple meditations.

This ebook normally sells for $30.00 

But it’s Yours FREE

Free Bonus # 3 

Relaxation Recordings 

Two downloadable MP3 audio recordings containing relaxation hypnosis by Aaron McLouglin, a fully qualified psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist. Wonderful for relaxation and de-stressing, and ONLY to be listened to when lying down!

These would normally sell for $30.00 

But they are Yours FREE

Free Bonus # 4 

Research Starter 

Two complete, very interesting articles, and a collection of a few journal article conclusions to give you a start on your research. The article by Dr Keith Block gives a great overview with a lot of supportive references, and could provide you with some support that you can take to your oncologist when you explain that you’d like to take a more holistic approach. The article by Graham Lyons PhD gives a few well-researched supplements a good going over. Both of them cite loads of references for you to follow up. These can possibly be found free on the web, but only if you know where to find them.

Free Bonus # 5 

Tables on chemotherapy and herb/supplement interactions 

These include both the good interactions and the bad ones. One table is from Daniel Weber’s book ‘Introduction to Integrative Oncology’, the other from the book ‘Herbs & Supplements, An Evidence-based Guide’. Both provide some great starting points for research and could even identify if you are taking something dangerous.


Now, you might think that this is going to be costly, after all, you’re getting to ‘pick the brains’ of some genuinely world-class experts. Some people charge a fortune for just the possibility of improved wellness.

I consider that the Unique Information in this book could well be life changing for most of you who are willing to invest a small amount in discovering how this Holistic Approach can help you.

Now, as you know, I have a passion for integrative medicine, and I just love the thought that someone who buys this actually does get through their chemo easier! That what they learn in my ebook makes a difference to their health and their life

I’ve looked on the internet, and I can’t find anything like this kind of information anywhere else, that’s why I interviewed my experts and put together this ebook.

It seems obvious to me that this holistic approach, combining and integrating the most beneficial aspects of orthodox and complementary medicine is the optimum way to power through chemotherapy treatments

And consider…it is unfortunate but true, that the COST to you as a cancer patient of NOT getting the right advice can be extreme

So, I can’t bear the thought that you might be put off because you feel it’s too expensive, and I really want you to let this information make your life better than it would have been if you’d never read it.

So here’s another little surprise for you…since this is all new, current information – being the “launch” of my book…I’d like to give you an extra special bonus This ebook has only just been launched, so just to make the decision even easier, I’m going to take another $10 off

  Take $10 off the price as a Special Launch Price  

One more thing…

Just in case you’re not 100% sure if you are making the right decision, I’d like to take away ALL of the pressure and put it on my shoulders.

How do I do that? With this guarantee. Check it out…


To keep your credit card details safe, I use Clickbank's secure server. That means that I never get to see your credit card details – you deal directly with Clickbank (the internet's largest seller of e-books). Clickbank also honors the money-back guarantee.

Alright, so let’s recap what you’re getting…


What you get


Your Investment

Detailed interviews with 4 internationally-renowned experts regarding the use of herbs and supplements to help the side effects of chemotherapy





FREE Bonus # 1
Informative Article by Dr Jenny Mackenzie



FREE Bonus # 2
Meditation: A Basic Guide, ebook



FREE Bonus # 3
Relaxation Recordings by Aaron McLoughlin



FREE Bonus # 4
Selection of interesting medical articles



FREE Bonus # 5
Tables of Interactions






Special Launch Discount Take $10 off



There you have it…what I hope will be positive, life-enhancing information for you

Your search for rational, balanced, integrative information might be over…so you can start looking forward to more important things in life, like getting well.

I’m sure you’ll really appreciate the trouble I’ve gone to, to put all this information together for you.

Why struggle with the side effects of chemotherapy when it’s quite possible
you can do something about them?

Don’t make it harder than it has to be, is what I say. If you want to make changes to how well you get through chemo, then you have to take action and start to educate yourself. What are you waiting for?

You have my very best wishes for your future whatever you choose to do


Good luck and be well….

P.S. This information, these interviews, are available nowhere else on the internet…it could be exactly what you are looking for

P.P.S. Don’t forget my guarantee that takes the pressure off – if you are not completely satisfied, you can get all of your money back. No Worries!


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