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Papua New Guinea expat guide

By Tom Henry

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Papua new guinea & Port Moresby expat survival guide

It’s not for nothing that Papua New Guinea (PNG) is known as the 'Land of the Unexpected;' so it’s quite likely your perceptions of the country may be wrong. Most people only know Papua New Guinea from what they’ve seen on National Geographic - usually a program about painted tribesmen living in a remote and unexplored topical jungle. But working in Papua New Guinea is a little different, and in regard to expat jobs, things are changing in PNG - fast! For one thing, PNG is no longer a poor backwater for expat jobs; it’s now a thriving place for international jobs for expats.

International Jobs for Expats in PNG

What’s made Papua New Guinea so popular with expats is the high number of well paying international jobs now available in the country. Papua New Guinea has an $18+ billion LNG project underway, and the expat job opportunities provided by this huge project is making the country a Mecca for people of all nationalities seeking well paid international jobs in PNG. The huge investment on the project means that working in Papua New Guinea now provides many high expat salary job opportunities in the thriving oil, gas, construction and support industry sectors of PNG.    

Working In Papua New Guinea

When you are looking at international jobs, deciding to take an expat job in PNG can be difficult because it’s hard to get factual information about working in Papua New Guinea - and of course living in Papua New Guinea – where life as an expat is very different from other countries. This is why you need the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide.

Life as an expat in Papua New Guinea

Like any country that has large numbers of its workforce drawn from overseas, Papua New Guinea has many positive and negative aspects for life as an expat. A major concern for many expats is the country's security problems, and of course the perception many have that the country is very poor with few job opportunities with a high expat salary. Although there are security concerns, happily, lucrative job opportunities for expats abound.

expat Jobs in PNG

After many years of little growth, the long awaited multi-billion LNG project has transformed PNG into a land full of positive job opportunities for expat jobs. What’s more, as few know about the job opportunities in this fascinating country, most expat jobs come with a lucrative expat salary. In fact, companies involved with the development of new infrastructure for the many ongoing project spin-offs are finding it difficult to find enough expats to fill open job positions, which provides huge - and very lucrative - job opportunities for expats of all nationalities wanting expat jobs in PNG.   

Job opportunities for expat jobs in PNG now abound

There is of course a slight catch. You see, if you want to cash in on the new expat job opportunities in PNG, or you have dreams or plans to move overseas to live and work in what many feel is an unexplored tropical paradise, you need to know the facts of life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea. This means learning something about the country itself, the local customs, the people, jobs in PNG, the local work environment, expat work contracts, employment opportunities, and of course the many pitfalls to be wary of and learn how to avoid. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy getting all of this information - because to be an expat in PNG you need much more than just the ‘pretty’ tourist details, you need the down-to-earth nitty-gritty truth about life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea.

Where to find relevant information on the lifestyle and expat jobs in PNG

If you are looking for job opportunities in PNG and perform a web search, you’ll find websites galore and a number of excellent books available on Papua New Guinea. The problem is that all these will tell you about are the tourist wonders of Papua New Guinea, or the country’s ecology, wildlife and tribal culture. You’ll find information abounds on the best dive spots, locations and facilities of exotic island resorts, hiking the Kokoda trail or attending one of PNG’s famous cultural extravaganzas. Unfortunately, outside of this tourist hype and academic research there is little information of any relevance or real use to you if you’re looking for expat jobs in PNG or thinking of living and working in Papua New Guinea. It is to fill this information void that the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide was developed.

Why you need a PNG Expat Guide

The simple truth is you may have a very hard time finding information of direct relevance to you, your work and to local life as an expat. The Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide provides the information you need - along with a host of helpful tips from in-country PNG expats. They pass on their mistakes so you can avoid learning lessons the hard way. Whether you want to be a working expat grabbing a high expat salary, or just want to spend some time in Papua New Guinea, you can now get all the relevant, up-to-date, information you need.

Relevant up-to-date information for life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea

It’s sad, but many expats arrive in Papua New Guinea after accepting an expat work contract that does not actually provide what they expected - either in real financial benefits or in regard to the housing and expat lifestyle they expected to enjoy. Other expats arrive unaware of many facts and details that could make their transition to life as an expat in PNG easier, less costly - and much less frustrating. Luckily, because of the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide, you do not have to be one of these people.

Everything you need for a life as an expat in PNG

If you are a traveling expat, the guide covers everything you need from tips on local health, local security, traveling around the country - even the best places to eat, drink, and have fun in Port Moresby (POM). If you are (or want to be) a working expat, enjoying a high expat salary from PNG’s job opportunities, the guide's comprehensive coverage is ideal for you. The guide covers all of the topics, advice and information you need to know; everything from the different expat contract types, to tips on what to check on expat work contracts to get the right contract for your needs, up to date information on the true cost of living in PNG, and the different lifestyles available depending on your contract type – and the drawbacks that some contract wording can have on the true expat lifestyle you can enjoy as a working expat in Papua New Guinea.

