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Dear Friend,

Did you know that over 90% of Americans currently have a cell phone, and use their service to connect to the Internet every single day?

Over 285 million people subscribe to cell phone service in the U.S. alone, and that number is growing at a mind blowing rate.

What does this mean to your business?

It gives you a brand new, direct way to connect and communicate with your target audience, and the best part of this incredibly profitable method, is that it's virtually UNTAPPED!

Listen, have you ever felt like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or that you're late to the game and missed out on some of the biggest and greatest opportunities to maximize your profits?

Do you ever feel like you're always one step behind the competition, no matter how hard you work on your business?

Does it ever seem like you can't get ahead, and you're always missing the "next big thing" simply because by the time you stumble over it, it's been saturated by the entire market and no longer viable?



Get This


Step By Step FREE Course For Making An Online Income In Only...

3 Hours And 37 Minutes





Well, not this time!


You're about to get a great opportunity to dominate your niche markets simply by tapping into the popularity of an ever-growing revolution in business.. Mobile Marketing!

With millions connecting to the Internet every day from their mobile devices,

instantly maximize your income just by plugging into this dramatic change in the way that people look for information.

In fact, this massive marketing system is a surefire solution to taking your business to the next level.

There's no disputing the fact that this is an amazing method!

But you have to move quickly in order to secure your position.

Business owners are growing savvy to this monstrous traffic vehicle, and it won't be long before they're jumping on the bandwagon, scrambling to catch up with the rest of the industry.

But if you move on this right now, you will discover how to create a mobile-friendly website that is designed great conversions!

And believe me, this isn't a temporary fad that is going to fade away.. In fact, mobile browsing is growing at a neck break pace!

FACT #1 - The Internet Currently Has Over 2 Billion Users Worldwide

The United Nations' International Telecommunication Union said in January, 2011 that over 2 billion people have internet access worldwide.

FACT #2 - There Are over 5 Billion Cell Phone Subscribers Worldwide

They also said over five billion have cell phone access! That's more than twice as many cell phone subscribers as there are people with internet access! That's even taking into account the fact that multiple people often use the same internet connection, while cell phones are usually used by just one!

What does this mean?

That there are MORE people connecting to the Internet using their mobile devices than there are people connecting to the Internet from personal computers!

And it's no surprise.. With lower cost mobile browsing, and the introduction of high end devices like the iPhone and iPad, people simply prefer to browse "on the go"..

And if your business isn't equipped to handle this dramatic shift in communication, you'll quickly find your website falling behind the competition - or worse, no longer 'up to par' with today's standards.

But there's something even more important to think about than the sheer number of people who are turning to mobile browsing as their primary way of connecting to the Internet.

The vast majority of marketers are not yet taking

 advantage of mobile marketing campaigns!

There is nothing standing between your business and a great customer base!

And think about just how it will be to generate recurring sales from visitors who find it easier to browse your website than the competitions. People are conditioned to follow the path of least resistance, so if you make it easy for mobile surfers to browse and access your website, your profits will grow  from this exposure!

Think about just how many people surf the Internet every day.

Now, TRIPLE that by the number of TIMES in a day that the average mobile marketer connects online. With the convenience and portability, users are surfing up to 10x as often from their mobile devices as they do from their personal computers - just because they connect online from anywhere - at anytime!

The truth is, the majority of marketing channels online have been outright slaughtered by your competition.

Chances are, that regardless what niche market you are involved in, there are a limited number of fresh, new ways that you can reach out to your target audience.

And this is where the real power of mobile marketing comes into play. With so few marketers quick to the game, there is not so high competition in front of you! If you move quickly, and take advantage of this global marketing "loophole", you will struggle less to stand out in your market, or to position yourself for long-term success!

In other words, this untapped goldmine is WIDE OPEN to you.

Using the power of mobile marketing, you could easily:

Grow your email list.
Attract new customers that would otherwise never find your website!
Gather more leads for your business than virtually any other marketing channel available to you! You will have great possibilities to connect with your target audience!
Make more money without having to spend a fortune redefining your business! You can go mobile in a short time, and at small cost!
The time to jump into mobile marketing is now. There will never be another chance for you to get into a massive, direct and untapped source of traffic on this scale.


Mobile Predator is jam-packed with a wealth of information you can use to harness the power of mobile marketing right now to make incredible amounts of money from a truly untapped source.

