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"Eliminate Insulin"
Eliminate or significantly reduce your need for insulin in 7 days.

"Imagine... No More Insulin Shots!"

Yes you an do this by simply eating a different way and loose the weight permanently.

Anyone can get off of insulin. Big statement? I Say Yes! - Read on....

Note: This is my personal story. I am not a doctor nor is anything I’m about to share with you medical advice. (Always consult with your doctor before attempting to make changes in your life.) 

I went from really bad shape to good shape with a great outlook on life from a depression I thought

I’d never get better from to being happy again. 

And for you seniors who have given up - I’m 62. So when I say I feel ANYONE CAN DO THIS, I mean it. 

I hope this will be an inspiration to you. Am I perfectly healed and not a diabetic any longer?

 No. I still keep track of my blood sugar levels, but if I don’t go back to my former eating habits, I no longer need to regulate them by taking insulin. 

I’ll let you in on everything in the e-book. But for now, read on, it’s worth it to your health.

You Don't Have To Stay Fat - I proved it!

It’s pretty amazing to go from 278 pounds to 214 pounds in a little over five months, get my life back and feel great. I’m still loosing weight as long as I stick to the plan. I have lost 64 pounds so far at the time I am writing this to you. 

I was taking four pretty stiff shots of insulin each day! Now I just take Glipizidetm and NOT very often. Perhaps four times a week is all. 
I’m human, at times I eat something I know I shouldn’t and then need a pill. Otherwise no diabetic medication at all and no more Insulin

In just a few weeks you can be insulin free (or almost) and have lost a lot of weight!

Insulin intake significantly reduced or eliminated.

Begin to loose that belly fat once and for all

Men and women loose fat in their breast areas.

Have more energy and feel better.

Finally a simple and easy way to accomplish your goals.


My Past

Yes, I’m 62 and I became a full fledged diabetic at about 40 years of age. I drank way too much sugary soda. I could drink two and sometimes three two liter size bottles each day. It was easy, just pop the cap and guzzle it down. Little did it know the harm it was doing to my body. I was packing on the weight.

I went from 180 pounds to 210 in about seven months. While drinking the sugar by the gallon I kept dieting using the diets from the Dept. of Agriculture and attempting to eat their balanced diet. It didn’t work for me..

When I went to the doctor, he put me on a pill. I’m not going to name the brand. Well, I don’t want anymore of their drugs. Sure, I take a few, but no more than I absolutely need to.

 I had a hard time on the diabetic pill he prescribed. It made me feel as if I needed to go to the bathroom all the time. Surprisingly, instead of trying another pill, he put me on insulin! Other doctors I have consulted with all told me my doctor wasn’t really doing his job (or words meaning the same thing). There were several other pills he should have tried first.


 Within just a few months my weight shot up like a rocket from injecting insulin. I ended up at 267 pounds from the side effect of insulin causing weight gain. I wasn’t prepared for it and my doctor sure as hell didn’t help. Insulin causes weight gain. The more insulin you take, the fatter you get. Wow!

 I went from a pants size of 40 to 48 very fast. I also became somewhat depressed. I looked in the mirror and someone else, a fat guy, was looking back. I was still gaining weight.

An Even Worse Surprise  (women can skip this)

As a diabetic, a wasting disease, I became unable to have a good solid erection. Having sex in lovemaking was pretty much out of my life. Sure, I could purchase pills and get the job done, but that was only a very short term solution and those pills are not all that good for men to use.

Other Sources of Sexual Dysfunction

I’m not going into each and ever brand of pill my doctor saddled me with for various other problems he felt I had. He, for some reason also gave me heart medicine and I do not have any heart problems. Water pills, high blood pressure medicines and many more are very often linked to make sexual dysfunction.

My old and even my new doctor both told me just to use a sexual enhancement drug to get hard and have sex.

Well, damn, now I’m taking pills that are damaging me. One set for other functions which have serious side effects and one pill to allow me to have intercourse. It’s maddening!

My Attempts

In the past several years I’ve tried all sorts of eating plans, exercise plans, combinations, and ways to loose weight. Some, at first, seemed to work but ultimately failed. Some were very complex plans. Some where simply hard to keep working with and I would give up.

There had to be a better way and I was going to find it.

I was coached by my doctor to eat between 20 to 60 grams of carbohydrates for each meal. I followed that routine for some time and all I got was fatter. Now I’m up to 278 pounds. I feel simply awful all the time. I look terrible. My self esteem is shot. Life is simply crap.

Partial Success

Frankly, I was eating way too much to meet the expectations of eating 20 to 60 grams of carbohydrates at each meal. Then I started reading about grains such a wheat, rice, barley, and corn. It soon became a littler clearer that these foods were in just about everything I was eating.

One night I was tired and went out to a restaurant for pasta. I do love spaghetti. I took a shot of about 20 units of insulin and began eat my meal. Yes, it was great. Later, about two hours later I checked my blood sugar and was terrified that my glucose level was 443! Hey, I took a shot before the meal. What gives here?