Grab the Job opportunities for life as an expat on your own terms. Get a copy of the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide.

[ ](#PNG Expat Guide)

Practical, experience-based advice

Professionally written by an expat with years of specific experience in developing and performing expat country orientations, teaching  newcomers to PNG what they need to know, the expat guide not only covers the basic facts and information expats (and most expat employers and multi-national companies) need, it also answers the questions so many new expats have – but often don't ask or can’t find the answers to until it’s too late!

Guide Coverage

Thoughtfully laid out to best present topics, the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide is a must read if you plan on working in Papua New Guinea. Whether you’re looking for expat jobs in PNG, considering taking up an expat job, visiting and plan to tour the country, or even just plan on spending some time in Port Moresby, the guide ensure that you have all the information, tips and advice you need.

Part 1: The Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide starts out by covering the information you need on PNG itself; the people, food, history and culture - all important knowledge for those visiting or working in Papua New Guinea. Knowing these facts about this fascinating country will help you to understand how the country runs -- and help you to avoid some common expat blunders and help you to fit into the life here a little easier. Think of part 1 as a quick ‘PNG Culture 101’ lesson – forming the first part of your PNG Expat Survival course.

Avoid the common blunders made by most new expats in PNG  

Part 2: For those in expat jobs, moving to another country often involves having to check through reams of bureaucratic legalese - written in such a way that it is often only understandable to those with a law degree. So, in Part 2 the guide cuts through the reams of official government and company ‘legalese.’ It starts by explaining in plan English what different types of expat work contracts are common for the expat jobs in PNG, and what these contracts involve. Too many expatriates come to Papua New Guinea not understanding that the work contract they accept sets the parameters of the lifestyle they can realistically have – both in PNG and from the money they send back to their home countries. The guide gives you what may be eye-opening insights into what is realistically available for expatriates, both those who are working in Papua New Guinea full-time on resident contracts, and for those who only spend part of their time in country, working rotational shift contracts.

For jobs in PNG, know what contract details to check

The guide then goes on to explain, (in English understandable even to us mortals without law degrees), the different types of visas and documentation you need for entering and working in Papua New Guinea, both for the various expat jobs, and for non-working spouses and children. It then goes on to explain what you should bring, (and why you should bring it), and what you shouldn’t bring (and why you shouldn’t bring it).

Make sure you get the right visa for working in Papua New Guinea

Part 3: When you become an expatriate anywhere, there are many facts and snippets of local knowledge that are useful, often even essential to know no matter - whatever expat jobs you perform. And working in Papua New Guinea is no different.

Part 3 of the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide covers what you, as an expat really need to know and understand both before and immediately after arrival. Whatever your expat job, this includes what you need to know and check before signing a work contract…  what you need to do and considered prior to arriving in PNG… when moving you family or belongings to and from PNG… and what you need to understand during your settling in period. By learning these topics - and taking note of the tips learned from other expats hard experience, you will save yourself many unpleasant surprises, suffer less frustration, and avoid many of the mistakes and problems common to those who chose life as an expat in PNG.

What you need before and on arrival for life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea

You will also learn the truth about available expat housing and the general housing packages available for the different types of expat jobs in PNG -- resident and rotational, as well as what you must check to avoid the pitfalls - especially before signing your work contract or bringing your family to live in Papua New Guinea.

Expat jobs in PNG have different benefits and housing, learn what’s available

You will also learn about important local security and personal safety issues… why these are so important when working in Papua New Guinea… and actions to take to reduce the chances of having to be too worried about your safety. Health and medical information chapters are also in part 3. These forewarn and hopefully forearm you, so you can take the actions required to prevent any needless mishaps - simply through heeding some suggestions from other expats experiences. In the hot and steamy climate, this is all crucial advice in keeping yourself and your family happy and healthy while you’re living and working in Papua New Guinea.

Know local security and health conditions for living and working in Papua New Guinea

Everyone has to eat, and knowing what to expect – the good, the bad, (and in PNG, frankly the sometimes downright ugly), may well prevent you upset and frustration when dinning or shopping while in Port Moresby and elsewhere in Papua New Guinea. Part 3 ends with some basic but important business information, including office and shop hours, banks, using local ATMs and currency exchanges, local mobile phones, the types of driving licenses available in PNG - and how to obtain them, traveling around the country, (an important topic itself for many expat jobs). Knowing this information is essential for your life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea.

