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Are you tired of endlessly trying to cure your Jock Itch or Athlete's foot problem? Have you tried those over the counter sprays and creams? Have you tried those special oils and balms, only to find out that your infection is just as bad as it ever was? I'm sorry to say that you've wasted your time and money. Did you then jump on your computer to search endlessly online for the one secret that no one seems to be sharing?


You won't find this method anywhere else.  It is 100% custom designed and will leave those over the counter sprays and creams, those organic oils and balms in the dust!

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                                        A SIMPLE, 100% EFFECTIVE, CHEAP CURE 
                            FOR JOCK ITCH AND ATHLETES FOOT!!

     Thanks for giving my site a glance.  Here you will find the ultimate cure for Jock Itch and Athletes foot.  Why are both conditions cured with the same treatment?  Because both conditions stem from the same cause.  Fungus.  I know it sounds gross but face it, you’ve got a fungus.  Athlete’s foot is so common; it’s not really embarrassing to admit to.  Its name even has a small element of “cool” to it.  But Jock Itch…horrible name, horribly embarrassing condition.  It can be eradicated. 

      Do you know that Jock Itch can be caused by using the same towel on your feet as you do on your groin?  The two conditions can quickly spread to both areas if extreme care is not taken.  Do you know that Jock Itch can be passed on to sexual partners just by contacting skin? 
      You do NOT want to have to explain to your partner why they have a mysterious new itchy rash!  They probably won’t believe whatever you say anyway.  These conditions can be cured simply, cheaply, and for good.
You have come to the right place.  Give my method a chance and I promise you you’ll laugh at how simple and cheap it was.  It will save you LOADS of time, eradicating your condition in several days instead of dragging it out over months!  Some people actually deal with these conditions for that long!  Can you believe that?   My method will save you LOADS of money too.  It’s cheap, powerful, and effective.  The best thing is, the materials you need are probably at your disposal right now.  Read my story about how I learned this secret.

Or skip this story and get straight to the secret!

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    I’m just a guy.  A normal, regular, “you know a ton of me” kind of guy.  I have a wife and kids, job and mortgage.  I play the guitar and the occasional video game.  I like to share the knowledge that I’ve gained through experience with other people.  I feel like I have things to offer the world.  On this particular subject I consider myself an expert even though I have no formal medical training.  I know, you’re thinking all that is great and everything but why should you trust me?  If you only knew the things I went through to gain this knowledge for myself…

      I once read in a fitness book a quote that went something like this. “You don’t really KNOW something until you do it.”  You can say you know something, but think really hard about that.  Do you really know it?  Nope.  Not until you’ve proven to yourself that “said thing” really works.  You prove things to yourself by doing them.  Not by assumptions or blind faith.  The method that I outline here I have proven to myself and many others, WORKS!

      I’ve had several run-ins with this embarrassing ailment throughout my life.  My first bout was during my military service.  I was on a 2 week long training exercise, in the blazing Texas summer heat, where normal bathing and showering was not possible.  I drove a humvee for long hours at a time and did a lot of sitting.  Hygiene was an afterthought during some days.  Bathing consisted of baby wipes and wet wash rags.  After the 2 weeks had passed and normal showering were possible, it was too late.  The damage had been done and the monster had set up shop in my crotch!  Imagine my panic upon returning home to my wife.  WHAT WOULD SHE THINK!?

Don't pass your fungus onto your partner!

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     I visited the medical facility, got quickly diagnosed and was given a prescription topical cream.  After several weeks the symptoms of my infections subsided and soon thereafter went away for good…..for good.  Yeah right.

      One thing I’ve found with people who suffer from this problem is that they are prone to re-infection quite easily.  It might not be right away, but soon after clearing up the symptoms will return and probably worsen.  It is this specific reason that I found the cure you will learn in my manual!  Doctors have proven that Tinea Cruris infections take hold very deeply and can hang around long after visible symptoms are gone.  That is why you read on most of the over the counter creams and sprays that you should continue to use the product even AFTER your symptoms have gone.  You’ve probably heard the same about antibiotics for bacterial infections.  You have to finish the entire cycle of them, otherwise it’s possible for the infection to return with renewed strength because it built up resistance to the antibiotic.  Back to my story.  

       A few years passed by without a hitch.  No re-infections or new symptoms at all.  I was asked along on a 3 day hiking trip several years ago and was eager to go.  The thoughts of adventure and fun abounded and I didn’t give one thought to jock itch and my previous experience with it.  Why would I?  It was years before, and I had done physical activity since then with no problems.  Why think about it now?  So I packed for the trip and didn’t think one thing about any medical supplies other than allergy meds.


It was hot and humid during the day, and cold and wet at night.  It was at the end of the first day that I knew something was up, but I couldn’t quite figure out what.  I had slithered into my sleeping bag and begun to relax when it dawned on me that I was getting a little irritated “down there.”  I passed it off as no big deal, again forgetting my previous battle.  The next day the hike resumed and the symptoms were hardly noticeable.  Moving around a lot while hiking helped to disguise the discomfort I was feeling.  But by the end of that second day I was in big trouble!  I was a hundred miles from a drugstore and the hiking trip wasn’t over yet.  I resigned myself to the fact that I’d just have to deal with it when I got home.  No big deal right?  Just grab some cream and be done with it like last time.  Right….