It bothered me that even though I took a shot, I still was very high. I started to write down ‘exactly’ what and how much I was eating. I decided to do it for a month and correlate my blood readings and insulin usage to get the whole picture, so to speak.

That was a real eye opener.

The first thing that stood out was I had been eating way too many carbs at times for the insulin scale I had been given. So I modified the insulin scale to accommodate the way I was eating. I was given the latitude to do this by my doctor so I modified the scale and began to use it as my new guideline. The problem is I was now going to use even more insulin that before.

Damn, things got worse! More weight! Oh, I didn’t have those high glucose readings anymore. No, they were kept pretty well under control by my increasing insulin intake.

My weight was going up slightly and I was feeling even worse than ever before. It was apparent I was in trouble. In evaluating my next month data, there was one day where I had had a low blood sugar. I mean down about 50! It had made me unable to walk or even think clearly. I kept a can of ‘high test” (as I call it) sugar cola. I drank it down quickly and felt better in just a few minutes then had a small amount of protein.

OK, I had a low blood sugar. Why?

In evaluating my meals that day, I found I had gone on an outing and had eaten a picnic at a park and later that evening I had supper at a friend’s house. I quickly searched for my notes to see just exactly what I had eaten that day.

The picnic was a meal of chicken, green salad, some kind of jello and I had water. That evening I had eaten turkey, another salad and my pumpkin pie which I made with Stevia.

To my surprise, lunch was under ten carbs and dinner under twenty carbs. I had taken my standard insulin shots and suffered a low blood sugar later at home because I had taken too much insulin for the lower carb meals.

I also realized I did not eat any bread or potatoes and that had kept down the carb count significantly.


Tomorrow I would repeat a close approximation of the lunch and dinner which resulted in a low blood sugar reading. I also decided to reduce my insulin shots by half. I felt it was worth a chance and I would monitor my blood sugar closely to see how it was going.

The next morning I had sausage, eggs and skipped the toast with butter for good measure and reduced my insulin fifty percent as well. Two hours after breakfast my blood sugar was 87. Wow!

I did enjoy my lunch test of chicken breast cut up and put into my salad with an oil-vinegar dressing. I was full so I didn’t eat anything else. Two hours after eating lunch my blood sugar reading was 76. Should I be concerned? I felt fine so I just made note of it and played on my computer.

That evening dinner consisted of turkey slices, a nice salad with some cheese and oil-vinegar dressing. Yes, and a small piece of my newly out of the oven pumpkin pie.

How did I do? Well, two hours later when I tested my blood I was at 106. Perfect. But I had taken only 5 units of insulin. Just 5!

This ‘success’ got me thinking. I pondered over my notes. Then I decided to eat similar meals for the next week. I would plan meals in the ten to twenty carb range. I would only take twenty five percent of the insulin on my current scale. This was exciting.

At the end of the week my average carbs per all meals was 17. My blood sugar readings were pretty good and I had lost seven pounds in just that week. This was beginning to look better.

Do you want to get off or reduce significantly your insulin like I did?

Well, remember I’m not a doctor nor is this medical advice. I did get off insulin. At this writing I’m now down to 204. No, not trim yet but close to size 40 from size 48. I keep loosing as long as I maintain my program. It is really easy to do and not complicated to follow.

Please let your doctor know you intend to do this. It’s important to find out if there may be problems you may encounter that I did not have. Your doctor my try very hard to talk you out of this course of action.

It’s not a diet. It’s a simple and easy way to loose weight for me that works and works very well. I have not hit any weight plateau where I stopped loosing weight for a while before continuing loosing weight. Simply try eating what I did for a day or two like I listed above and see for yourself this is a new beginning and a solid way to reduce or eliminate insulin. A day or two can't hurt. Right?

I feel great, I have lot’s of energy and you can as well. Also, it’s a relative low cost way of eating.

OK Pat, What's in the package?

My Eliminate Insulin E-book. It comes with several supporting PDF documents that provide additional information. Updates are free. I'm working to provide you with much more soon.

What's Included:
5 half hour subliminal reinforcement programs:
1 music, 1 thunder storm, 1 totally silent, 1 beach, 1 stream (same statements on each recording)
1 Eliminate Insulin e-book in pdf format for easy viewing and you may print it as well.
3 Supporting pdf e-books, Glycemic Index, Herbs and Vitamines Information, Metabolic Type Testing
The subliminal programs are in Pat Mind Gear!  format. A unique method to increase the effectiveness of each recording. They will help you to keep on track.
This information package and the 4 subliminals are not available from any other source.

YES! I Want to...

Yes Pat, Send me the Eliminate Insulin package and the
subliminal recordings, the e-books and help files.




P.S. - Inside the Eliminate Insulin package is how to download additional information,
subliminal recordings and more help files that have been created after this offer was
created. You can easily get up to date by following the included links.


I am so sure that you will love this product that I am offering an Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let me know within 60 days and I'll refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

The burden to deliver and satisfies entirely on me. If I don't deliver a product like I have told you about above - then I'm the loser, not you.
To obtain a refund, contact ClickBank with your purchase information.             

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