Part 4: This part of the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide builds on topics from part 3, delving deeper into life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea. A host of helpful knowledge and experience to aid you and your family fit into the local expat lifestyle – without too many bumps in the road.

Learn to fit into the local expat lifestyle – without too many bumps in the road!

Coverage begins by explaining with light humor how you should dress and treat local people in various social and work situations. This is followed by some plain talking words of wisdom on matters of the heart, (or more truthfully, a somewhat smaller organ lower on the body that has caused problems for so many expats not used to local ways). Finance, the cost of living in PNG -- and how much you need to budget for monthly outgoings follows next, along with some practical and effective ideas on how you can reduce your overall monthly cash needs - without downgrading your life as an expat. More truths are reveled with some down-to-earth local knowledge on dealing with PNG domestic staff - after all, life as an expat wouldn’t be the same if domestic help were not around to make life easier (at least sometimes).

Practical and effective advice and tips for life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea

All things must come to an end, and part 4 of the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide rounds off with pages of pertinent reminders and a host of extra expat-to-expat tips drawn from many experienced in-country PNG expats. Follow these tips and you will make your life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea much easier -- and certainly reduce the common hassles you face (as well as help you keep more of your cash in your pocket).

To end the guide, there is an appendix section of Useful Information, including sections of maps of Port Moresby, and many hard to find local website links. As an added bonus, details of the popular eating, drinking and entertainment venues for expats in Port Moresby (or POM as it’s known to all locals and in-country PNG expats) have been added. 

All in all, no matter what expat jobs you seek to perform, the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide ensures that you have all of the information you need to better enjoy – and profit from – your life as an expat living and working in Papua New Guinea.

If you would like to see some sample pages from the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide, please click on the 'sample pages' tab at the top of the page. If you would like to order a copy for yourself, please see the purchase section below.  

[ ]

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About the Author

Tom Henry

Having spent 4-years  as the HRD Manager for a drilling company in Papua New Guinea, Brit expat author Tom Henry was well placed for researching material for this Papua New Guinea Expat Survival Guide as he trained so many expats for jobs in PNG.

During his years in PNG, Tom developed and performed PNG country orientation programs for hundreds of expats; conducted a number of training programs for PNG based HSE, trade and rig based personnel; and received national and international acclaim for his work.

A professional writer for more than two decades, Tom is also qualified and accredited at the highest level of PNG Trainer, (Master/Consultant), and in 2010, Tom's work achieved public recognition at the highest level when he was awarded a Papua New Guinea 'Outstanding Trainer of the year award.'

As a professional writer, he has ghost written many of publications, with a large number of books, manuals and guides to his credit .

Now owner of his own small publishing house and editor-in-chief of the on-line Angeles Xtra expat magazine, Tom began his expat life as a military advisor in Saudi Arabia, where he quickly learned that expats must be prepared for anything when Kuwait was invaded just hours after his arrival, .

Tom's life as an expat and experience in international jobs continued following his service through Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After a short trip back to university in the UK, he took a position as a training coordinator at Jeddah International Airport.

After 3 years and a number of commendations, he was headhunted to be a Training & Development  consultant working on projects for  international oil giant, Saudi Aramco, where he spent almost 8 years writing publications, manuals and training material.

Married to a Filipina, after leaving Saudi in 2003, Tom lived and worked full time in the Philippines for the next 4 years. During this time his bank of expat jobs increased as he was commissioned to travel all over the archipelago ghost writing country and area guide books for a major publisher - and also developing his first expat survival guide for those looking to live or retire in the Philippines.

Still working in expat jobs, in 2007 Tom took what was suppose to be a 4/4 rotational expat post in Papua New Guinea as HRD  manager for a drilling company - where he quickly learned why when taking jobs in PNG expat contracts have to be studied very carefully.

During his time in PNG, he worked half the time from his office in Port Moresby (POM) and the other half at field sites around central and the southern highlands.  His work in Papua New Guinea gained him further acclaim with national awards and International accreditation.

Though a Brit expat, Tom lives in the Philippines with his wife and their two lovable, but he admits sometimes rather silly bullmastiffs.

For more information on Author Tom Henry and his books, please visit his [ website](http://www.tom-henry.info).

Learn how you can become a PNG expat and enjoy life as an expat working in Papua New Guinea.

Why YOU need a copy of the Papua New Guinea & Port Moresby Expat Survival Guide:

- To get information on international jobs in PNG

- To lean the many job opportunities for expats

- To learn how to check for a high expat salary

- To know what to check on your work contract for jobs in PNG

- To learn the cost of living in PNG

- To learn the pitfalls of working in Papua New Guinea - and how to avoid them!

- To save yourself time, money, and hassles


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If you are looking for jobs in PNG and plan on living or working in Papua New Guinea, you need this guide!

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