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“Cash In With The 10th
Largest Website On The
Internet, Twitter!”

Tune In To The Global Conversation And Get Real-
Time Access To Your Market

Dear Marketer or Business Owner,

You have heard of Twitter, many times no doubt! It is on the news, on television shows, celebrities and athletes are speaking to their fans on Twitter and new people are flooding on to the network every day.

You will also find a number of businesses on Twitter. Using it to find hungry buyers and connect with their market in real time. The PERFECT sales vehicle in today's fast paced and impatient society.

Regardless of what industry you may be in, the sooner you embrace Twitter, the sooner you will open your doors to new business and new money making opportunities.

If you are still not convinced,
consider some of these statistics:

Twitter has over 150 Million registered users

Twitter receives over 180 Million unique visitors a month

Over 300,000 new users join Twitter every day

Over 600 Million searches are sent to Twitter each day

Of those 600 Million searches, many people are looking for solutions to problems and YOU can provide the solution!

This is where you and your business come in! Imagine being able to hear from a potential customer with a real problem, connect with them in real time and offer a solution to their problem. This is a "fantasy" scenario that business owners could only dream about... until now.

Embrace the power of the global conversation and give your business one SERIOUS competitive edge.

The problem for many business owners is that they see the value in Twitter but they don't believe they have the time to even look at it. And that is the biggest misconception we must dispel. The real issue is that they don't have time NOT to get on Twitter.

And doing so can actually be a lot easier than you might think.


“Tweet Domination”

This is a course that anyone (even people with very little tech background) can take and follow, step by step,
to get their business up and running on the incredible Twitter network.

The course will walk you through all of the required steps from basic setup to advanced customization and automation.

You are a business owner (or a provider of services to them) and your time is more valuable than anything else. We understand that better than anyone else so we have put together a training framework that will minimize your time investment, maximize your results and get Twitter fully integrated into your overall business marketing efforts now!


Here are some of the powerful lessons
You will learn In Tweet Domination:


How to create an account that gets noticed

A short and painless process that gets you tweeting within minutes

Some simple tools that will make Tweeting fun

How to find key influencer's to follow

How to get these influencer's to follow you back and network with them

Using Twitter to find potential prospects who need your stuff today

How to send Tweets that get noticed and engage new conversation

Setting up custom searches so you know when, where and who has been talking about problems
            that your business can solve

How to enhance your Twitter experience with automation

This course is delivered as a series of 21 videos and a step by step PDF guide that you can use as you watch the videos. Invest just an hour or 2 a day over the next 5 days and you will have all of the knowledge you need to make Twitter a major part of your sales and marketing department.

Here is exactly what this digital download Course includes:

The PDF Guide: A 29 page guide that breaks down the entire Twitter education process into
5 manageable chunks that can be implemented over 5 (or less) days.

Each day contains steps and check boxes that you can literally print out and follow one by one, checking off each step with a pen.

The Flash Videos: 21 high quality screencast videos recorded live using a new Twitter account.

The 21 videos are broken into 5 days (to go along with the guide) and each folder
 is numbered so the entire course can be studied in a specific sequence.


Here's What You'll Be Learning Over
The Next 5 Days...





Day 1:

Lesson 1 - How To Set An Account
Lesson 2 - How To Set Your Profile
Lesson 3 - How To Set Customize Your Background
Lesson 4 - How To Add Twitter Clients




Day 2:

Lesson 1 - How To Follow Others
Lesson 2 - How To Follow Others via Blogs
Lesson 3 - How To Follow Others with Keywords
Lesson 4 - Using Twittergrader
Lesson 5 - How To Create A Following List
Lesson 6 - How To Get Followers
Lesson 7 - How To Unfollow Others








 Day 3:

Lesson 1 - Tweeting Basics
Lesson 2 - What to Tweet






 Day 4:

Lesson 1 - Search Basics
Lesson 2 - Trending Topics
Lesson 3 - What to Search For
Lesson 4 - Search Feeds






 Day 5:

Lesson 1 - Power Twitter
Lesson 2 - Scheduling Tweets
Lesson 3 - New Followers View
Lesson 4 - RSS Feeds to Twitter







This is NOT some little sloppy course thrown together! You are getting a complete 5 day course that will show you exactly how to harness the power of Twitter. You can use the video course yourself, or use it to help local businesses understand the power of Twitter.

