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Scripted: Yes
Age: 16 and up
Culprit Knows: Yes
Genre: Horror / Comedy
Playing Time: 2 - 3 hours
# of Players: 6, 8 or 10 (50% male, 50% female)
Format: .PDF - files are emailed to you within 24-48 hours of payment.
Simply print the files and you're ready.


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David and Heather Dodgy were hosting a potluck dinner party at their
cottage last Saturday night. After dinner, David and Heather got into
an argument, which killed the vibe of the party. David stepped out to
get some fresh air along with the other guests. 30 minutes later, all
the guests returned to the party except for David, who's mangled body
was found the next morning at the bottom of _Lake Terror_. Everyone is
a suspect of this weird and grotesque murder. _Gather clues, interrupt
others, talk with food in your mouth - do whatever it takes to solve
this mystery. _


* _Tiffany Kandu _- Twice divorced and a volunteer boat-officer,
Tiffany patrols the waters of Lake Terror arresting those who disobey
the law. She also uses the police boat to make money (under the table)
by providing a shuttle service for drunken cottage goers. With a
strong understanding of forensic science, and watching every episode
of CSI, Tiff is the only suspect that could get away with framing
someone else for the murder, should she be the killer.

* _Fred Auger _- This jolly man is living his boyhood dream of being
the county Fire Chief. Ask him about his red fire truck, and before
you know it, Fred will be teaching you how to use the sirens and fire
hose. Because of his occupation, he has unfortunately seen many people
perish in fires. Perhaps he has seen enough people die, that he is now
comfortable with killing other people.

* _Heather Dodgy_ - With the news of her murdered husband, Heather
is unstable and seeks revenge. In her spare time, Heather's a
professional swimmer who's won a silver medal at the Olympics. Silver
was never good enough for her husband David, who once won first prize
in a canoe building contest. Is it possible that she killed her
husband because of the constant teasing, as well as to collect a $5
million life insurance policy?

* _Nick Nissnansky_ - married to Patty, this househusband prefers to
spend his time baking pies and tarts. Don't mention food around this
guy or he'll tell you the various ways to cook, prepare and serve that
item as a delicious meal. Nick is so knowledgeable about food, he
could kill you by putting poison in one of his famous cookies. But
Nick wouldn't do that, or would he?

* _Patty Nissnansky_ - The Park Ranger knows the grounds around Lake
Terror like no other. Patty's a sassy lady who's also an
environmentalist down to the core and if you mention any animal, she
will tell you exactly where it stands on the endangered species list.
Did Patty seek revenge on David Dodgy after he chopped down a
perfectly good tree to make it into a prize winning canoe?

* _Petros Otis_ - Retired oil tycoon who loves all things Greek,
this man owns a cottage next to David. His has a way with words, and
if you ask him about a certain word, he will tell you all about it's
Greek origins. Could Petros have killed David, just because he wasn't
Greek enough for him?

* Terry Malone - As owner of the county garbage dump, Terry love's
sorting through people's garbage, salvaging furniture for his trailer
home. Although he hates the smell of rotting trash, he loves watching
bears eat the garbage - so there's a balance there. Could Terry have
killed David who was lobbying to close down the smelly dump?

* Candy Lipps - At 83 years old, Candy is the world's oldest Yoga
Instructor. She's been teaching this ancient Indian discipline for 63
years now. Semi-retired, Candy still teaches 5 times a week right down
by Lake Terror. Did Candy murder David just because he could never
master the 'flying peacock' Yoga pose?

* Jack Hammer - This buff guy is the only cottage builder in the
county. Jack is currently building a new cottage on Lake Terror for
'Habitat for Humanity' - becuase some families just can't afford a
second home. Did Jack murder David just because he ducked out early
from his volunteering shift?

* Melanie Spook - This Russian beauty is the ghost hunter around Lake
Terror. She provides consultations as well as traps ghouls and goblins
depending on the situation. Did Melanie murder David just because he
was late on his monthly ghost protection fee?


* Booklets/Profiles for each character

* Printable wine labels
* Detailed Instructions: how to invite guests ">Game image: for you
to attach to your party invitation
* Awards: for the best actor, actress, dressed

'Buy Now' with confidence as we will email this digital game to you
within 24-48 hours of payment. All you need is a printer and you're
ready to go! The files that we send will be in .pdf format which is
compatible with all computers. You can at any time if you ever
experience any trouble with the files/printing.
PURCHASE © Copyright 2011 Murder Mystery Hut, a Foxy
Drummer company. All rights reserved

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