This isn't just some flash-in-the-pan "guru" system that will burn out in a few weeks once it's fully exploited. With 5 billion cell phone users worldwide, there's truly room for everyone. Mobile marketing isn't going to fall out of fashion or die off anytime soon. In fact, it's just in its infancy!

Believe me, if you've been looking for an amazing method that can finally make you an income, this is it!

Let me show you a little about why you should tackle mobile marketing right now:

There are 5 billion people worldwide who have cell phones, and only 2 billion people with internet access. (Failing to create a mobile based business leaves a LOT of money on the table..)
More and more people are using their phones to access the internet instead of a computer, and if you aren't welcoming them into your website - your competition will!
There's no doubt about it - all signs point to mobile marketing being the wave of the future! It will quickly replace virtually every other way of connecting online!

Mobile Predator is the complete, all-inclusive guide that reveals the powerful secrets to transforming your business into a successful, mobile-friendly machine!

You're going to learn exactly how to exploit this massive market, transforming your business into a cutting edge marketing tool that will attract new customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Just take a look at some of the things you will learn inside of this comprehensive step by step guide:

What mobile marketing really is, and how you can exploit it to siphon targeted visitors!
Learn exactly how to turn 5 billion cell phones into your a marketing army!
Why mobile marketing is such an extremely powerful marketing method, and why now is the best time to jump on board! (and how to do it quickly and affordably!)
How to research your target market in order to reach the largest number of customers and get the results you're looking for with your mobile marketing campaigns!
Discover the top mobile marketing tools, and how to use them to funnel traffic straight to your offers!
The exact steps to take to get started in mobile marketing without spending a lot of money or wasting time!
How to avoid the most common legal issues associated with mobile marketing - and how to instantly protect your business for long-term success!
The critical difference between text message campaigns and voice campaigns, and how each one should be used for maximum profitability.
And that's barely scratching the surface of everything that's covered within the pages of Mobile Predator!

And you know, the sheer number of cell phone users is only part of the reason you should be using mobile marketing. The fact is, mobile conversion rates are sky high!

The conversion rates many marketers are seeing from their mobile campaigns absolutely destroys every other marketing method!

Can you imagine how truly effective it would be to have your ad (and only your ad) delivered straight to the hands of potential customers within minutes, and holding their attention captive without competing with dozens of other ads on the same page?

If you get in on this right now, you'll be ahead of your competitors.

You're about to uncover the secrets to a powerful marketing method that will help you reach a massive amount of people without ever worrying about "advertising budgets", or being forced into spending hours marketing your website in order to drive in sales.

No more paying outrageous per-click prices to compete with thousands of other ads in the same niche.

You will know exactly how to target a audience of targeted customers, and without ever having to pay for traffic to your site again!

Are you ready to get your hands on the most effective marketing method to come along in decades? Are you anxious to harness the power of mobile marketing and skyrocket your income, instantly?

Then, grab a copy of Mobile Predator right now, and you'll see why mobile marketing is going to be the only marketing method you will need to take your  business to the next level!

The course was created to provide you with a step by step guide to maximizing exposure and profits with the power of Mobile Marketing.

I'm so confident that the this guide will give you the tools and information you need to build profitable mobile campaigns, that I’m willing to offer you a 100% risk free, 60 DAYS money back guarantee - no questions asked.

After reading the guide and applying these straightforward, simple strategies, if you aren't satisfied with the information for ANY reason, I will gladly refund 100% of the money you paid.


ONLY $27

[ ](http://1.bigsup101.pay.clickbank.net)

To your success,
The Mobile Guru

P. S: I will show you how to eliminate time consuming work so you can focus on making MORE money in LESS time with powerful mobile marketing campaigns!

As long as you take action, you will have the unique opportunity of claiming your market share within the ever-growing mobile marketing industry, so grab your copy of Mobile Predator now and bring your business into the greatest realm of direct marketing ever unleashed!

P.PS: Remember, I am shouldering ALL risks, so you have absolutely no reason to hesitate. I want you to be successful, and to eliminate any risks involved, I am offering a full 60 day money back guarantee that protects your purchase giving you the opportunity to 'try it before you buy it'.

Not satisfied, simply contact me for a full refund for up to 60 days!

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