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How To Be Your Own Best Friend 

And Uncover Confidence, Optimism

And Genuine Happiness!

We’re often kinder to family and friends - even perfect strangers - than we are to ourselves.

Shocking, but true.

Let me prove it to you.

When was the last time you said any of these to a stranger?

“How could you be so stupid?”

“It’s just like you to say something idiotic like that.”

“You’re not good enough to ....”

“So you got the job. It was a fluke! Big mistake on their part. Sooner or later, they’ll find out you’re a fake.”

“Even if you did meet Mr. Right, he would never marry you, you’re too fat/skinny/tall/short/smart/dumb/boring [fill in the blanks].”

Now tell me: when was the last time you said any of the above to yourself?

I’ll bet it wasn’t so long ago.

Face it, you’re a better friend to others than you are to yourself.

You’re compassionate to others, but berate yourself for every little flaw and mistake.

No wonder your self-esteem has taken a beating. And it shows.

Is Poor Self-Esteem Getting You Down?

Which of these statements apply to you?
  I’m successful by most standards, but I feel empty inside.
  I often wonder, “Is this all there is to life?”

  I’m out to be the best Mom, executive, entrepreneur... I can be. I’ll show them I can do it!

  If I can just achieve all my goals, THEN I’ll be happy!

  I abuse my body: I work too hard, don’t sleep enough, exercise too much or not at all. I eat in extremes, overeating one day and then depriving myself the next to make up for it. Worse, I resort to drinking or using drugs to make myself feel better.

If you checked one or more of the statements above, then you’re already experiencing the effects of low self-esteem in your life.

And you’re sick and tired of feeling down and unhappy all the time.

That’s why you’re reading this page right now.

You’re looking for a way out.

You want to be joyful, not sad.

You’re rather be loving to yourself, not critical.

And you want to exude confidence without effort, rather than faking it.

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I can show you how to achieve a healthy self-esteem.

Can Achieving Self-Esteem

Really Be This Simple?

The Upside-Down, Inside-Out Way

To Loving Yourself

I’m Julianna Gauthier, and I know exactly what you’re going through because I was there myself. Not too long ago, I was battling with low self-esteem and self-worth. I had a great job and was married to the love of my life.

And yet... I felt empty inside, and so sad. I wondered what was wrong with me. I wanted to be happy, just like every one else.

And so I went on a long journey to find out how I could finally love myself and have the joy that can withstand any hardship or misfortune in life.

You know what I discovered?

Most people were going about it all wrong! I had been doing everything backwards!

Changing the external circumstances of your life doesn’t work. Even if you get your dream job, make more money than you know what to do with, find the man of your dreams, go on exotic vacations and live in a beautiful mansion...

You still feel empty inside, because you feel undeserving of all the good you do have in your life.

Trying to change your feelings doesn’t work, either. Feelings are neither good or bad, to begin with. So when you label your feelings as being “bad,” you’re judging yourself, placing the blame on you and you begin the cycle of self-loathing all over again.

Instead, the process that worked for me - and it will work for you too - is to first change how I was treating myself.

I learned how to be a good friend and parent to myself first.

I talked to myself kindly. I treated my body with respect. I cared for my health. I used my time like it was gold. I refused to take abuse or mistreatment from myself and others.

You know what happened next?

I developed a stronger sense of self. I became more confident (no more faking, yay!), more self-assured. My self-image was healthy.

That’s when I stopped doing things just to gain the approval of others. I started doing more of the things I truly love and am passionate about.

I finally felt joy.

Don’t get me wrong. I still make mistakes and wrong decisions. But I don’t beat myself up over them any more. I’m able to move forward, all the wiser and stronger for it.

And I still have bad days. Who doesn’t?

But no matter what happens around me, I now have a well of joy and contentment I can draw from any time.

It runs pure and deep.

You can have it, too.

Attacking yourself produces decreased self-esteem and failure, while nurturing yourself produces growth, optimism, high self-esteem, and success.
Carolynn Hillman, C.S.W.
"Recovery of Your
Self-Esteem: A Guide for Women"

Self-Esteem Made Simple:

The Single Tip That Makes A Difference

It’s as simple as nurturing yourself and being compassionate to yourself. That’s something within your control. And you can begin. Right. Now.

