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When in Doubt Series | A guide to finding Mr. Right

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Julie Reith is the author of the When in Doubt trilogy series:
A guide to finding Mr. Right.  
Tired of wasting time with one Mr. Wrong after another?
Want that loving right relationship of your dreams?

Wish your Fairy Godmother would zap your Mr. Right into your life right now?

  Now with these three books you can have that happiness you've been waiting for. These books offer information for women looking for the right kind of love and strategies that you’ll enjoy. They will provide you with all the tools you need to find real joy and the love of your life. 

Who says Cinderella can have all the magic?

The When in Doubt trilogy series is a happy, light-hearted look at the journey to love and true self-acceptance that opens us up to the type of lovin’ we all deserve. In this laugh-out-loud, roller-coaster journey, author Julie Reith has been there, done that and even got the t-shirt!

“We have all trodden the well-worn path to find our true love, self-love and fulfillment. Some of us may have fallen by the wayside; regardless we all know this path is far from smooth. My hope is that each reader will be filled with the inspiration that true love is not just for fairytales.”

Julie knows all too well the many bad-lovin’ choices we can all make and how many of us have settled for second best. “Each book is a fun, easy read while at the same time filled with all the solid, straightforward advice I have learned over many years and am now delighted to share.”

The When in Doubt trilogy series will help you achieve: self-love, self-esteem and self-improvement with strategies that really work. Join Julie on her journey to the next level of self-fulfillment in this mad, mad world of love, and maybe you will pick up a few dancin’ tips along the way... 

Ah! The eternal conflict of lookin' for Mr Right! 

Move on over Cinderella! Climb aboard this pumpkin, sorry - carriage, and enjoy the real roller coaster ride to your fairytale ending. Your Prince awaits…


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