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It's up to you!

Earn that extra income
you always dreamed of!

The way we work

At Professional Sports Betting Tips we work with our own sports betting systems. Our...

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Choose your plan and start your way to an additional income.

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Clickbank payments available! - 09/23/11

Our clickbank account has been accepted and our products can be bought via Clickbank!

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There is no such thing as Getting Rich Quick!

Professional Sports Betting Tips provides quality system picks but every system has his "bad" periods but thanks to our inventive money management system our bankroll avoids to get hurt in a heart breaking way. So what I first want to tell you is that you won't earn 10.000$ in your first month , maybe in your first year betting on sports. You will constantly increase your bankroll but it is very important to stick to our money management rules as we tested what is best for our betting systems

About Professional Sports Betting Tips

Professional Sports Betting Tips is new on the internet but all the systems were tested by experienced handicappers and this for the last 15 years. Not a single system had a losing season through that period! I know you all may be very skeptical about new sports betting systems but we at Professional Sports Betting Tips are making money with them year after year. And not some change but more than a 2nd income!

We DON'T sell our system rules because these are our secrets and the bookies aren't allowed to have the information we have. This would be a disadvantage for all of us! But you'll receive each and every day an e-mail with all the system bets!

Try our systems out!

Because I was in the same position as all of you years and years ago, I understand that's hard to give someone your hard earn cash for betting systems you don't have the proof of. That's why you can now try us out for 1 FULL MONTH for only 20$ You can easily win back that 20$ and add some more to your bankroll with our system picks!
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Available Subscriptions

We offer a wide range of possible subscriptions here at Professional Sports Betting Tips. Everyone will find a package that suits him/her the best!
We have subscriptions from 1 month to lifetime membership. The prices for those subscriptions are in a range of 99$ to 1.499$.

You'll find more information on the [Subscription Page](http://www.professionalsportsbettingtips.com/subscriptions.html)

System Records

NCAAF ( 10 - 0 )

NFL ( 0 - 0 )

NHL ( 0 - 0 )

NBA ( 0 - 0 )

NCAAB ( 0 - 0 )

MLB ( 1 - 0 )

Soccer ( 1 - 0 )

Straight Up Records

NCAAF ( 10 - 4 )

NFL ( 0 - 0 )

NHL ( 0 - 0 )

NBA ( 0 - 0 )

NCAAB ( 0 - 0 )

MLB ( 1 - 0 )

Soccer ( 1 - 0 )

Started 09/01/11

Last update: 09/21/11

1 Month Trial Only $20

Try out our service for 1 month! Only 20$

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