“Secrets to A Healthy Self-Esteem: Learn How to Become Happier,
More Confident and More Optimistic”

I’ve put together 15 years of research in this ebook to help other women overcome the damaging effects of a low self-esteem and negative self-image.

Here’s a peek at what you’ll discover in this 129-page ebook,:

how to be a good parent to yourself, by nurturing yourself as you would your own child

the four steps to "forgive and forget" when people who may have wronged you in the past, experience healing and rebuild trust and relationships

how to overcome hurts and traumas from your past, so you can enjoy the present fully
identify self-destructive behaviors you’ve been engaging in and put a stop to them

a plan for dealing with challenges in your life

how to set goals that help build your self-esteem and increase your confidence

the intimate connection between self-care and self-esteem

a holistic approach to living “healthy,” covering the social, physical, mental, emotional, and financial aspects of your life

tips to improve communication with loved ones - and anyone else you interact with in your daily life ways to deal with arguments so they lead to win-win solutions for everyone involved

the most important part of an apology and how to give apologies sincerely

how to eat healthy even if you’re a foodie

sneaky ways to get more exercise, even if you really can’t make it to the gym regularly

how to train your mind to concentrate better so you can get more done in less time and with less effort surprising ways to strengthen your memory

how to use a journal as a self-improvement tool

tried-and-tested methods for bringing more calm and peace into your life

keys to reducing stress in your life and one unstoppable weapon against stress

how to turn your home into a peaceful oasis

options for taking charge of debts and paying them off

two ways to repair bad credit

tips for living with the income you have and building wealth

one simple thing you can easily change to retrain your mind and improve your feelings and attitudes


These are just some of the tips and advice I’ve compiled for you in “Secrets to a Healthy Self-Esteem.”

Get The Total Package

And because I’m committed to your success, I’m also throwing in the following bonuses:

501 Positive Affirmations ($25 value)

All the affirmations you’ll need on self-confidence, self-esteem, success, goal achievement, healthy living, time management, anxiety and depression, stress, weight loss, personal growth, overcoming challenges, money and wealth.

 25 Ways to Find Your Passion ($13 value)

25 tips to discover what brings you joy in life, and how to cultivate it.

Goal Setting ($17 value)

This workbook and flowchart will guide you through the process of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals and motivate you to keep your eye on the prize until you succeed.

Self-Motivation ($25 value)

If you tend to procrastinate or give up easily, then this guide and workbook are for you! The techniques in this guide will help you make the "commitment to achievement."

How to Overcome Challenges ($17 value)

This checklist and worksheet will help you "process" problematic situations, wrong decisions and other unexpected challenges that come up (everyone has them) - and still feel optimistic and confident.

That’s a total value of $97 in bonuses - yours free with your purchase of “Secrets to a Healthy Self Esteem” for only $27!


Your investment in having the confidence, happiness and optimism you’ve been craving is only $27.
That’s an insignificant amount considering you’re getting a comprehensive, holistic ebook with practical advice you can use right away.

If you implement just one new tip every day (yes, they’re that easy), you can start feeling happier and more positive immediately.

"Your self-esteem determines how well you treat yourself, how well you treat others, how you view the world, how you view yourself in the world, how you act in the world, and how you take care of your basic needs that are required for survival."

Robert M. Sherfield, PhD
Author, "Everything Self-Esteem"

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

I want you to feel perfectly confident about this decision. That’s why I’m giving you my 60-day, 100% unconditional money-back guarantee.

Take the ebook for a test drive. Download all the bonuses and read everything. If, within 60 days of your purchase, you decide the ebook does not deliver everything I promised, then request a refund. You’ll get every penny back, no questions asked.

Because if you’re not happy with my ebook, then I’m not happy.

Are you ready to improve how you treat yourself and others, how you view the world, and how you act in the world?

Julianna, I’m ready to start nurturing myself and finally
feel joy in my life!