Order you copy today and watch it from the comfort of your office.

No worries about any special software or logging on to the internet. The videos are downloaded to your computer which allows viewing at any time.

All the videos are in the standard Adobe Flash format. This is free and you can test if you already have it installed here. If you do not, you will be shown how to.


Special Bonuses Now Included!...


20 Twitter Backgrounds

Why stick with the default Twitter backgrounds that simply waste profitable marketing space? Use our Twitterbackgrounds to add links to your Faceboook profile, your website domain, affiliate links and much more 

Each Twitter background is provided in an editable PSD layer so you can edit the text layers and images how you want!

Now when you get people following your tweets, they'll be exposed to your links! Any serious Twitter marketer cannot do without them!


Auto-Tweet Scheduler

Auto Tweet Generator is a small php script you can use to automatically tweet your messages for you every day. It's the autoresponder for your Twitter account! You install it in about 5 minutes then login and setup your messages and your Twitter account is now sending your followers valuable content on autopilot!

You can generate an infinite number of these automatic "tweets" and put them to work for you to build up your raving fan base! All you have to do is upload 3 files to your server and it's ready to go. It's so easy to do, even a caveperson (being politically correct) can do it!

Once you have "ATG" installed, it will only take about 30 seconds to get going. And not to worry, full video directions are provided!

Build Your List Faster - Setup tweets about your free gifts to get more people to opt in to your list.

Promote Affiliate Programs - Setup tweets to make sure everyone knows about the latest affiliate program you're promoting.

Special Offers - Setup tweets to offer discounts or additional bonuses for your products!

Surveys - Setup tweets to ask your followers for their feedback - you'll get all the information you need to improve your business and increase your profits!

Build Up Buzz - Setup tweets to get your followers buzzing about an upcoming promotion/product launch

Content, Content - Setup tweets and link to valuable content from you or from others that your followers can benefit from.. This is is last on the list but the most important! The more your followers appreciate what you tweet, the more they will retweet your messages! Gaining you more followers virally!


Ready-Loaded Cash Tweets

Now that you have your auto-tweet generator installed it's time to send out profitable tweets automatically! You'll be able to copy and paste these attention-grabbing tweets, schedule them into your Auto-Tweet scheduler and start sending out money-making tweets on complete auto-pilot!

Making money as an affiliate with automated tweets doesn't get any easier! This is the perfect partner for your auto-tweet generator software!


And to top if all off, you'll even get a full 60 day guarantee so even if you don't feel you got your money's worth and manage to start a new following of active tweeters you're entitled to a full refund!

What are you waiting on? Grab your instant digital download now for painless $47!


Order Form

YES! Give me access to this 5 day Twitter Course! I want to start sending more traffic to my websites using free, reliable and consistent traffic methods!

YES! I understand that I'll receive 21 videos and a 29 page step-by-step PDF guide that I can print off and follow to make sure I learn everything I need to know about Twitter.

YES! I understand that I'll also be getting access to your special bonuses included 20 Twitter background, auto-tweet scheduling and pre-written cash tweets so I can make money automatically! I realize that this bonus package is not available anywhere else and can be removed at anytime without warning!

YES! I understand that I'm completely backed by a 60-day guarantee and if I'm still clueless as to how to get more quality traffic from Twitter, I am entitled to a full and prompt refund! But I realize after watching the first free video that this won't be a problem, so let me place my order below...

[ ](http://1.actionscri.pay.clickbank.net)
For Only $47


P.S. Don’t let this pass you by! The quality of this site and the training that comes with it is second-to-none. I’m kicking myself for letting it go at this price but I want to make this possible for you and well within your reach!

P.P.S. Don't forget I'm backing with this with a full 60 day money-back guarantee! If you're not happy with the training, simply Email me and I'll refund you without hassle!

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