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Just follow the steps in the book, this is not theory. It is only
what works and what has worked

Millions of people have spent millions of dollars researching,
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border-right-width: 0px;" valign="top"> Hi, I’m Sam Van Horn.

I’m the guy in the pictures in the video above. I have 2 daughters
(_Josephine Harlow font-size: medium;">In the book I’ve taken all of
the notes that I’ve kept from every opening I’ve ever done and put
together a step by step guide for people that are not experts
themselves, there is over 15 years of accumulated knowledge in there!

What I’m about to show you will radically change the way you think
about your ideas, your income and your worth to the world.


Most of us are taught from a very young age to collect liabilities
that we think are assets. For instance, it is part of the American
dream to buy a house. You are taught that it will be your biggest
asset and your greatest investment. A house is only an asset to the
bank. You can use it to get into more debt if you choose and most
people do choose to. We buy new cars justifying them as assets when we
know they lose half their value as soon as we get them home.

Here is the unvarnished truth:


The rich understand this, the poor and middle class do not.

Just imagine a time when 100% of your income is from assets you've
collected or created. You would have power and freedom to do whatever
you wanted. A small business or several small businesses is one of the
surer paths to follow to acquire assets.

I want to introduce to you PROVEN strategies for creating power for
yourself in any economic climate and I want you to be free forever
from that bondage of your daily grind.

I want to show why most people are stuck on a hamster wheel,
furiously working but ending up in the same place, day in and day out.

I didn’t dream any of this up last night. I realized a long time
ago that I wanted to be on the other side of the cash register. I was
tired of handing my money to people and wanted to “reposition”
myself. The “ah-ha” moment I had was while reading the book
“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” I realized that, like my friends and family,
I was a collector of liabilities. Everything that I wanted or thought
I “needed” took money away from me. I decided It’s time to
collect assets. The only education I ever received came from opening
businesses for other people. I’ve opened Hard Rock Cafe’s,
Timber’s Bar and Grill, Martial Arts schools and high end
restaurants for Chef Hubert Keller.

You are about to find out that I have no tolerance for theory or
unfounded opinions and I am interested in only what works and what has

I hate seeing people get led down “dead ends” which is exactly
where just about every book on the subject of small business will lead
you. It is these books filled with mush to add to word count and make
publishers happy that will leave you confused and floundering if you
read them cover to cover.

I know that I can show anyone willing to pay attention how to open,
operate and step away from their own small business. If you’ve never
opened a business I can take you beyond what you thought was possible.

I will show you powerful strategies that will allow you to create
multiple streams of sustainable income.

You can use what you learn here in any business and in any industry.

Here’s what you DON’T need:

* the latest and greatest technologies or new “shiny object”
* special background
* college education
* huge sums of money

Heres’s what you DO need:

* a direction
* a business plan
* a financial workbook
* a 4th grade understanding of math
* google

The first three things are included with the book.


This isn’t about hard work, poor people work hard. This is about
following time tested principles and blueprints that are responsible
for giving people freedom through a collection of assets. It’s about
using what works and ruthlessly discarding what doesn’t. It’s
about quality instruction.

You may be the best driver in the world but you’ll never get where
you’re going with bad directions. My directions are based on sound
fundamentals that are at the core of every successful business.

In short, this is not a gimmick nor a get rich quick pill. If you
came here looking for that I’m sure you’re disappointed but there
are plenty of those on the internet ready to take your money. If you
are serious, I mean burn your boat so there’s no turning back
serious! Then there is no better place to start building your business
then with solid, repeatable fundamentals.

Whether or not you are ready to get my book now doesn’t matter.
What does matter is when you're looking to start your own business and
create a sustainable income for you and your family, I'll be here.


P.S. One of the tools you will need is a smart business plan,
especially if you are looking for outside funding. I’ve included
that FREE. It’s at least a $30 VALUE!

Another thing you will need even before you start writing your
business plan is a comprehensive financial workbook. I’ve included
one, in excel format, FREE. This one is very easily a $50+ VALUE!

The final bonus for fast action is a one month membership to our full
website. In there you will find video interviews with the very
professionals you’ll be dealing with; loan officers, small business
association administrators, chamber of commerce representatives,
commercial real estate brokers and landlords, as well as people who
have done it.

You will also have video tutorials on Marketing, Employee issues,
Managing your costs and other best practices that real business owners

The website access is a $97 VALUE! This bonus is restricted to people
who take fast action, it is what separates the top 5% from the bottom
95% of earners. In fact in a survey of over 250 successful seven
figure business owners, fast implementation was their only
commonality. So, you have until October 1st to take advantage of this.

P.P.S. These strategies in the book and on the website, If
_UNDERSTOOD AND APPLIED_, will give you power and freedom that you may
have never thought possible.

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