I understand that my order of “Secrets to a Healthy Self-Esteem” includes:

one 129-page ebook in PDF format, so I can get started immediately Bonus 1: 501 Positive Affirmations ebook
Bonus 2: 25 Ways to Find Your Passion ebook
Bonus 3: Goal Setting workbook and flowchart
Bonus 4: Self-Motivation guide and workbook
Bonus 5: Overcoming Challenges worksheet and checklist
Only $27


I also understand I get a 60-day, unconditional, 100% money-back guarantee, so my purchase is risk free.

Reminder: You are purchasing a digital product, which you will download and save onto your computer. You'll receive the download instructions as soon as we finish processing your order. It'll only take a few minutes!

I’m so excited to be part of your journey to genuine joy and happiness.

Julianna Gauthier
Founder, RescueYourSelfEsteem.com

PS: The sooner you download and read “Secrets to a Healthy Self-Esteem,” the sooner you can nurture yourself and unlock the confidence, optimism and happiness inside you. Order the ebook today:


PPS: Remember, you have 60 days - that’s two whole months - to test “Secrets to a Healthy Self-Esteem.” If, within that time, you decide you don’t like it, you can have your money back. I’m taking all the risk, so you don’t have to.


PPPS: Do you really want to wake up another morning dreading what lies ahead? Wouldn’t you rather jump out of bed, raring to live another day of joy and satisfaction? Then get started right now:


Still not convinced I can help you? Here are some of the feedback I've received about my newsletter:

A Lifeline I Desperately Needed

Julianna's course came by e-mail when I desperately needed it. She gave sound advice and promoted giving myself a healthy self-esteem and that I deserved to have one. 

Every article and e-mail I got and now get is read carefully from top to bottom and I can always find advice that I can use that very day. I am a lucky to be one of her subscribers to her personal development newsletter and have passed on her information to my friends so they can share in this wonderful resource Julianna has provided. 

Thank you, Julianna, for providing a lifeline when I needed it. 

June Moore

Pensacola, FL

Self-Esteem for Me and My Daughters

I found RescueYourSelfEsteem.com while searching for ways to improve my self-esteem and the mini-course that was being provided was covering many topics that I was interested in learning more about.

At any time that I contacted Julianna I was delighted with the response I received. I knew Julianna was with me through the whole experience of improving my self-esteem and self- confidence.

I am now a regular subscriber to her personal development newsletter and look forward to the useful, common-sense, easy-to-understand approach to her topics and would recommend her for your personal development needs.

Now that I am aware of a book that Julianna has written I can hardly wait until the book is released! I will treasure the book and I know my daughters will one day want to read the book as well.

Loretta Ward
Victoria, Australia

Life Changing

At 15 I was hospitalised for acute atopic eczema, where all my body weeped and my hair and eyebrows fell out. I was at a very low point in my young life and only recently have I started believing in myself since coming across your website (I'm now 36!).

Even after all these years I still have flashbacks of all the name calling and people staring at my red, flaky and infected skin. My skin is now 95% better and under control with medication, but before I came across RescueYourSelfEsteem website I still felt as ugly and repulsive as I
did at 15.

I signed up to your website as I felt my negative thoughts could no longer continue ruining my life and others (jealousy struck in all relationships!).

Your first email, "I Am A Warrior," had a positive impact on me as I was helping my partner through (and still am) depression. I searched the web for a picture of a warrior, laminated it, and placed it above my PC so whenever I felt low or needed strength to help my partner through a bad day I would look at this picture and it would give me strength.

It says, '"Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit."

I wrote to you on how this had helped me and you responded with empathy and kindness.

Another email you sent me, "Treat Yourself Well," also made me think that I spend a lot of time helping others but never indulge in something for myself. I have now set time aside each day, just for me - it's surprising how good that feels!

The email, "Save Your Reasons," was also another credit to you - my work place constantly demands more and more from me, and I found it very hard to say no to them unless I had a valid (or even made up) excuse/reason!

Now I can just say "No, thank you" without feeling bad, so thank you! I feel less stressed, more in control of my life, and have started to accept myself for who I am thanks to all your emails.

I have a folder of them all and often re-read them to remind myself to stay on track.

Teacher, Devon UK


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