     So, I ran past the store on the way home and picked up some Lamisil cream.  I used it as directed for a couple days with no real signs of improvement.  Actually, there were signs of worsening.  This infection REALLY had its teeth in me.  I had to drive a couple hours out of town for a job interview.  The drive was torture.  I drove with my pants opened up and let the air conditioner blow inside to try and get SOME relief.  I sat through the entire interview totally distracted.  Ugh, then the drive home.

     Several more days passed by and my research really heated up.  I browsed Google results for answers.  I read all kinds of outlandish tales and claims.  Some people suggested things like tea tree oil and other natural elements.  I was convinced that maybe a natural approach was best.  So I went down to the local holistic store and got some good organic tea tree oil.  That night my wife and I wanted to watch a movie.  I decide it would be a good time to apply some oil and sit down and distract myself with a flick. 

      I applied the oil as directed by my Google search and then started the movie.  We got about 5 minutes into it before we were both disgusted by the smell!  That stuff is so powerful!  So I thought, this must be normal, it must be working.  We decided to muscle through it and deal with it.  The results should be worth it right?  By the end of the movie my crotch was on FIRE!  I hopped in the shower and washed everything off.  Immediate relief.  I smeared on some more Lamisil cream for the night and hit the bed.

      By morning, it was even worse.  Now I had what seemed to be a chemical burn from the tea tree oil.  The jock itch remained; of course I didn’t expect a 2 hour oil treatment to cure it.  But I didn’t think the stuff was going to injure me; it’s just a natural oil.  So back to Google I went.

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This time I read that I should be treating myself with baby powder throughout the day.  After all, Tinea Cruris thrives in warm, moist, dark environments.  So I began using the baby powder.  Wow, what a thing!  It totally relieves itching and makes you feel cool and dry.  I love the stuff and now swear by it.  But it isn’t a miracle cure; it just helps with the discomfort.  And I found out the hard way that making a baby powder mistake can actually make it worse.  More on that later.

      Several more days went by, using the Lamisil cream twice a day, and using the baby powder throughout.  Things were looking up. The typical signs of infection were going away.  The redness was fading, the markings were fading, the itching was gone, and the burning was a distant memory.  I was walking around feeling much better and figuring it was over.  I kept using the Lamisil until it was gone and then just kept dosing myself with baby powder.  I ran out of baby powder a few days later and so I swung by the store to get some more.  Mistake!  I’ll tell you why inside the book.

     Then, after using the new can of powder my symptoms came back, with what seemed like new vigor.  I rushed back to the drug store for some more cream.  I hadn’t realized my baby powder mistake, and I hadn’t discovered the ultimate cure (yes, I said CURE!).  So I used the cream again for a few days, piling up powder on top of it, and it wasn’t really doing any good.  My symptoms returned in full force!  CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW FRUSTRATED I WAS?  You are probably experiencing this same frustration right now if you are reading this article.  I had already spent about 4 weeks at this point of trial and error with no luck.  So I went to the doctor…

     Long story short, he told me I had been doing the right things so far with the cream and the powder (he didn’t know the powder secret though).  He wanted to prescribe me an ORAL anti-fungal medication.  It was some medication that I don’t remember the name of, but it was so powerful that you had to have a blood test before and after taking it to make sure your liver wasn’t failing!  So maybe my jock itch would go away, but my liver might not be working so well?  NO THANKS!!

                          THERE HAD TO BE A BETTER WAY!!!!!!

I want to fill you in at this point on how many products and how much money I’d spent on this problem so far at this point.

3 Tubes Lamisil Cream @ $13.00 each totaling:                                             $39.00

1 Tube Clotrimazole Cream @ $8.00 totaling:                                                  $8.00    

2 Cans of Lotrimin Spray @ $10.00 each totaling:                                          $20.00

Two Bottles of Baby Powder @ $5.00 each totaling                                       $10.00

Copay to Doctors Office @$15.00 totaling:                                                     $15.00

Grand Total Spent On Non Working Treatments=                                          $92.00

Save yourself these extreme costs!  Cure Jock Itch cheaply, but effectively!

Clear your symptoms up in days instead of weeks!!

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     This total is laughable.  You can eradicate your Jock Itch and Athletes Foot for about $10.00!  Less in most cases, but $10.00 is the upper limit.  You just can’t lose with this method!

      I had also spent about a month and a half on this problem up to this point.  My hiking trip was a distant memory but this leftover problem remained in full raging force.  Until I discovered the secret!  I couldn’t believe it was true. 

      My remedy will have your symptoms clearing up in two days vs. two weeks.  If you are really diligent you can even completely cure your symptoms TOTALLY in ONE WEEK.  You’ll be laughing out loud at those exotic oil treatments and silly creams.  They just don’t work like this does!

      A simple, 100% effective, CHEAP cure for jock itch, that works exactly as well for Athlete’s foot!  Don’t waste any more time on these stupid conditions.  Get my manual right now for the ultimate and probably best kept secret dealing with fungal problems.  For less than the cost of one tube of anti-fungal cream you can learn the most powerful method of killing Jock Itch and Athletes Foot for good. No exotic oils to mix and match.  No tubes of expensive goop that don’t help one bit.  No stinky sprays to burn your crotch.  No more abstaining from sex because of an embarrassing rash.  No more itchy, smelly, burning feet. Simple, cheap, 100% effective instructions await you inside my book.  Get it now!




The Ditch Jock Itch method!

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